New chemical "can make the blind see"

For centuries, doctors and scientists have been attempting to find a cure for blindness, without success, but a new study may change all that. According to a team of University of California (UC) Berkeley scientists working in collaboration with researchers at the University of Munich and... Read more

Poor eyesight "should not compromise reading enjoyment"

People should not allow poor vision to scupper their enjoyment of reading and should take steps to solve the problem, one expert has claimed. According to Tony Veverka, chief executive at Ultralase, many people are suffering in silence by squinting to see their favourite books, even when there are... Read more

The next step in the fight against eye disease

Though there are many forms of eye disease that can affect people, the end results are generally the same – sight gradually worsens and their quality of life is significantly affected. As the population ages and develops more eye-related illnesses, pharmaceutical companies will need to develop... Read more

A New Discovery May Help Explain How We See Colour

It's been long understood that our vision is attributed to two types of cells within our eyes, rods and cones. Each detect light in a different way, and have their own respective strengths and weaknesses. A new discovery is helping to shed light on the mechanism by which we see colour. Research... Read more

Descendants of Bounty mutineers "have better eyesight"

People descended from those who took part in the mutiny on the Bounty have better eyesight, according to a new study which has paved the way for scientists to find a cure for short-sightedness. Research carried out at University of Western Australia and published in the journal Investigative... Read more

Regular eye exams "more important as we age"

It is always important to have regular eye exams, no matter how old people are, but this is particularly true as people get older, one expert has highlighted. Danielle Shanks, lead optometrist at Ultralase, said it is "inevitable" that sight will deteriorate with age in the same way people... Read more

Blindness gene uncovered

The creation of a cure for blindness has taken a step forward after experts in the US were able to identify cover elusive gene that causes a form of blindness from birth. Scientists from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary have isolated an elusive human gene that causes a common form of Leber... Read more

Writing with your eyes a possibility"

In recent decades, many advances have been made to help people who have lost function of their limbs, but the latest is one of the most significant yet. The new technology, which has been outlined in a paper published in Current Biology, might allow people who have almost completely lost the... Read more

New therapy could protect diabetic retinopathy patients

Experts in the US have identified a compound that they believe could interrupt the chain of events that causes damage to the retinas of patients with diabetic retinopathy. According to the specialists behind the discovery, the finding is a significant one because it could lead to a novel therapy... Read more

Cataract surgery "reduces risk of hip fracture"

People who have undergone cataract surgery have a reduced chance of fracturing their hip, according to new figures.A major study involving the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Jules Stein Eye Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that hip fractures were significantly... Read more

Ordering contact lenses online "can save you money"

People are always looking at ways to cut down their everyday outgoings, but many people do not realise how many options are open to them, it has been noted. According to the Herald Scotland, there are many means of going about saving money, and one of these is by ordering their contact lenses... Read more

contact lens news,childrens eyes,

Children who frequently play outdoors have better eyesight than those who spend much of their time indoors, a new study has suggested. According to researchers at the University of Bristol, where the new report was carried out, their study was inspired by previous research in Australia and the US,... Read more

Flatworm "could hold key to curing eye diseases"

Scientists have uncovered a worm that could hold the key to treating a variety of eye conditions. The planarian flatworm is able to re-grow missing parts of its body, even once it reaches adulthood, and as such is of great interest to researchers. According to research in the journal Cell Reports,... Read more

Contact lenses "are the future of augmented reality"

While many people believe the future of augmented reality would come with high-tech glasses or a smartphone, scientists are working on contact lenses that could change the way people see the world.Innovega is developing the iOptik lens that will enable wearers to see a superimposed, virtual... Read more

Insight into zebrafish eye to improve treatment of eye conditions?

New insights gained by researchers into the eye of the zebrafish could lead to a better understanding of human eye problems and improve treatments for them.A research team from Purdue University uncovered the role of an enzyme in regulation of eye size in the fish.If the enzyme holds a similar role... Read more

Macular degeneration breakthrough a step closer

A major breakthrough has been made in the fights against age-related macular degeneration (AMD), one of the leading causes of blindness in the developed world. University of Kentucky researchers have made an exciting finding in the "dry" form of AMD as geographic atrophy, which is an untreatable... Read more

Daily disposable contacts "ideal for travelling"

People planning on heading overseas this summer should consider taking daily disposable contact lenses with them, according to one user who said they are ideal for plane travelers.India-Jewel Jackson, writing for Glamour, said that she often encountered problems having to remove her contact lenses... Read more

The Squinting Faces You Make in Bright Sunlight May Be Ruining Your Mood.

Stepping out from a dim interior into the bright sunlight causes an involuntary reaction, causing faces to scrunch and eyes to squint. It is now believed that this type of facial contortion can negatively impact mood, according to a study published in the journal Cognition and Emotion.Tests were... Read more

Vitamin C May Help Prevent Cataracts

According to the World Health Organization, cataracts, which cause the lens within the eye to become cloudy, are the leading cause of blindness in the world. Researches at the King’s College in London have discovered that foods high in vitamin C may help prevent cataracts from developing.The study... Read more

New eyedrops "can prevent retinal disease"

By Adrian GalbrethThe global fight against eye disease continues to gather pace, with one company claiming that its latest brand of eyedrops is effective in treating retinal disease. Gene Signal has announced positive results from its new study into the efficacy of aganirsen (GS-101, eye drops) in... Read more