Acuvue contact lenses "provide freedom"

People who invest in Acuvue contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care may find that the products help to bring about a real change in their lives, one expert has stated.According to Annette Cameron, operations manager af a large high street chain, these contacts are an excellent means of... Read more

Lack of time outdoors "affecting people"s vision"

The increase in the number of people with poor vision across the planet is probably due to the fact that people are spending less time outdoors, one expert has theorised.According to Dr Sandra Aamodt, a neuroscientist and author, speaking to NPR.org, the prevalence of nearsightedness could be down... Read more

Rub and rinse "the best contact lens care method"

The best means of caring for contact lenses is to use the rub and rinse method to clean them, according to a recent study.Research carried out in Australia and published in the an issue of Optometry and Vision Science, the journal of the American Academy of Optometry, suggests that the rub and rinse... Read more

Expert: Eye tests can enable early treatment

Undergoing an eye test is a great way of identifying eye problems and can enable the early treatment of them, according to one vision expert. Dr Anna Kwartz, from the College of Optometrists, said that eye problems can plague many people"s lives and it is only through consulting a professional that... Read more

Eye tests "the most important things" for diabetes patients

Having an eye test is one of the most important things that people with diabetes can do, according to one expert on the subjectDr David Buckle, medical director at NHS Berkshire West, said it is vital that people suffering from the condition have their eyes regularly tested to check for diabetic... Read more

Good vision "the key to physical and emotional wellbeing"

Having good eyesight is the key to both physical and emotional wellbeing, according to one expert.People"s ability to see the world around them and appreciate it not only contributes towards their mental state, but can ensure they do not suffer accidents, said Rosie Gavzey, director of the Eyecare... Read more

Boy"s eyesight restored following taxi accident

A seven-year-old boy from South Africa has had the sight restored to his right eye following a bizarre accident involving a taxi.Gerhard van der Merwe has "extremely defective vision" in his right eye, which limited his ability to complete certain tasks effectively, but this has all changed since he... Read more

Human eye "can act as a compass"

A protein in the human eye can effectively act as a magnet and help to determine a person"s positioning on the earth, researchers have found in a breakthrough study.The research, published in the journal Nature Communications, shows that when flies are deprived of the light-sensitive protein... Read more

Contact lenses "have come a long way"

Since their humble beginnings almost 500 years ago, contact lenses have come a long way and are now taken for granted by many people – but this was not always the case, one source has pointed out.A piece on Gizmodo by Rachel Swaby charting the history of contact lenses noted that they began with an... Read more

Sight loss "is inevitable"

Loss of vision is something which nobody can avoid, as it affects every single person at some point, one expert has pointed out.According to Rosie Gavzey, director of the Eyecare Trust, sight loss is an "inevitable consequence of ageing" and should therefore be accepted by people, although this does... Read more

Contact lens care preferences "differ between countries"

The products which people use to clean and care for their contact lenses can vary greatly between countries, a new report has revealed.Recent AC Nielsen MarketTrack data shows that contact lens wearers in some countries are beginning to turn to hydrogen peroxide care systems as a means of looking... Read more

Visit to the optician saves woman"s life

A woman whose sight was saved by a trip to the opticians has revealed how she may owe her life to her eyecare practitioner.Patricia Thompson, from Goole, told the Goole Courier that she visited Garrey Haase of Michael James Opticians after suffering from a tingling sensation down the side of her... Read more

Eye tests "not being taken" by older people

Millions of older people in the UK are not going for eye tests despite being entitled to free ones in many cases, new figures have revealed. According to research carried out by Age UK, almost two million people aged over 60 have not taken advantage of free vision tests in the last 24 months, for a... Read more

COO: Look after your vision in later life

One major eyecare organisation has advised people to do all they can to safeguard their vision in later life, including going for regular sight tests. According to the College of Optometrists (COO), there is a significant amount of ignorance when it comes to older people"s right to have free eye... Read more

Blindness treatment "a major step" in restoring sight

A course of treatment which helped a man to see again after 55 years has positive repercussions for the future of studies into blindness, according to one expert.Dr Olusola Olawoye, from the college of medicine at the University of Ibadan, said that the latest study, published in BioMed Central"s... Read more

Proper hygiene "must be maintained" by contact lens wearers

It is important that contact lens wearers follow good hygiene practices in order to eliminate the risk of infection, one expert has stated.Speaking to the Hindustan Times, Dr Saroj Sahdev, professor and head of the ophthalmology department at KEM Hospital, said that people should also avoid buying... Read more

Good vision "is essential" for drivers

It is essential that people who drive have adequate vision when they get behind the wheel in order to prevent accidents occurring on the road, it has been claimed.According to Meg Munn, the number of road accidents taking place could be drastically reduced if more motorists had eye tests to... Read more

Poor eyesight "hampering adult literacy"

Adult literacy rates may be being affected by people"s poor eyesight, a new study has claimed, which may have implications for thousands of people.According to research from Glasgow Caledonian University"s vision science department, carried out over four years, people who have trouble understanding... Read more

Providing eyecare "makes optician feel better"

An optician has revealed how providing members of the public with eyecare not only breeds job satisfaction, but helps her to feel like she is making a real difference to people"s lives. Talking to Surrey Now, Lindsay Terry, who graduated from Douglas College as valedictorian with a Diploma in... Read more

Disabled woman applies contact lenses with her feet

A woman born without arms has proven that her condition does not prevent her from enjoying life to the full, as she is able to do everything with just her feet - including putting in contact lenses. Jessica Cox, 31, has overcome many obstacles during her life and has proved that having no arms does... Read more