Free screening in Ireland for eye condition

People in Ireland are being invited to be screened for free for a condition that can cause sight loss.They will also be able to join a trial if they are found to have early stages of it.Anyone of any age can make an appointment to go to the Whitfield Institute of Vision Research in Waterford on... Read more

Trading standards warning against fake alcohol that can blind

Trading standards officers in Hampshire have warned people seeking bargains in the credit crunch to beware of fake alcohol which may cause blindness.Local newspaper the Daily Echo reported that, as consumers head for car boot sales and other alternative places to buy goods, trading standards... Read more

Special-effect contact lenses are "pretty cool"

The process of making 110 pairs of special-effect contact lenses for a movie was "pretty cool", an expert said this weekend.California-based Kevin Carter owns his own company and supplies filmmakers with any type of contact lens they might need for costumes.He recently told the LA Times that after... Read more

Eye make-up advice for allergy sufferers

A woman who is allergic to eye make-up has been given help by an expert.Sarah Vine, beauty editor of the Times, told reader Anne Richardson to try the Organic Pharmacy or Dr Haushka brands.Ms Vine explained that Margo Marrone, a founder of the former company, wants chemical irritants taken out of... Read more

The call for more help for kids with eye problems

More needs to be done to help school children who have undetected vision problems, a conservative MP has suggested.Eye health specialist Anne Milton spoke at the House of Commons at an event that was organised by the Eye Health Alliance, Optician Online reported.The website said that Ms Milton... Read more

Protect your eyes as corks fly

A warning has been given to revellers who may need to keep an eye out of flying corks this Christmas.The American Academy of Ophthalmology has reminded consumers that although festive champagne toasts can be fun, they come with an amount of risk.A clinical correspondent for the organisation, Dr... Read more

"More and more" people shopping online

Shopping via the internet is becoming popular with "more and more" people, says an expert in the sector.Danny Harrison is the identity theft manager for marketing services business CPP and said that the "best deals" can often be found online.However, he warned that for those not so experienced in... Read more

Parents reminded of toy danger

A campaign is being run to remind parents to bear the danger of eye injuries in mind when buying toys.The American Academy of Opthalmology"s EyeSmart campaign warns parents that, in the US, accident and emergency departments saw more than 230,000 injuries related to toys last year, most of which... Read more

Shakespeare "didn"t have perfect eyesight"

William Shakespeare had to stop writing because of failing eyesight, a new play is suggesting.According to playwright Rick Thomas, the Bard would have had to write by candlelight during the year"s shorter days because he would have been in rehearsals and performances by day.He told the Birmingham... Read more

Drivers to receive eye tests

Motorists will receive eye tests as part of a winter road safety drive in Buckinghamshire.Chiltern district council is holding a safety check on December 11th with participation from the AA, reports the Buckinghamshire Advertiser.Portable eye equipment for tests will form part of the... Read more

Online shopping "increasingly popular"

Shopping online has become "increasingly popular" and can be a good way to save money, says a search website.Consumers can now buy almost anything online, including health products from contact lenses to support bandages and vitamins.A spokesperson for retail search website Shopzilla said once... Read more

Bausch & Lomb announces new vice-president

Contact lens manufacturer Bausch & Lomb has announced a new vice-president.Susan Roberts is the company"s chief compliance offer and heads up the safety surveillance and global pharmacovigilance groups.Bausch & Lomb"s board of directors has appointed her as its corporate vice-president and noted her... Read more

Contact lens research project gathers pace

More than six months after it started, a European contact lens study is gathering steam.Titled the Contact Lens European Evidence Report (Cleer), it aims to collect reports from opticians and provide factual data about incidents related to this type of eyewear.This means that if a physician has to... Read more

Consumers warned about eye disease AMD

US consumers are the target of a new awareness campaign designed to teach them about age-related macular degeneration (AMD).The eye disease "eats away at your vision from the inside out" and is the biggest cause of sight loss in the country for over-65s, said EyeCare America.According to the... Read more

Eclipse of the Heart singer talks about eye surgery

Lost in France and Total Eclipse of the Heart singer Bonnie Tyler has spoken of the vision problems she experienced that led her to seek eye surgery.The Welsh star told the Daily Mail her eyesight became so bad she struggled to read lyrics in the recording studio.She suffered from long-sightedness... Read more

"Beat the credit crunch" with cheaper contact lenses

Moneysavingexpert Martin Lewis has said buying contact lenses online - rather than the high street - can save around £100 a year.On his website, he said discount traders - such as websites - can sell their products cheaper because they buy in bulk from the supplier.In addition, he noted after an... Read more

Girl saved from brain abscess by eye test

A deadly brain abscess that could have proved fatal for 13-year-old Eloise Jones was spotted during an eye test, it has emerged.Feeling tired, pale and sick, Ms Jones was without a diagnosis until an optician spotted swollen optic nerves that suggested something more sinister was afoot.After... Read more

Cocker dons eyewear to "look intelligent" on stage

In the pop world, image is everything and while many people in the business use contact lenses as a fashion accessory, at least one musician might have decided glasses make him look clever.Former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker appeared on stage at a venue in his hometown of Sheffield wearing a pair of... Read more

Boy"s eyesight "unaffected" by freak accident

Nicholas Holderman fell on a bunch of keys while playing at home and one of them went through his eyelid - but his vision has not been affected.He was taken to hospital where doctors operated to remove the item, which had not damaged his brain.The boy"s eyesight was also not affected by either the... Read more

Eye make-up tips for making peepers "sparkle"

With Christmas parties on the horizon, a make-up artist"s tips could help eyes to sparkle over the festive season.Speaking to the Bournemouth Echo, Lucy Rossiter said as well as using bronzing powder and a good under-eye concealer, getting the right shade of lipstick is key.This, she explained, "can... Read more