Thanks Given To Organ Donors From Iowa Lions Eye Bank

The Iowa Lions Eye Bank hosted its annual Celebration of Hope & Renewal at the Iowa Lions Donor Memorial & Healing Garden on the campus of University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.The event honors those that have donated organs and tissues, giving the gift of sight, and sometimes even life. Those... Read more

Tetrachromats Able To See 100 Times More Colours than Normal People

The cells in the back of the eye that sense light, called rods and cones, normally only detect 3 different colours; red, blue, and green. Any other colour that we see is a mixture of these three colours that is processed by the brain.Because human vision is based on three colours, we are considered... Read more

Retired Police Officer’s Life Saved By Observant Optician

Peter Simpson, a 64 year old retired police sergeant from Liverpool, was only expecting a routine eye exam when he stepped into Bennett and Batty Opticians in Mossley Hill. But when his keen eyed doctor noticed a restricted blood vessel connected to his optic nerve, he got much more shocking... Read more

Restoring Vision by Regenerating Damaged Nerves

New research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience shows that scientists have been able to restore partial vision in mice by regenerating previously severed optic-nerves. This success is a first in a long series of attempts to repair damaged nerves, and may lead to further breakthroughs.The... Read more

Non-invasive Eye Test Allows For Early Detection of Alzh

Alzheimer’s is a terrible and devastating disease that strips millions of people of their memories and cognitive abilities. There are currently few ways of treating it, and even fewer ways of detecting it before it’s sufficiently advanced.But a new, non-invasive eye scan is proving to be... Read more

Next iPhone Likely to Have Eye Scanning Capabilities

Not long ago Apple released an iPhone that introduced Touch ID, the fingerprint scanning technology that helped to secure more phones around the world than any previous tech ever had. The only way to unlock devices protected with Touch ID was with an authorized fingerprint, rather than a multi-digit... Read more

New Glaucoma Treatment Shows Promising Success

Dr. Rani Al karmi recently became the first Canadian ophthalmologist to perform a new procedure called iStent inject. The surgery was performed on two patients at the Glace Bay Hospital eye clinic in Cape Breton. “I’m happy to say that it was smooth sailing with those two and we’re looking... Read more

New Eye Test May Detect Glaucoma Years Sooner Than Previously Possible

Glaucoma is the number two cause of irreversible blindness in the world, second only to cataracts. It doesn’t have many early warning signs, and most people don’t know they have it until it’s too far progressed to effectively treat. But now that a team of researchers at UNSW Australia have... Read more

Macular Degeneration Sufferer Sees Her Grandchildren for the First Time in a Decade

A 72 year old woman from Wales recently underwent an operation to treat her age-related macular degeneration (AMD). After the successful procedure she is now seeing the world around her in more detail than she has in more than ten years.Second only to cataracts, AMD is a leading cause of blindness... Read more

Isle of Man’s Vision Awareness 2016

This September 12th through the 18th the Isle of Man is planning an entire week of events dedicated to bringing attention to eye health. This will be the third annual Vision Awareness Week organized by the Manx Blind Welfare Society.One of the many festivities planned include the immensely popular... Read more

Lenskart Develops Durable Eye Testing Equipment Than Can Survive a Drop of 70 Meters

At first it may seem completely unnecessary to have eye testing equipment that capable of falling from 20 stories without sustaining any damage, but Peyush Bansal would firmly disagree. In fact, he found that such equipment was in enough demand that he and his company developed just such a... Read more

Graphics Card Manufacturer Makes New Improvements in VR with Eye Tracking

Human vision works very differently than the lens of a camera, in that only the very center of our field of view is in focus, where the periphery is less detailed, and slightly blurry. Cameras, on the other hand are designed to capture images that are entirely in focus. This is because people are... Read more

“Electroshock” Used To Improve Vision

A shocking new study published in the journal Current Biology shows that stimulating the part of the brain that processes visual input with electricity can improve vision for several hours. It appears that test subjects with the lowest levels of visual acuity had the greatest amount of improvement.... Read more

Early Detection of Dementia Possible With Eye and Smell Test

Researchers at Moorfields eye hospital and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology have successfully developed a means of early detection for dementia, a disease that reduces a person’s cognitive ability and memory, and is a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.The test, which measures the thickness of... Read more

New Smartphone App Aims to Help Eyes, Rather Than Harm Them

There are a lot of suspicions that the light emitted from the small screens on cell phones and tablets is slowly hurting our eyes while we tap and swipe our way through Instagram streams and chase Pokemon around, but a new app aims to improve eyesight, rather than harm it.The specific wavelengths of... Read more

New and Improved Treatment Option for Common Eye Condition.

A new means of treating Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy (FED) has been developed that is both minimally invasive, and has fewer negative side effects when compared to the current standard treatment option.FED is a condition in which too much fluid accumulates in the tissue surrounding the cornea, the... Read more

New Eye Test for Alzheimer's to be tested on Humans

A new study published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science details plans for human testing for a new experimental eye test for Alzheimer’s disease. This new testing method has already been used successfully on mice, and should begin testing on humans as early as August,... Read more

Doctor Lances Large Cyst on Young Boy’s Eye.

A young El Salvadorian child went to a hospital in Sonsonante because he had a cyst, known as a chalazion, growing on his left eye.Chalazia (plural form) are very common, and normally only grow to about the size of a pea. However, the child’s chalazion cyst was much larger, so large, in fact, that... Read more

Black And White Therapy Helps Restore Vision in Blind Mice

The National Institutes of Health (US) recently funded a study that focused on how high-contrast visual stimulation helps repair damaged retinal neurons in mice by stimulating the regrowth of optic nerve fibers.These fibers, called retinal ganglion cell axons, are very long, thin cells that connect... Read more

Birmingham MP Researches Eye Care.

A member of parliament from Birmingham, Khalid Mahmood, has shown interest in eye health and routine eye care by visiting independent eye care practitioner Ian Hadfield. Mahmood wished to learn more about the importance of routine visits to eye care professionals, and the tests and tools involved... Read more