Regular eye tests "essential precaution"

Regular eye tests are an essential precaution for those looking to maintain the best possible eye health, an expert has advised.   Richard Pakey, founder of specialist optical firm Independent Practice Growth UK, has highlighted this proactive approach as a great asset in tackling any problems that... Read more

Poor eyesight "detrimental to learning"

The first few years of a person"s life are vital as far as learning goes, as it is in these formative years that children take in the information that will serve them as adolescents and adults.As the majority of learning-based tasks involve reading or the ability to see clearly, it is essential that... Read more

Teacher saved from stroke by optician"s diagnosis

A retired teacher has potentially been saved from having a stroke by a diagnosis made by her optician during a routine appointment, it has been reported.Molly Mellor lost the vision in her left eye and was told that she was part of an at-risk group of patients that are vulnerable to experiencing a... Read more

Poor eyesight "can cause distraction road accidents"

Poor eyesight is a cause of road accidents and leads to half as many collisions as those attributed to mobile phone usage, a report has found.Research conducted by the Institute for Advanced Motoring (IAM) has found that the police have attributed poor eyesight as a sole cause of 0.4 per cent of... Read more

Regular eye tests "are essential"

It is essential that people undergo regular eye tests to identify any emerging health problems and to determine whether they will need contact lenses or glasses, an expert has claimed.   Richard Pakey, founder of Independent Practice Growth UK, has highlighted the fact that these tests go a lot... Read more

Colour wheel technique "key to picking perfect eye makeup shades"

The decision about which makeup shades to use should be based on one"s own eye colour, an expert has claimed.   Claire McDonnell, a makeup artist, has told the Ealing Gazette that while people can choose looks based on what they find fun there are certain combinations that will show off the eyes... Read more

Buying contact lenses online "can be cheaper"

It can often be cheaper to buy contact lenses online rather than in shops and many people are spending too much on their eyewear, it has been claimed.   Richard Thomson, writing for the Portsmouth News, has highlighted the fact that many people are opting to avoid the high street and buy online,... Read more

Expert offers top eye makeup tips

An expert has highlighted a number of top eye makeup tips designed to make it easier to apply and remove.   Stefanie Payne, executive editor, writer and designer at City Room, has told Just Luxe that heating one"s eyelash curler with a blast from the hair dryer can boost the curl that can be... Read more

Daily disposals "must be thrown away"

For many years, people have been benefitting from improved vision thanks to daily disposable contact lenses, which offer users a great means of improved vision each and every day.As with every type of contact lens, the best way to guarantee maximum effectiveness is to follow manufacturer"s... Read more

Guide launched on eye processes

A guide is available that aims to make it easier for researchers to explore how the eyes operate, it has been revealed.The Journal of General Physiology is to publish the Perspectives series, which will also include details on aural, olfactory and tactile processes.Robert Farley and Alapakkam... Read more

Genetic mutation "boosts eye cancer risk"

Research has identified a genetic factor that can contribute to the development of melanoma of the eye.   A team at the University of Hawaii"s Cancer Center have narrowed the cause down to a mutation of a gene called BAP1, which it discovered also plays a role in the development of mesothelioma.  ... Read more

Technology "has increased range of available contact lenses"

Technology has substantially improved the quality of contact lenses that are now available, an expert has claimed.   Chidambara Pillai, chairman of the British Society for Refractive Surgery, has told the Express that the quality of lenses that are now available has improved.   He added that even... Read more

Eye experts "have key role in retiree road safety"

Eye experts are playing a greater role in assessing whether drivers over the age of 65 are safe on the roads, research has shown.   A study by Dr David Musch has found that a growing number of vision care providers are becoming involved in this process and are advising clients on their driving... Read more

Pioneering treatment restores mother"s sight

For many people, going blind is their worst nightmare, for the main reason that it will prevent them from seeing their loved ones, but that is exactly what happened to 35-year-old mother of three Mercy Muzmara, from Zambia.She lost her sight following a severe reaction to an antibiotic which... Read more

People "should obtain several laser eye surgery consultations"

Those who are considering getting laser eye surgery should ensure that they have several consultations before making their decisions, it has been claimed.   Zara Rabinowicz, a beauty expert, has claimed that it is crucial people make an informed decision and so they should seek out help from... Read more

Women "should�use a business card when applying eye�makeup"

Women looking to speed up their eye makeup application can use a business card as an excellent applicator, an expert has claimed.   Jake Bailey, a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with Taylor Swift, has told Fashionista that placing a business card between the lashes and brow line is a... Read more

Eating squash "is great for eyesight"

People looking to improve their eyesight may not need to go further than the supermarket"s fruit and vegetable aisle, as squash is a great way to maintain good vision, one expert has pointed out.That is the opinion of Caitlin Dout, from Howard County General Hospital, who told the Columbia Patch... Read more

Experts identify cause of Usher syndrome

Usher syndrome is one of the most common forms of deaf-blindness in humans and can severely impair the lives of sufferers, but new hope has been created in the form of research which sheds light on the cause of the condition.A study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience suggests that a... Read more

Eye tests "a great idea" before returning to school

Parents should strongly consider having the eyesight of their children tested before they go back to school, one expert has advised.That is the opinion of Dr Rishi Singh of the Cleveland Clinic, who told ABC Local that many children are unlikely to inform their parents if they have something wrong... Read more

Independent�opticians "more trusted"

A recent survey has found that independent opticians are more trusted with people"s eyecare than big chains.   Research published by Which? found that the general public is more likely to consider these professionals safe when getting their eyes tested or buying new glasses or contact lenses.  ... Read more