Washington State Researchers Design Powerful Colour Detector Glasses

A group of American researchers have just created a pair of glasses designed to give users an amazing superpower. These new high-tech glasses have been designed to tell the difference between colours that look the same to our naked eyes.The researchers responsible for these glasses come from the ... Read more

Florida Stem Cell Clinic Blinds Three Women With Stem Cell Injections

A new report shows that one Florida stem cell clinic was responsible for blinding three elderly patients. These three female patients were told they were participating in a study on age-related macular degeneration (AMD) stem cell treatments. As this new report shows, they all went blind just a day... Read more

Red Colour Channel Eye Scans Can Help Detect Diabetes-Related Eye Diseases

Eye doctors might be able to better detect diabetic eye diseases in minority patients by separating out red colour channels in eye scans. That's according to a brand new study published by the American Academy of Optometry.Mastour A. Alhamami, a professor at Indiana University School of Optometry,... Read more

Portuguese Study Proves Mediterranean Diet Can Reduce Risk Of Macular Degeneration

A new Portuguese study suggests that a Mediterranean-based diet can cut a person's risk of getting macular degeneration by one-third.20 eye care professionals conducted this study at Coimbra University in central Portugal. All in all, these professional ophthalmologists analyzed 6,000 male and... Read more

Snapchat Announces AR Updates To Lenses Feature

Social media giant Snapchat is reportedly working on a new version of its popular Lenses feature. The updated Lenses feature will make use of the latest innovations in augmented reality (AR) to interact with objects in the external world.Officials at Snapchat told reporters this updated version of... Read more

Sunlight Is Essential For Blindness Prevention And Overall Health

A daily dose of natural sunlight is essential for optimal health. Not only does sunlight help our body produce Vitamin D, doctors are now discovering that natural sunlight may be essential for our emotional well-being. Believe it or not, some eye doctors believe a bit of sunlight every day could... Read more

Sony Patents Astonishing High-Tech Contact Lenses

Sony Corporation (Japanese: ソニー株式会社) has just patented a truly revolutionary high-tech contact lens design. Once these contacts are perfected, Sony claims users will be able to both take pictures and record videos with just the blink of an eye.Executives from the Japanese conglomerate... Read more

Plasma Treatment Set To Change The Nature Of Contact Lens Manufacturing

Contact lens manufacturers are becoming increasingly interested in what's known as "plasma treatment." In addition to helping doctors make more comfortable lenses for the general public, influential members of the tech industry believe plasma treatment can help them develop the high-tech contacts of... Read more

Researchers At Hokkaido University Develop New RNAi Treatment Strategy

Japanese researchers believe they've come up with an RNA interference (RNAi) therapy that could change how doctors deal with eye inflammation that results from vascular eye diseases. Although this therapy hasn't been tested on humans yet, there's great hope that this RNAi treatment will change how... Read more

Stanford Students Research Eyes To Develop Dry Eye Resistant Contacts

More and more people are suffering from dry eye syndrome. This shouldn't really be a surprise when we consider how much time each day people spend looking at a computer, TV, smartphone, or tablet screen. Add contact lenses to the mix, and you have a recipe for dry eye disaster.The rate of contact... Read more

Himalayan Cataract Program Could Win A $100 Million Grant

The Himalayan Cataract Program (HCP) is one step closer to receiving a huge grant from the MacArthur Foundation. Representatives from the MacArthur Foundation just announced that HCP has been selected as one of the foundation's eight semi-finalists for a $100 million grant.This is all a part of... Read more

Wayne State Researchers Discover Link Between Zika Virus And Blindness

American researchers have now shown that the Zika virus (ZIKV) can quickly destroy a person's retinal cells and, in extreme cases, even cause blindness. This latest study is helping researchers around the world develop treatment strategies and understand more about how the ZIKV affects... Read more

New 10-Minute Surgical Option For People With Presbyopia

Presbyopia, sometimes called age-related farsightedness, is a common eye condition that affects millions of middle-aged people. Most people start to observe symptoms of this disease in their 40s or 50s.In order to combat the symptoms of blurry vision, patients often buy pairs of reading glasses,... Read more

Northwestern Professors Develop Micro-ring Device For Tracking Eye Diseases

A few scientists in Illinois believe they've created a breakthrough tracking device that could help doctors diagnose two major eye diseases. This tiny transparent device, which is placed right inside a contact lens, comes equipped with the ability to measure blood flow and oxygen metabolic rates in... Read more

U.K. Researchers Develop 3D Stem Cell Eye To Combat Ocular Maldevelopment

One U.K.-based ophthalmologist team just received a major grant to study the genetic causes of underdeveloped eyes in children.Dr. Mariya Moosajee, who works at London's Moorfields Eye Hospital, will serve as the head researcher on this project. The Wellcome Trust for a Clinical Research Career... Read more

Korean Researchers Look Into The Link Between Dry Eye And Smartphone Usage In Pre-Teens

It's no surprise that smartphones are having negative effects on our children's eyes. But, just how bad is the damage? Well, thanks to a new study out of South Korea, we now have a clearer understanding on how extended cell phone usage affects the eyes of pre-teens. Researchers took a look at... Read more

Innovega Develops Revolutionary eMacula VR Technology

Many people interested in virtual reality (VR) complain about how bulky the current VR headsets are. Although people love the technology, these cumbersome headsets often get in the way of enjoying the VR or augmented reality (AR) experience.One startup company based in Bellevue, Washington, is... Read more

Smoking While Pregnant Is Related To Infant Retinal Damage

Doctors have known for quite some time that smoking while pregnant leads to an increased risk of giving birth to an underweight child. Now, a new study shows how smoking during pregnancy puts babies at risk of being born with a higher risk for eye diseases like glaucoma.This new Danish study... Read more

New Drug Offers Hope For Diabetic Retinopathy Patients

One of the most serious complications from diabetes is called diabetic retinopathy. This disease, which causes damage to retinal blood vessels due to high blood sugar, can lead to blindness if it isn't caught early on.Diabetic retinopathy is known in the medical community as the "silent disease."... Read more

Florida Researchers Better Understand The Key Role α2δ4 Plays In Eye Health

Although doctors have known about the existence of protein α2δ4 for years, it's only now that eye doctors are getting seriously interested in exploring α2δ4's potential in eye care treatment. The renewed interest in this protein is mainly due to recent research conducted at Scripps Research... Read more