How Contacts Could Help Slow Down The Myopia Epidemic

Nearsightedness (aka myopia) is becoming the norm in many parts of the developed world. Believe it or not, 90 percent of college age students in South Korea now have glasses for myopia. While Asian nations are the worst when it comes to eye problems, other nations aren't doing much better.What's... Read more

New Tufts Report Proves Artificial Eyes Can Work On Tadpoles

A group of American scientists have just made a great contribution to our understanding of bioengineered eyes. One new study out of Tufts University shows that with the proper medication it is possible for implanted eyeballs to grow new neural networks in blind tadpoles. While researchers can't... Read more

Multiple Bevacizumab Eye Injections Linked With Increased Glaucoma Risk

Patients who get bevacizumab eye injections should really take note of a new study put out by researchers at the University of British Columbia. These Canadian researchers found that patients who received multiple bevacizumab eye injections annually had a greater incidence of developing glaucoma... Read more

North East Lincolnshire CCG Set To Dramatically Cut Wait Times In April

Residents of North East Lincolnshire will soon find it easier to get an eye appointment at their local clinical commissioning group (CCG). That's because the NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG has decided to commission a group of specialized eye care providers from the company Newmedica.The... Read more

 Near-Vision Linked To Dementia in New Bordeaux Study

A new French study reveals a possible link between near-vision problems and dementia risk in patients over 65. Eye care doctors around the world are now suggesting that older patients take their eye symptoms seriously and don't just write off near-vision problems as an inevitable sign of aging.This... Read more

Oregon State Develops Revolutionary Contacts For Type 1 Diabetics

Anyone who has type 1 diabetes knows how difficult this disease can be to manage. Doctors recommend checking blood sugar levels around eight times every day, which is extremely inconvenient and painful for many diabetics.Thankfully, a group of researchers at Oregon State University are hard at work... Read more

 New Study Helps Scientists Better Understand Peripheral Vision

While our peripheral vision is always there, we generally don't think much of it. Now, thanks to a new professional study just released to the public, more and more people are getting interested in the science behind our differing ranges of peripheral vision.12 people took part in this multi-year... Read more

French Biotech Approved To Test Non-Viral Gene Therapy For Eye Disease

One French biotech just received approval to test the world's first eye gene therapy that uses absolutely no viral vectors. The company, Eyevensys, was officially given clearance from the French Product Security Regulatory Agency (ANSM) this April to start clinical trials of its EyeCET... Read more

ImageNet Set To Push For 3D Computer Vision In Future Competition

One of the world's leading computer vision competitions, called the ImageNet Challenge, will encourage participants to develop algorithms for 3D objects next year. If ImageNet reaches its ambitious goal, robots could soon see and talk about their surrounding environment with as much clarity as... Read more

 Zuckerberg Focuses On AR Innovations At Facebook's 2017 Developers Conference

Facebook's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg focused on his company's strides in the field of augmented reality (AR) at the 2017 annual developers conference in San Jose. Zuckerberg said that Facebook's first AR platform will really help users express themselves using more lifelike filters on their... Read more

Fight Against Blindness Seeks Additional Funding At Cambridge Event

The British charity Fight Against Blindness (FAB) just hosted a major event introducing the group's new Children's Sight-Line Appeal. This event took place at Anglia Ruskin University's Cambridge campus and was hosted by Sir Hugh Duberly.Sir Duberly, who served as the Lord-Lieutenant of... Read more

Poppers Could Do Serious Eye Damage, New Study Shows

A new study on the popular party drugs known as "poppers" suggests that these drugs could do serious damage to the retina. Everyone who uses poppers should understand the potential consequences associated with these drugs, especially in regards to eye health.For those who don't know, poppers are... Read more

LVPEI Sets New World Record For Corneal Eye Transplants

India's prestigious L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) is celebrating a historic year. Records from April 2016 to March 2017 show that the LVPEI staff completed an astonishing 2,043 corneal transplants on its Hyderabad campus. That's the most corneal transplant surgeries performed at one medical... Read more

Scottish Scientists Hope Their Research Will Lead To Eye Drops For Jet Lag Sufferers

The medical community is becoming more and more interested in the role retinas play in regulating our internal biological clock (aka our circadian rhythm). The reason for this interest has to do with a new study out of Scotland that shows how certain retinal cells are in direct communication with... Read more

Australian Team Develops HD Optical Scanner For Breast Cancer Surgery

A group of Australian researchers are on a mission to create the world's first HD optical scanner able to fit on a surgeon's glove. If all goes according to plan, this scanner should dramatically help surgeons remove all of the cancerous cells in breast cancer patients without having to perform a... Read more

Mucin Balls Can Cause Corneal Damage, New Ohio Report Suggests

For years, ophthalmologists believed that increased mucin ball production was either innocuous or beneficial for the cornea. One new study, however, suggests just the opposite. American researchers now say they believe mucin ball production could actually have a negative effect on contact lens... Read more

 New Cornell Study Proves Eyes Are The Windows To The Human Soul

It's often been said that the eyes are the windows into the human soul. Well, a new study out of New York suggests there might be a great deal scientific evidence to back up that age-old saying.600 Americans participated in this recent study at Cornell University's prestigious College of Human... Read more

British Man Becomes First Ever To Undergo Retinitis Pigmentosa DNA Re-Coding Therapy

One blind Briton has become the first patient in the world to undergo a DNA modification therapy for retinitis pigmentosa. This experimental treatment, which took place at the Oxford Eye Hospital, was designed to treat the x-linked genetic eye disorder that often causes blindness in younger... Read more

Indigenous Australians Are Receiving Better Ear And Eye Care Thanks To Two Major Initiatives

Australia has good reason to be proud about its "Close the Gap" Indigenous eye health campaign. At the latest Close the Gap conference in Melbourne, a world-renowned ophthalmologist said that blindness cases have been halved in Indigenous communities over the past ten years.Professor Hugh Taylor,... Read more

Oxford Involved In Revolutionary Gene Therapy For Serious Eye Disease

Researchers at Oxford University are very excited about a new gene therapy targeting retinitis pigmentosa. Over the next few months, British doctors hope to test out this new treatment method on up to 30 patients from the UK.Oxford researchers involved in this study first tested out their gene... Read more