At first it may seem completely unnecessary to have eye testing equipment that capable of falling from 20 stories without sustaining any damage, but Peyush Bansal would firmly disagree. In fact, he found that such equipment was in enough demand that he and his company developed just such a... Read more


Human vision works very differently than the lens of a camera, in that only the very center of our field of view is in focus, where the periphery is less detailed, and slightly blurry. Cameras, on the other hand are designed to capture images that are entirely in focus. This is because people are... Read more


A shocking new study published in the journal Current Biology shows that stimulating the part of the brain that processes visual input with electricity can improve vision for several hours. It appears that test subjects with the lowest levels of visual acuity had the greatest amount of improvement.... Read more


Researchers at Moorfields eye hospital and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology have successfully developed a means of early detection for dementia, a disease that reduces a person’s cognitive ability and memory, and is a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.The test, which measures the thickness of... Read more


There are a lot of suspicions that the light emitted from the small screens on cell phones and tablets is slowly hurting our eyes while we tap and swipe our way through Instagram streams and chase Pokemon around, but a new app aims to improve eyesight, rather than harm it.The specific wavelengths of... Read more


A new means of treating Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy (FED) has been developed that is both minimally invasive, and has fewer negative side effects when compared to the current standard treatment option.FED is a condition in which too much fluid accumulates in the tissue surrounding the cornea, the... Read more


A new study published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science details plans for human testing for a new experimental eye test for Alzheimer’s disease. This new testing method has already been used successfully on mice, and should begin testing on humans as early as August,... Read more


A young El Salvadorian child went to a hospital in Sonsonante because he had a cyst, known as a chalazion, growing on his left eye.Chalazia (plural form) are very common, and normally only grow to about the size of a pea. However, the child’s chalazion cyst was much larger, so large, in fact, that... Read more


The National Institutes of Health (US) recently funded a study that focused on how high-contrast visual stimulation helps repair damaged retinal neurons in mice by stimulating the regrowth of optic nerve fibers.These fibers, called retinal ganglion cell axons, are very long, thin cells that connect... Read more


A member of parliament from Birmingham, Khalid Mahmood, has shown interest in eye health and routine eye care by visiting independent eye care practitioner Ian Hadfield. Mahmood wished to learn more about the importance of routine visits to eye care professionals, and the tests and tools involved... Read more


Some eye care professionals are worried that many young people are using their mobile phones and other tech devices enough to cause damage to their eyes. While no individual session is enough to cause noticeable damage, the cumulative affect over time may be something to be concerned about.It... Read more


Peta Spiller, 37 year old mother of two from Tenby, recently made an appointment with her optician because she experienced sudden and momentary loss of vision. What she assumed was only an issue related to a sinus infection instead turned out to be serious brain tumor that required immediate surgery... Read more


Intelligent robots are being taught how to do many different skill based tasks, like cooking food, working in warehouses, and surprisingly, how to hunt prey.A team of scientists at the Institute of Neuroinformatics at the University of Zurich in Switzerland is teaching a robot predatory behaviors,... Read more


Everyone has their own one of a kind fingerprint. This makes using them as a key to unlock things like computers and cell phones a good idea, right? Well, not really.The flaw in that idea is that people leave a copy of their one-of- a-kind password on just about everything that they touch, making it... Read more


An eye care provider in Suffolk is participating in a programme intended to help young children living near Belarus that have been affected by radiation released in the1986 Chernobyl disaster. Working out of Beccles, Observatory the eye care professionals have provided their services to a group of... Read more


It’s easy to think that regularly scheduled eye exams aren’t that important, especially if poor vision isn’t a current problem. But as Zaqer Mused recently learned, an eye exam can reveal far more about your current health than you might think.Like many other, Mused hadn’t planned on having... Read more


Contactlenses.co.uk thanked customer number 3,000,000 this week. To celebrate, contactlenses.co.uk supplied their 3 millionth customer with 6 months of contact lenses and a bouquet of flowers, also as a way to say thank you to all of their customers they planted an extra 10,000 trees with help... Read more


Swiss drug manufacturer Roche has acquired the rights to an eye disease drug still in its experimental stages, as well as a bit of technology from US biotech Eleven Biotherapeutics. The deal between the two firms is estimated to be worth ₤188 million.The drug purchased by Roche, EBI-031, is a... Read more


It might look like one of the many virtual reality devices coming to the market, but the Aurai Mask has no screens inside. Instead, it’s a new product that is designed to relieve eye strain, a problem becoming more and more common in the world.It pumps cool water through soft pads that rest... Read more


The placenta is what lies on the other end of the umbilical cord after it’s snipped from the baby, and is a byproduct of the birthing process. Most of the time they are discarded, but some mothers opt to donate them to be used in medical research. Some doctors, like Chike Mordi from Vision Source,... Read more