Stylish sunglasses "look great in winter sun"

Many people will be making the most of the winter weather in the coming weeks be heading off to one of the stylish ski resorts across Europe and taking part in some skiing or snowboarding. For many people it is the highlight of their year as they schuss and slalom down the slopes and show off their... Read more

Vitamin A deficiency "can cause night blindness"

There are many things that people can do to maintain eye health, though something many overlook is following a good diet, it has been noted. Nutritionist Sarah Schenker, speaking on behalf of The Nutrition Society, said there are a few nutrients that are particularly important for eye health and... Read more

Retinal microvascular changes linked to disability

Research has revealed that microvascular changes appear to be associated with the development of disability, which could pave the way for new preventative therapies to be created.According to a report published Online First by Archives of Ophthalmology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, these... Read more

New study "may change retinoblastoma treatment"

Research carried out by experts in the US may lead to the formulation of new therapies for retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye tumour that can cause blindness and death if not treated.According to a report in the Archives of Ophthalmology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, integrating genetic... Read more

Blurry vision "should not be tolerated"

People with blurred vision should not simply accept the condition, and should instead endeavour to do something about it, according to one expert.Speaking to the Orange County Register, Dr Michael Pier, director of professional relations for North American Vision Care, part of Bausch + Lomb, said... Read more

Computer eye strain "should never be ignored"

Many people have experienced eye strain following a long session on the computer at work or playing video games at home, but few people take steps to prevent it or even remedy the cure.This was recently highlighted by Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research and Host of Sharon Kleyne Hour... Read more

Low GI diet "may delay AMD"

Every year thousands of people all over the world are affected by age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which can ruin people"s sight and severely impair their everyday lives, but few treatments for the condition exist.However, a recent study by experts in the US, based on mouse models has... Read more

Could Zeaxanthin limit the effects of AMD?

Older people who suffer from early signs of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) may be able to use a nutritional supplementation product to restrict the effect of this condition.A study carried out by eye nutrition pioneer Stuart Richer, PhD, at Chicago"s Veterans Administration Hospital has been... Read more

Parents urged to be aware of white eye

Pre-school infant Harry Richardson has undergone successful surgery in order to save his right eye, after being diagnosed with Coats Disease.The Sunderland Echo reported that the youngster"s condition was spotted by his mother, Lynsey Baxter, after she saw a white shadow in her son"s eye when... Read more

New technology "could enhance use of eye tests"

The future of eye exams could be on the cusp of a significant advancement, following the creation of new technology to aid the process.An innovative ultra-wide digital retinal imaging system has been created, which could have the capability of spotting potential health problems at an earlier stage,... Read more

Diode lasers "can be tolerated by human eyes"

The human eye is as comfortable with white light generated by diode lasers as with that produced by increasingly popular light-emitting diodes (LEDs), according to tests conceived at Sandia National Laboratories which could result in diode lasers eventually challenging LEDs for home and industrial... Read more

Regular contact lens examinations "will avoid problems"

The vast majority of people who wear contact lenses have no problems whatsoever with their lenses and find that they make a major difference to their everyday lives, making activities easier and generally boosting their enjoyment.Some people may experience certain issue with their lenses, but these... Read more

Oil-free makeup "the best choice" for contact lens wearers

The best makeup choice for people who wear contact lenses is a type that is mainly oil free, according to one advice site.One India compiled a list of tips for contact lens wearers who apply makeup, noting that water resistant makeup products do not smudge the eyes and can also prevent... Read more

New viral vector "can treat blindness"

A recent study in the US has resulted in the development of viral vector which is designed to deliver a gene into the eyes of people born with an inherited, progressive form of blindness.Researchers at Ohio State University Medical Center and Nationwide Children"s Hospital have developed the vector,... Read more

Potato slices "can cure puffy eyes"

Every morning, millions of people across the globe wake up with puffy eyes and have to travel to work knowing they don"t look their best, but this problem can be solved through a rather unexpected means, it has been claimed.According to weightwatchers, the humble potato can play a major role in... Read more

Space flight "impacts astronauts" vision"

Although the results of space missions are often well documented, the effects of these flights on the astronauts themselves is often not reported, though recent research has shed some light on this.A new study sponsored by NASA shows that space flights lasting six months or more can cause a... Read more

Eye disease gene "may also cause cancer"

A mutated gene which causes the rare eye disease Schnyder"s corneal dystrophy may also lay a major role in the development of bladder cancer, according to a team of experts in the US.Research carried out by Dr Jayne Weiss, professor and chair of ophthalmology at the LSU Health Sciences Center in New... Read more

Contact lens wearers offered makeup tips

People who wear contact lenses, particularly coloured ones, will know that it can often be hard to choose the right makeup to accentuate their eyes while keeping with the rest of their face. For many who wear a style of contact lens that is already striking, they do not want to detract from the... Read more

Optic nerve damage "can be reversed"

For decades, it has been thought that blindness experienced after brain lesions is irreversible, with the damage to the optic nerves leading to permanent impairments affecting the everyday activities of those who suffer them. However, a recent study published in Elsevier"s Brain Stimulation has... Read more

Laser precision "could change cataract surgery forever"

For years, cataract surgery has enabled many people to benefit from clearer vision and a better quality of life, but for others the procedure is not as effective as it could have been.However, all this could be set to change thanks to two recent studies that add to the growing body of evidence that... Read more