A Film Crew Wants To Discover If Extraterrestrials Are Really Living On Argentina's “Eye Island”

A very strange island known as "The Eye" in Argentina is sparking a great deal of interest amongst scientists, UFO theorists, and filmmakers around the world. This floating circular island has caused a great deal of speculation both inside and outside the scientific community, and one film crew is... Read more

Too Much Mobile Phone Use Can Damage the Eyes

The extended use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets by children is likely to have adverse permanent effects on their eyesight. In what appears to be a new problem for the youngest generation, frequent and prolonged use of these devices is becoming more and more common.According to Dr... Read more

A New Study Shows That the Zika Virus Lingers on the Eyes of Mice

A new study published in the scientific journal Cell Reports is shedding new light on the Zika virus's interaction with the eyes. Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis performed this informative test.The scientists injected the Zika virus into a group of mice and... Read more

Eye Exams in Scotland are free!

A survey by YouGov, on behalf of Royal National Institute of Blind People Scotland (RNIB) has found that a full 10 years after eye exams were made free by law, many people still expect to be charged. September 19th marked the start of National Eye Health Week and RNIB wishes to emphasize the... Read more

Oxford Hospital Performs the First Successful Eye Surgery with Robotics

The advances in robotic technology have totally revolutionized the way in which we live our daily lives. Just as robotics have given us many of the conveniences of the 21st century world, they might also be the key for advancing the safety and quality of surgical procedures. Many surgeons around the... Read more

Telemedicine Is Set To Revolutionize Diabetic Retinopathy Screenings in the USA

Since the adoption of telemedicine by UK primary care doctors, diabetic retinopathy is no longer the leading cause of blindness in England or Wales.Unfortunately, in the USA, medical professionals expect the diabetes epidemic to get worse. Researchers believe that by 2050, about 33 percent of the US... Read more

Scientists Discover New Eye Movement

Scientists in Germany have discovered a previously unknown way we move our eyes.Researchers wanted to know if an eye movement called tOKN (torsional optokinetic nystagmus) happens during blinks (People blink thousands of times a day.) and if tOKN created a break that allowed the components of the... Read more

Samsung’s New Digital Eye Uses Artificial Intelligence

During the second week of August 2016, Engadget reported on the plug-in merger of IBM’s TrueNorth cognitive chip with Samsung’s DVS (Dynamic Vision Sensor) digital eye. This innovative merger produces an advanced digital imagery process of 2000 fps (frames fps second), or 16.6 times faster than... Read more

Scotland Will Continue To Offer Free Eye Exams

The people of Scotland have cause for celebration. No, the Loch Ness Monster was not spotted yet. However, Scottish citizens will have the best eyesight in the world should the infamous monster ascends to our mortal realm. That's because Rona Mackay, a Member of the Scottish Parliament in the... Read more

Researches Determine the Perfect Amount of Time to Hold Eye Contact

Researchers in Britain have determined the ideal length of time for two people to hold eye contact with one another before it begins to feel uncomfortable.By asking a random selection of people that were visiting the London Science Museum to participate in a brief experiment, scientists were able to... Read more

 Researchers in Montréal Discover More About Cannabinoids Link With Night Vision

Researchers at Montréal's McGill University have just made an important contribution to the growing body of knowledge on how cannabinoids affect vision. In their most recent test, Canadian scientists studied how the eyes of tadpoles reacted to cannabinoid exposure. Interestingly, they found that... Read more

Eye Tracking Technology Will Watch Over the Drivers of the Future

Automakers around the world have realised that the traditional driver monitoring systems (DMS) will not cut it in an age where cars increasingly become responsible for driving themselves. Current DMS can monitor a driver's mental state only by taking in information from their handling of the brakes,... Read more

Rainbow Research: A New Field Of Study For the Sciences

For millennia, humans around the world have been inspired and fascinated by rainbows. Today, even hard-core scientists are shouting with joy whenever they spy a rainbow in the sky. Instead of taking selfies, however, most of these scientists are breaking out their remote sensors to gain a deeper... Read more

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital is Heading to Asia in September

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, an international nonprofit organisation, takes a unique approach to delivering high-quality eye surgery to people around the world. The hospital, which is currently located in Silicon Valley, is on a converted airplane in which the back has been transformed into a... Read more

Pokemon GO Contact Lenses?

Pokemon Go exploded over this summer in a way no app before it has done. In less than a week it was everywhere. People are now chasing the creatures all over the place.As big as it has been though, a player has to use their phone to play it, but perhaps not for long. As electronics continue to... Read more

New Drug Dispensing Contact Lenses Can Help Glaucoma Patients Reduce Eye Pressure

The days of prescribing daily eye drops for glaucoma patients may be coming to an end. A recent study carried out at Harvard Medical School has found that contact lenses with drug-dispensing capabilities are just as effective as bottled eye drops.Glaucoma is an eye disease that creates enormous... Read more

A New Test Out Of London Could Revolutionize Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Parkinson's disease is one of the most debilitating long-term illnesses known to man. Unfortunately, most people do not realize they have this disease until the more serious symptoms occur. Some of these symptoms include muscle stiffness, shaking hands, balance problems, and impaired speech. A new... Read more

Curing the Colourblind: The New Glasses That Help People With Red-Green Colour Blindness

Colour is such a powerful thing to behold. Especially in our age of technological innovation, colours are constantly bombarding our eyes with startling vividness. But for some people, the full richness of our colourful universe cannot be fully appreciated. Indeed, for these people, even the grand... Read more

Facebook Set To Display Vertical Videos on Mobile News Feed

Facebook is taking a cue for Snapchat in their latest video venture. On August 26th, a Facebook spokesperson told reporters that the company will support vertical videos on everyone's mobile News Feed.The spokesperson said the main reason why Facebook was switching over to vertical videos was to... Read more

People with Diabetes Can Reduce the Risk of Eye Problems by Staying Active

New research, published online in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology suggests that patients with diabetes who remain active may have lower risk for developing diabetic retinopathy, a vision-robbing eye condition.While no direct cause-and-effect relationship has been established between the two, a... Read more