Daily Visual And Balance Exercises Can Help MS Patients Heal

A new study out of the University of Colorado suggests that daily eye and balance exercises could dramatically reduce the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Study authors hope their research will make these simple yet effective exercises a standard therapy for MS patients. For this study,... Read more

Contact Lens Counterfeiter Busted

This is why it is important to use a reputable contact lens vendor such as https://www.contactlenses.co.uk/. A Nevada-based grand jury charged a Las Vegas man with selling counterfeit and mislabeled contact lenses online. His company, Candy Color Lenses, did business across the U.S.A.Dmitriy Melnik... Read more

Taking Pictures with Sony's new contact lenses

Although it’s been in the news, a lot of people don’t fully realize yet just how technology is revolutionizing the contact lens.Brief recap: contacts were originally conceived of in 1508 by the genius Leonardo DaVinci. The first practical lenses were made in 1823 by Sir John Herschel. In 1887, a... Read more

UK Drivers Desperately Need Eye Check-Ups, Vision Express Says

Vision Express recently said one in four people who got an eye screening at its recent Vision Van event in Birmingham hadn’t had an eye exam since they got their driver’s license. Vision Express believes more work needs to be done to encourage UK drivers to get routine visual check-ups.... Read more

GOC Meet In London To Discuss Vision And Driver Safety

Members of UK's General Optical Council (GOC) gathered in London on November 15th to go over the latest research on driving and vision. In addition to going over recent survey data, the GOC developed information on how opticians can best report patients to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency... Read more

NHS Suggests Dark Chocolate May Have No Effect On Visual Health

If you’re a chocaholic, then you might want to stop reading this article right now. A new blog post written by NHS Choices criticizes an American study that suggested dark chocolate could improve sight.In the University of the Incarnate Word’s initial study, scientists took a group of 30 healthy... Read more

How Contact Lens Wearers Can Avoid Fungal Infections

Millions of people have made wearing contact lenses just another part of their daily routines. Unfortunately, very few contact lens users know the potential risks of wearing these lenses without taking serious hygienic precautions.Ophthalmologists are now warning contact lens users of the increased... Read more

Higher Weight Increases Likelihood Astronauts Develop Eye Issues

A study out of Dartmouth University suggests that there’s a direct correlation between an astronaut’s weight and his/her chances of developing a serious eye disorder. Researchers hope this study will help eye doctors better prevent eye disorders related to microgravity in the future. For this... Read more

Research Into Bioelectrical Signals Could Help Dry Eye Sufferers

A new study out of the University of Michigan reveals new information on how bioelectrical patterns in the eyes could contribute to dry eye syndrome. Scientists hope this new information will lead to novel treatment strategies for this all-too-common ailment. Researchers involved in this study... Read more

Blind Fish Could Help Doctors Better Understand The Genes Behind Vision Decline

A group of American scientists believes we can learn how our genes influence the onset of blindness by studying cave-dwelling fish in Mexico. According to a newly published study, these blind freshwater fish share over a dozen genetic markers with humans related to vision. This team of researchers... Read more

Myopia Risk Increases Each Year A Child Stays In School

The longer you spend in school, the more likely you are to develop myopia. That’s according to a new study put out by the UK’s University of Bristol.In this fascinating study, researchers analyzed data from the UK Biobank specifically looking for correlations between time spent in school and the... Read more

CooperVision Will Release New Affordable Toric Lenses In April

The US contact lens manufacturer CooperVision announced it will release a new kind of contact lens this April. Called Avaria Vitality, these new toric contacts are expected to be cheaper than most other silicone hydrogel contacts in the contact lens industry.The technology CooperVision manufacturers... Read more

Frog Embryos Could Help Develop Stem Cell Therapies For Human Eyes

The eyes of a unique South African frog embryo could help doctors better understand how human eye tissue can naturally heal itself. Well, at least that’s according to a new study out of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) that examined what happened to the eyes of South African clawed frog... Read more

New Eye Drops With A Cannabis Compound Could Treat Glaucoma

Canadian scientists have created a new eye drop treatment they believe can cure glaucoma while a patient is fast asleep. Using the latest in nanotechnology as well as a unique acid found in marijuana, these new eye drops form thin layers on the eyes that are better able to better penetrate deep into... Read more

UK Engineers Develop New Contacts To Treat Colour Blindness

A team of scientists in the UK has developed a pair of contacts that could help people suffering from red-green colour vision deficiency (CVD).Study authors believe these new colour blindness-correcting lenses will be a convenient way for CVD sufferers to see the world in full colour.To create these... Read more

New Study Shows Correlation Between Eye Movements And Memory

A new Canadian study reveals a connection between eye movements and memory formation. Although this is the first study of its kind, scientists believe they’ve discovered a key mechanism in how memory works in the human mind. 16 people took part in this experiment, all of whom were in their 20s.... Read more

Dragonflies and the future of contact lenses

As more and more Brits switch to contact lenses, researchers are busy at work trying to make them ever safer and more comfortable. At the University of California-Irvine, scientists are borrowing a trick from creatures like cicadas and dragonflies. These creatures have many surprising qualities, and... Read more

Medicine-Dispensing Contact Lenses Win Top Prize At 2018 MIT SHIP

This year's MIT Sloan Healthcare Innovation Prize (SHIP) went to a revolutionary pair of contact lenses that can dispense medication directly into a wearer's eye. The Harvard designers that came up with these contacts say they believe their contacts could improve the way doctors treat eye diseases... Read more

Retinal Infractions Are An Early Warning Sign Of Stroke, New Study Shows

A new study reveals a strong correlation between retinal infractions and the risk of brain strokes. Scientists hope this new research will encourage primary care doctors to send retinal infraction patients to neurologists ASAP for thorough evaluations.Out of 5,688 retinal infraction patients... Read more

Müller Glia Cells Could Be Key To Preventing AMD, New Study Suggests

A recent study out of Duke University shows that retinal cells called Müller glia play a key role in preventing the spread of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Study authors believe their new finding will help scientists discover a novel cure for the common blinding disease in the near... Read more