Popular UK grocery store Tesco has announced that a popular brand of eye drops for contact lenses is being pulled off of the shelves. Tesco managers are advising all shoppers who purchased the Bausch & Lomb EasySept Hydro + Peroxide Solution 360 ml to stop using it immediately.This particular Bausch... Read more


When we think of the latest trends in technology, our minds often immediately gravitate towards Silicon Valley. That's why it might come as a shock that the new capital of artificial intelligence (AI) research could actually be Le Gai Paris.That's right, Facebook actually set up their official... Read more


Odds are you have never heard of the eye disease "acanthamoeba keratitis" before. Hopefully you won't have any further experience with this word for the rest of your life. But, as we all know, life is unpredictable. So, the best thing we can do to handle life's many uncertainties is to arm ourselves... Read more


Many sci-fi authors are debating issues surrounding the so-called "super soldier." By "super soldier," sci-fi authors simply mean soldiers who are equipped with the powers of modern technology. Since sci-fi authors are always looking into the future, some are concerned about how the ideals of the... Read more


A new device called the Horus is helping many visually impaired people walk across even the busiest streets with ease. This device can be worn around a person's head, and it has the uncanny ability to instantly recognize signs, objects, and even other people's faces. It recognizes all these... Read more


Eye surgery has always been one of the most difficult procedures for surgeons to perform. It shouldn't be too hard for a layman to see why eye surgery requires such a high degree of skill. Just one small surgical mistake in the eye could potentially blind a patient for life. To avoid human error,... Read more


New so-called "smart contact lenses" are now being developed to help the growing number of glaucoma and diabetes patients.These smart contacts are designed to measure levels of glucose and/or intraocular pressure in the patient's' eyes. This data can then easily help both patients and doctors better... Read more


If you or a loved one is suffering from the common eye condition known as dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), scientists may have found a cure. Although this new therapy is still in the beginning phases, it shows great promise to help those struggling with this disease.Researchers in Israel... Read more


New research suggests that the human brain has the potential to learn how to see again even after a person is diagnosed with clinical blindness. The latest study into this fascinating topic was conducted by researchers at Italy's prestigious University of Pisa. This study specifically researched... Read more


Surgeons in Los Angeles have successfully implanted a visual simulator chip into the brain of a 30-year-old blind patient. This patient, who wished to remain anonymous, has been blind for seven years. After the chip was implanted in her brain, however, she told reporters that she could see flashes... Read more


The eastern African country of Kenya is reporting a dramatic increase in cases of blindness. According to the latest statistics, there are 224,000 Kenyans estimated to be completely blind. There are 750,000 more Kenyan residents who are considered visually impaired.Unfortunately, medical... Read more


A few remarkable articles have recently been published linking the consumption of marijuana with increased night vision. Fishermen around the world have been telling the medical establishment for years that marijuana helps them navigate their boats at night, but only recently have scientists been... Read more


Nanotechnology experts have become increasingly interested in developing new nanomaterials to help diabetic patients keep track of their blood sugar levels. Most recently, researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) have successfully put a glucose sensor into a pair of contact lenses. Although this... Read more


The Center for Vision Loss recently held their annual A Taste of Shadows event at the Green Pond Country Club in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Attendees at this event all had to wear blindfolds with their dinner. This event took place on October 13th."A Taste of the Shadows" was intended to help people... Read more


British scientists have just discovered two genetic mutations that directly trigger a certain kind of macular degeneration prevalent in men. These researchers are very hopeful that their work will help eye doctors formulate new therapies to help treat this specific strand of macular... Read more


River Blindness is a plague which affects millions of people annually, mostly in Africa but also in Latin America.River Blindness, or Onchocerciasis, occurs near fast-moving rivers where blackflies live. The flies, which bite, carry the eggs of the worm Onchocerca volvulus which are transmitted when... Read more


Many scientists are now interested in studying possible gene therapies and stem cell treatments on the eyes. A few reasons why these researchers love working with the eyes include the facts that testing an eye is minimally invasive, it is easy to get at the eyes, and the structure of the eyeball is... Read more


The Royal National Institute of Blind People RNIB in Scotland organized a special event to raise awareness on the importance of regular eye exams for African-Scots. This event was held at Glasgow Caledonian University on Cowcaddens Road.Speakers at this event shared data about the increased risk... Read more


Google just bought the eye-tracking company Eyefluence executives announced this deal on their official blog on October 25th. Although they could not go into specifics behind the deal, all the executives at Eyefluence were very happy with the agreement the partnership they have forged with... Read more


It's a commonly held assumption that by closing one eye a person can vastly improve the accuracy of his/her shot. Even inexperienced marksman close one eye in the hopes that this age old custom will somehow magically help their aim. But is this time-honored tradition really all that effective?A new... Read more