"Almost blind" man benefits from lens replacement surgery

For many people who have eye surgery, it is because they have noticed deterioration in their vision and simply want to benefit from clearer eyesight, though for others it is an almost-essential process to prevent them from going blind.The latter applies to structural engineer Michael Hurley, whose... Read more

Swimming in contact lenses "not a good idea"

Nowadays, contact lenses provide a solution for millions of people around the globe who have previously struggled to take part in certain activities due to their poor vision. Whereas before people had to wear glasses during certain sporting events, which was a risk in itself, they can now wear... Read more

Contact lens prescriptions "should be regularly updated"

People need to regularly ensure that their contact lens prescriptions are updated to make sure they are using the correct lenses, one expert has advised.Raymund Song, senior professional service manager at global contact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb, told Asia One that the advice seems obvious... Read more

Benefits of Acuvue contact lenses extolled

The benefits of wearing Acuvue contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care has been extolled by one expert who has noted how far contact lenses have progressed in recent years.Stanford Guo, the general manager of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Southeast Asia, told the Sun Daily that the... Read more

Contact lenses "make it easy to stay active"

Every contact lens wearer knows that they would struggle to do many things without wearing the products, from taking part in sporting activities to walking down the street.One very famous contact lens wearer is the tennis ace, Novak Djokovic, who would be lost without is contacts.However, it is not... Read more

Annual eye exams "should start early"

There is no age at which people should begin having eye exams, according to one expert who has recommended annual testing of vision from an early age.Wendy Hastings, school nurse coordinator for Scottsboro City Schools, told the Daily Sentinel that regular examinations can help to spot vision... Read more

Eye tests and ear tests "should go hand-in-hand"

In the modern age, people rely more than ever on having good eyesight and hearing, due to the increasing reliance on different forms of technology.That is why it is vital that people regularly go for eye exams and hearing tests to ensure the two senses are fully functioning and they everyday lives... Read more

Disposable contact lenses "a very hygienic option"

As contact lenses have continued to increase in popularity in recent years, one specific type of lens that has boomed in usage is the disposable contact, which has become a key part of many people"s daily lives. According to one expert, these contact lenses also offer unparalleled levels of hygiene... Read more

New research raises questions about eye injections

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness among over-65s in the western world, treatment of which often involves monthly injections of medication into the eye.This treatment is also being studied for eye problems related to diabetes and retina vein occlusions, but for years... Read more

A good diet "is great for the eyes"

The ageing process is something that nobody can combat, no matter how hard they try, but there are many ways in which individuals can help to slow down the process of ageing, including the deterioration of vision.Many of these were recently highlighted by Jean Blacker from Herbafayre, writing for... Read more

Contact lenses "need to be maintained"

People who wear reusable contact lenses have been advised to ensure they are following the correct maintenance and cleaning programmes for the products to maximise ocular hygiene.The Shreveport Times pointed to recent research published in the Optometry and Vision Science, which showed that... Read more

Contact lenses "can combine fashion with vision correction"

For years, people have been able to wear almost any type of garment or buy any accessory to match their hair or outfit, but nowadays people can take it one step further by investing in coloured contact lenses.The rising popularity of coloured contacts was recently highlighted on DNAIndia.com in an... Read more

Eye reflexes "hold clue to Down syndrome"

Every year, thousands of babies are born with Down syndrome, but scientists know relatively little about the condition in terms of how it develops and progresses.However, a new study has shed some light on why those with Down syndrome often have poor balance and motor coordination.According to... Read more

Omega-3 "crucial to children"s eye health"

Children must be taught to eat fish from an early age to maximise their eye health, a medical expert has claimed.   Peter Clough, technical director at Efamol Ltd, has highlighted the crucial role that Omega-3 fatty acids play in maintaining health.   He pointed out that DHA, one of these, is a... Read more

Experts find root of common cause of blindness

Every year, millions of people around the world suffer from vision deterioration which eventually leads to blindness, and for many these conditions are incurable, resulting in their quality of life being severely impaired.However, international eye experts may have found they key to making life... Read more

Eye makeup bargains "available online"

It is important for women to remember that it is possible to buy some real eye makeup bargains without compromising on quality, an expert has claimed.   Lezah Senga, writing for Truly Fair Cosmetics, has highlighted the benefits of shopping for these products online.   She praised the... Read more

Correcting peripheral vision "could slow myopia progression"

A recent study has highlighted the importance of correcting peripheral vision to slowing the progress of myopia in children.   Research published in Optometry and Vision Science has found new evidence on how feedback to the eye can affect visual development.   The importance of providing glasses... Read more

Children "affected badly by vision problems"

Children are among the worst affected by vision problems and so any issues that do arise should be tackled early, an expert has claimed.   Dori Carlson, president of the American Optometric Association, has highlighted the fact that many young people with vision problems are not identified in the... Read more

Regular eye tests "essential precaution"

Regular eye tests are an essential precaution for those looking to maintain the best possible eye health, an expert has advised.   Richard Pakey, founder of specialist optical firm Independent Practice Growth UK, has highlighted this proactive approach as a great asset in tackling any problems that... Read more

Poor eyesight "detrimental to learning"

The first few years of a person"s life are vital as far as learning goes, as it is in these formative years that children take in the information that will serve them as adolescents and adults.As the majority of learning-based tasks involve reading or the ability to see clearly, it is essential that... Read more