New eye technology "is proof of principle"

A new form of technology which may help blind people to see has been hailed by one expert as "proof of principle" that new inventions can help to make a positive difference to people"s lives.That is the opinion of Lyndon Da Cruz, consultant ophthalmic surgeon at London"s Moorfields Eye Hospital, who... Read more

New bionic eye given UK approval

A new bionic eye which can help blind people to see has been given UK approval and may soon be rolled out.An artificial retina implant which is the first of its kind has been given the green light by regulators in Europe after trials proved to be a success, the Daily Express reported.Studies... Read more

Contact lenses "can solve many vision issues"

Contact lenses can help to solve many everyday vision issues and give wearers peace of mind, one expert on the subject has noted.Dr Carla Mack, director of global medical affairs for Bausch + Lomb, said that contact lens manufacturers are constantly designing new innovations to make life easier for... Read more

Patient reveals success of new corneal procedure

A new type of procedure to correct the cornea has been hailed by one man who has successfully benefitted from the treatment.Carl Evans, 27, suffers from keratoconus and told Sky News how the condition was significantly hampering his everyday life, until he turned to a new type of treatment known as... Read more

Common cataract myths unveiled

A number of myths surrounding cataracts, a debilitating eye condition which robs millions of people of their eyesight each year, have been debunked in a new article.A piece compiled by torontosun.com noted that many people are under the impression that cataracts can be treated with eye drops or... Read more

Contact lenses "will facilitate internet access one day"

One day in the not-so-distant future, contact lenses will be used to access the internet, it has been claimed.Michio Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York and the author of Physics of the Future, told the Sydney Morning Herald that he feels such a development... Read more

New laser eye surgery technology "better than ever"

New technology used to carry out laser eye surgery is better than ever and is significantly safer than early forms used, according to one expert.Jay Herman, president of Sigmacon, which sells the latest generation of lasers used in Canada, told the 16:9 on Global TV that people who claim laser eye... Read more

Multifocal contact lenses "can be worn at any age"

People who require vision correction in only one eye or have differing levels of eyesight can turn to multifocal, or bifocal, lenses to correct the problem, no matter what their age, it has been claimed.According to an article by Mongey Opticians in Co. Mayo, Ireland, published in the Mayo... Read more

Jane McDonald reveals presbyopia cure

Singer and TV presenter Jane McDonald has revealed how she turned to a new type of surgery in order to cure her failing vision.In an interview with the Mirror, the Loose Women presenter and former star of The Cruise spoke of how presbyopia was slowly taking her eyesight away and even glasses and... Read more

New treatment "could prevent cornea transplants"

A new form of eye treatment could prevent the need for hundreds of people a year to undergo cornea transplants, it has been claimed.According to a recent study carried out by experts at the Manchester Face and Eye Clinic, it may be possible to use a form of microwave emission to treat the eye and... Read more

Silicon hydrogel lenses "becoming more popular"

The popularity of silicone hydrogel contact lenses is continuing to increase, but it is important for consumers using the lenses to follow manufacturers" instructions, one sector expert has advised.According to Dr. Jeanette Romualdez Oo, professional services consultant of Alcon - formally, Ciba... Read more

Cataracts "can form at any age"

People have been reminded that cataracts can form at any age and have been told to look out for the signs of the eye condition developing.According to an article in the Toronto Sun, there is a growing misconception that cataracts are only prevalent among older people.However, this is not the case,... Read more

New pathway "could reverse retina damage"

A novel approach developed by experts in the US may be able to help people suffering from retinal damage, it has been claimed.According to specialists at Cincinnati Children"s Hospital Medical Center, an approach that involves a new molecular pathway used to suppress blood vessel branching in the... Read more

Spatial awareness "not only triggered by sight"

People"s awareness of their surroundings and the space they are in is not only triggered by their sight, according to research carried out in Scotland.According to researchers at the University of Edinburgh, the brain can use other senses, such as touch, to help us understand spatial awareness, and... Read more

Snow blindness "does not affect some mammals"

The UV light that leads to snow blindness, a condition that causes humans a great deal of pain, albeit temporarily, is actually vital to creatures which live in Arctic conditions, such as reindeer, a recent study has indicated.According to research carried out by experts at University College... Read more

OK contacts "like braces for the eyes"

Orthokeratology Contact lenses which people wear overnight are akin to wearing corrective braces on the eyes, as they gradually improve vision over time, one expert has stated.Kevin Lewis, former president of the College of Optometrists, told Gulf News that advancements in the field of... Read more

Eyecare experts "must discuss low-light vision"

It is vital that eyecare experts prescribing glasses or contact lenses discuss with their patients the difference between low-light and bright environments and how their vision may be affected, one specialist has claimed.Dr Nick Dash, from MCOptom, said that glasses and lenses which work perfectly... Read more

Tinted glasses "can offer relief from migraines"

People may be able to benefit from relief from migraines which ruin their daily lives thanks to the development of new spectacles in the US and UK.A team led by Jie Huang and colleagues from Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, as well as experts from the University of Essex,... Read more

Glare and halos "a problem for contact lens wearers"

The issue of glare and halos remain a problem for glasses wearers and some contact lens wearers, according to the most recent industry poll.The Needs, Symptoms, Incidence, Global Eye Health Trends (NSIGHT) study involved 3,800 people, who use vision correction solutions, across the planet, and was... Read more

Expert: Eyewear study holds great promise

A study into the effect of wearing a new type of eyewear on athletes" performance presents many opportunities, one expert has noted.Stephen Mitroff, an assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University who led the study using alternating clear and opaque lenses to improve... Read more