Microsoft Shares AI Software With A Powerful Indian Eye Care Institute

Microsoft is using its latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help ophthalmologists diagnose and treat millions of eye patients in the Republic of India. Although the tech giant admits that its new tech is no replacement for visiting an eye doctor, Microsoft... Read more

New Clothing Company Dedicated To Raising Money For Blindness Research

Two American brothers believe that there's a cure for blindness out there, and they've made it their mission to help scientists discover it. That's why these brothers, Bradford and Bryan Manning, founded their clothing company Two Blind Brothers.You might've seen Two Blind Brothers in the news... Read more

Florida Company Files Patent For Colour Blindness AR Headset

Brand new augmented reality (AR) technologies are coming out each and every day. Today, techies around the world are extremely interested in what one powerful Florida-based company is developing in their AR department. Some people in the tech industry believe this company's latest device could be a... Read more

 Hubble's Hugo “eyeball” May Change How We Think Of The "Smart Home"

One interesting device at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year was Hubble's Hugo. Although Hugo can be used as a security camera, most of the people who tested out this spherical robot were most impressed by its ability to analyze facial features.Hugo looks just like an eyeball that sits... Read more

Fridge Blindness Is Real, But Men Can Overcome It

Most men know that bewildering feeling of standing in front of an open fridge and painstakingly searching for one simple item, all, of course, to no avail. Then, after a few minutes of searching all of the refrigerator's drawers, a female companion invariably shows up and finds said item in a few... Read more

 CooperVision Announces New Contact Lenses For Computer Vision Syndrome

Contact lens manufacturer CooperVision has just announced its new contact lenses made specifically for those who have to stare at computers everyday for work. These contacts, called Biofinity Energys, were designed to help people avoid the harmful symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.These... Read more

BAE Systems Developing High-Tech Contact Lenses For Soldiers

One powerful multinational defense company is now developing a pair of contact lenses it believes will enormously help soldiers on the battlefields of tomorrow. Using the latest innovations in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), these contact lenses will be able to help soldiers see... Read more

A Major Pakistani Hospital Successfully Performs Cornea Surgery

Ophthalmologists at Pakistan's Lahore General Hospital (LGH) are now celebrating a cornea surgery that successfully restored sight to a 12-year old blind patient. According to a report from the hospital's Department of Ophthalmology, this was the first time a cornea surgery using modern... Read more

Video Games Help Visually Impaired Children Strengthen Peripheral Vision

A brand new study suggests that playing video games may actually have health benefits for children with visual disabilities. These video games worked especially well with children who had problems with peripheral vision.This study looked at visually impaired children who played certain video games... Read more

U.K. Scientists Use Contact Lens Material To Make Electric Car Batteries More Efficient

One of the main turnoffs for the electric car is how long it takes to recharge the battery. Petrol based cars are simply cheaper, quicker, and more convenient. However, this situation might change dramatically in the ensuing years.It might sound too good to be true, but a few researchers from... Read more

 Sony Releases Video Showing Off Smart Video Contact Lens Technology

A brand new video was released by Sony showing off the company's smart contact lens technology. The main feature people are interested in with these contact lenses is the ability to control a video camera with just the blink of an eye.Sony said that these contact lenses will be able to tell the... Read more

Researches Test Efficacy of Gene Therapy For Blindness on Mice and Non-Human Primates

Science's understanding of genetics is growing by the day. Today, many geneticists want to use their knowledge to create gene therapy-based treatments for patients with a genetic predisposition to blindness.As most people are probably aware, scientists can't simply test a drug on human subjects... Read more

Oxford University Now Using A Dutch Robotic Assistant For Eye Surgery

A brand new robotic surgical assistant from the Netherlands is being used in the U.K. for eye surgery. This robot, known as the Preceyes surgical system (PSS) is now in trial runs at the prestigious University of Oxford.The PSS is considered a "tele-operation robot," which simply means each robot... Read more

One U.K. Optometrist Has Invented A Nightly Treatment For Myopia

Wearing glasses for shortsightedness could soon become a thing of the past. That's certainly what one British optometrist hopes as she unveils her amazing new nightly treatment regimen. Laura Reece , a renowned optometrist from Hereford, England, developed this nightly treatment program called... Read more

Oculus Buys Out Danish Tech Start-Up The Eye Tribe

The popular virtual reality (VR) company Oculus recently bought a tiny tech start-up called The Eye Tribe. While representatives from Oculus confirmed the purchase of this small European tech start-up, they wouldn't release any more details on the cost of the purchase or on how many employees from... Read more

New Study Shows Gene Therapy Might Be Able To Cure Serious Eye Diseases

Laser eye surgery has been used for years to treat people with near- or far-sightedness. Although laser eye surgical procedures such as LASIK have had high success rates with these cases, people with more serious eye problems often fail to receive any benefit from laser treatment.However, all hope... Read more

New Study Proves Eye Surgery Can Restore Vision To People Who Have Sustained Brain Injuries

A new study shows that vision can be restored to people who have suffered serious brain accidents and subsequent hemorrhaging in the eyes. Perhaps the most astonishing finding from this study is the fact that this surgery can be performed months after the patient's accident and s/he will still... Read more

Microsoft Shares AI Software With A Powerful Indian Eye Care Institute

Microsoft is using its latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help ophthalmologists diagnose and treat millions of eye patients in the Republic of India. Although the tech giant admits that its new tech is no replacement for visiting an eye doctor, Microsoft... Read more

Many Britons Are Furious Over The "Yorkshire Ripper" Getting Free NHS Eye Surgery

The infamous "Yorkshire Ripper" has apparently been receiving free NHS eye care behind bars. It's just been discovered that Peter Sutcliffe, the now 70-year-old serial murderer, had at least one serious surgical operation within the past few weeks days.Sutcliffe received full NHS eye care inside... Read more

Los Angeles Doctor Fights To Eradicate Serious Eye Diseases In The Developing World

One Los Angeles-based doctor believes he can totally eradicate a serious eye infection from the face of the earth. And if you think this man can't do it, well, just consider the fact that he has already restored the eyesight of thousands of people in third-world countries.This doctor's name is... Read more