Stem cell eye research "under funded"

Research into the causes of blindness could be halted if funding and administrative blockages are not tackled, according to a health organisation.The UK National Stem cell Network said scientists want to progress from research into developing treatments for vision problems but are being hindered by... Read more

Eyewear is a "hot accessory" for celebrities

When it comes to accessorising their outfits, female celebrities seem to go to great lengths.People magazine has drawn attention to a new trend for amazing eyewear worn by two of the most well photographed singers in the world.Beyonce was snapped wearing a snazzy pair of sunglasses during the... Read more

Retina cells "can grow back"

Damaged retinal cells in human eyes could be regenerated, according to a new report.Scientists at the University of Washington (UV) have said these cells could be stimulated into regrowing their inner nerve cells, effectively mending themselves and improving eyesight.The retina is found at the back... Read more

Award for vision boss

Bausch and Lomb"s vice-president of global research and development in vision care, Dr Joseph Barr, has been recognised by the European Federation of the Contact Lens Industry (EFCLIN) for his work with contact lenses.Dr Barr was named by the organisation as being the 2008 recipient of the... Read more

Contact lens solutions must be "kept cool"

Higher temperatures can damage the cleaning properties of contact lens solution, wearers have been warned.According to new research, the antifungal properties of contact lens solution are decreased if storage temperatures reach around 60 degrees C.The results of the findings were published in the... Read more

Modern contact lens solutions "make using them suitable for teens"

Parents could be forgiven for worrying about the suitability of contact lenses for their children - especially when faced with perennially untidy bedrooms.How could they be trusted to keep their contact lenses clean when their dirty laundry only finds it way to the floor?Fortunately, manufacturers... Read more

Witty letter response highlights attitude to glasses

Asia One"s Just Woman online magazine has suggested one of the ways to get a date is to get rid of glasses and opt for contact lenses.One reader, known only as Damien, asked how important looks were when trying to ask girls out on a date.The columnist, David Tian, replied women do not place as much... Read more

Don"t scrimp on children"s eye care, says Trust

The Eyecare Trust estimates that half of parents who have children under the age of eight have never taken them for a sight test.It states even in the present economic climate parents should book their children in for an appointment with an optician - and reminds them eye tests for the under-16s are... Read more

Free NHS eye tests highlighted

According to the Eyecare Trust - which has partnered with Boots to promote National Eye Week - many people do not realise they can get their sight tested without having to pay for it.As good eye health is also linked to overall body health, they should take advantage of this, they stated.Common... Read more

Melatonin could help eye complaint

A common eye disease that causes inflammation could be helped with melatonin therapy, scientists have suggested.Current research led by Dr Ruth Rosenstein the University of Buenos Aires and the National Research Council looked into the prospect of melatonin therapy as a treatment for uveitis.This... Read more

Celebrity policeman has "bluest eyes"

The late film star Paul Newman was famous around the globe for his clear, steel-blue eyes and good looks.Now, a former policeman, who has found small-screen fame by taking part in a reality endurance programme, has been hailed as having the bluest eyes in the world.Brian Paddick, who used to be the... Read more

"Everyone" should be aware of glaucoma risk

All people, including contact lens wearers, should be aware of the risk of glaucoma, it has been noted.In an article for the online pages of the Times, Dr Thomas Stuttaford explains they also need an awareness of the tests required to prevent the condition.Glaucoma, the publication notes, is an eye... Read more

MD patients "make compensations"

People losing their vision due to macular degeneration can make up for it by using another part of their retina, according to research.Moreover, the brain reshuffles its neural connections so it can decode the information the eye is sending to it.The Georgia Tech study revealed patients who... Read more

Pluripotent cells "give hope" to those with vision loss

Pluripotent stem cells could be grown to give people back their eyesight, according to scientists from the State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University.This type of stem cell has the ability to become a mature one of any type and the researchers have demonstrated they can be turned... Read more

Contact lens "can correct" astigmatism

People whose eyesight is affected by astigmatism have been advised their vision can be corrected with contact lenses.Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Vision Care - which makes the Acuvue brand of lenses - said it has developed a range specifically aimed at the problem.Astigmatism is often hereditary but can... Read more

More people taking sight tests, says NHS

New figures from the General Ophthalmic Services show more people are getting their eyes tested on the NHS.In excess of 11 million people had their vision examined on the NHS in the year 2007-8, which is an increase of 1.4 million people over five years.The Activity Statistics for England and Wales... Read more

Bleach warning for contact lens users

The correct way to clean contact lenses has been highlighted by an incident in the US, after a man was arrested for soaking his wife"s lenses in bleach.Craig Hasselbach has been accused of purposefully putting the harsh chemical into his estranged wife"s contact lens case via her contact lens... Read more

Focus is on Air Optix

Regular visits to the opticians - around once every two years - will conform for most people their vision is fine.However, as some get older or if they already have an underlying eyesight issue, appointments can also mean a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.Once the optician has assessed an... Read more

J&J supports sport "but not the Olympics"

Health care and vision company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) will not renew its sponsorship contract with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), it has said.J&J - which makes 1 Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses - will now see its deal with the IOC expire at the end of the year.It is the fourth games"... Read more

When sci-fi meets vision care

A new type of contact lens has been designed that allows the wearer access to maps, images and other handy bits of information.Babak Parviz"s so-called bionic contact lens was recently highlighted by Time magazine as one of the best inventions of 2008.The assistant professor of engineering worked... Read more