Using smartphones for too long "causes visual discomfort"

People who use their smartphones for prolonged periods of time may find that they suffer from visual discomfort and other symptoms such as nausea and headaches, according to a new study carried out by experts in the US.In a report published in the Journal of Vision, entitled The Zone of Comfort:... Read more

Eye health advice: Sleeping in contact lenses

Over the past few decades, a huge amount of research has led to the development of contact lenses that can be worn almost continuously for a whole month with virtually no risk of complication. But one question that frequently arises is that of whether it is safe to sleep with them in.There is a lot... Read more

Vitamin C "could boost eye health"

People worried about their eye health should ensure they take plenty of vitamin C following recent research.   A study carried out by the Oregon Health & Science University has found that this vitamin can extent the proper functioning of cells in the eye.   The research, which was published in... Read more

Smartphone screens "could strain users" eyes"

The demand put on eyes by trying to focus on mobile and stereo 3D devices could cause discomfort, fatigue and headaches, a new study has suggested.   Research published in the Journal of Vision has highlighted the extra strain that is put on the eyes by the use of this technology.   Martin... Read more

Parents "need to talk about contact lenses"

In today"s fashion-conscious world, many children are keen to avoid wearing glasses and instead opt for contact lenses which can provide a far more discreet form of vision correction.However, many parents are struggling to have the conversation with their child about the prospect of changing from... Read more

Poor eyesight "leading to learning problems"

Poor eyesight in many African children is stifling their learning, according to a new report which calls for greater awareness of the problems affecting the youngsters.A document issued by the Uwezo Initiative and seen by the Standard shows that seven out of ten children leaving the country"s... Read more

Poor vision "increases dementia risk"

Everybody knows that taking care of your body and following a decent diet can help to significantly reduce the chances of developing diseases, but new research has shown that healthy vision may be important in staving off dementia.According to a report carried out by experts in Canada, having a... Read more

3D films "can identify vision problems"

When people take their next trip to the cinema, they may be doing themselves more good than they think, according to one vision organisation.The College of Optometrists has claimed that going to see 3D films may help to identify vision problems in certain people and therefore enable them to seek... Read more

Eye exams "essential" before undergoing laser eye surgery

It is vital that people undergo a thorough eye examination before having laser eye surgery to ensure the procedure has every chance of being successful and is the correct option for them, one specialist has pointed out.Writing for Jaxcksonville.com, Dr Amit Chokshi, a board-certified ophthalmologist... Read more

Eye doctor creates gold and diamond contact lenses

For some time now, contact lens wearers have been able to buy lenses in unique colours and with special patterns on, but now one organisation in India has taken things to the next level.Shekhar Eye Research has launched some new contact lenses made from gold and diamond, which it claims provide the... Read more

Saving sight with corneal transplants

Although many eye diseases generally manifest themselves later in a person"s life, there are some which can affect people of any age, with keratoconus one particularly damaging condition that can affect anyone.It is a progressive eye disease that involves the usually-round cornea thinning and... Read more

Seafood diets "not only good for the eyes"

It is a well-known fact that eating plenty of fish, mainly oily ones which are high in omega-3, is good for the eyes and can lead to improved vision.However, experts in Greece have now explained that the eyes may not be the only beneficiary of a seafood diet, as the entire body benefits.Specialists... Read more

The next generation of contact lens technology

The origins of contact lenses can be traced all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci, who first found that it may be possible to correct sight in this way in 1508, when he described and sketched the first ideas for contact lenses.It was more than 300 years before contact lenses were fabricated and worn... Read more

iPad "assists youngster"s vision problems"

A girl from Australia has revealed how Apple"s iPad has played a role in helping her eyesight through its ability to alter the size of words easily.Holly Bligh, aged 9, from Melbourne, has albinism, which can make it very difficult for her to register normal text, the Herald Sun reported.However,... Read more

Macular degeneration "influenced by diet"

The development of macular degeneration, one of the leading causes of blindness on the planet, is "significantly" influenced by people"s diet, according to a recent study.Research carried out by experts at Tufts Medical Center shows that eating a diet high in vitamin D, as well as the nutrients... Read more

New treatment for Usher syndrome developed

A new treatment approach has been developed for Usher syndrome, the most common form of combined congenital deaf-blindness in humans, which affects one in 6,000 of the population.Researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany have formulated the therapy, after focusing on a mutation... Read more

Buying contact lenses online "can save money"

People who wear contact lenses do not have to purchase them from the place in which their prescription was handed out, one money-saving expert has pointed out.Kelly O"Sullivan, writing an advice column for Desert Trail, noted that many people go for their annual eye exam or to have their contact... Read more

Pioneering procedure saves youngster"s eyesight

The sight of a young girl has been saved thanks to a pioneering operation which has helped to turn her life around.Anna Bradley, was diagnosed with eye cancer aged just 20 months and it looked like she may have to lose her eye in order to treat the condition, the Formby Times reported.It started... Read more

Contact lenses "should be kept up to date"

It is important that people ensure their glasses and contact lens prescriptions are kept up to date so they are benefitting from the best possible vision, one specialist has advised.According to Rosie Gavzey, director of the Eyecare Trust, regular checks to see whether people"s scion is... Read more

Implantable contact lenses "can significantly improve vision"

People who are in need of vision correction but have been turned down for laser eye surgery may benefit from having implantable contact lenses inserted, one expert in the subject has claimed.Speaking to Eaiser.com, Dr Goran Helgason, a refractive surgeon from Harley Street clinic Advanced Vision... Read more