Contact lenses "can help tackle myopia"

The progression of myopia in children can be curbed or even halted thanks to the use of special orthokeratology (OK) contact lenses, according to a new study.A report by Professor Helen Swarbrick, who heads the UNSW Research in Orthokeratology Group, suggests that the contact lenses have a great... Read more

"Seek out your optician", expert advises

The public have been advised to seek out their local optician and go for regular eye tests if they want to decrease their chances of developing damaging eye conditions. According to Daska Barnett, an optometrist and founder of Specs of Kensington, it is essential that people are aware of the... Read more

Contact lens wearers "should be wary of mascara"

Women who wear contact lenses have been warned to be very careful when applying or removing makeup to ensure it does not lead to infection.Ophthalmologist Natasha Lim, who works in a private practice, told the Straits Times that there have been many instances of women who wear contact lenses... Read more

Advice given on eyeshadow for contact lens wearers

Contact lens wearers have been told what colour eye shadow will suit their look the best.Justluxe.com listed the latest styles and suggested that people with green eyes should use apricot, plum, light brown or khaki shadows during the day, with gold, purple, fuchsia and deep brown at night.It was... Read more

New research "will assess contact lens impact"

New research being carried out by the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) will help to examine the impact that wearing contact lenses has on the eye, it has been claimed. The study will use the AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600 System and the SERI hopes it will lead to improved diagnosis and... Read more

Glaucoma patients share wide-ranging concerns

Researchers in China have found that glaucoma patients harbour a wide range of concerns stemming from the "unknown" nature of how their eyesight could deteriorate.The scientists, from Shanghai"s Fudan University, spoke to 24 people with glaucoma, which can lead to severe restriction of vision and... Read more

Older drivers "must wear contact lenses as required"

In terms of average age, the populations of both Britain and the US are getting older, gradually going grey and experiencing weakened vision, making glasses and contact lenses a crucial consideration for more and more drivers.According to the US Census Bureau, almost one in four US citizens will be... Read more

Eggs and fish "help protect vision in old age"

Research suggests that increased intake of vitamin D could help prevent older people from contracting age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the world"s leading cause of blindness.The study, published in the journal Archives of Ophthalmology, found that women with the highest levels of the... Read more

Purpose of contact lenses "should not be forgotten"

The main purpose of contact lenses should not be forgotten, despite the popularity of tinted lenses which can alter the appearance of people"s eyes, according to one expert.Speaking to the Bangkok Post, Dr Narong Leedasawat, president of the Association of Thai Optometrists, said coloured contact... Read more

Beauty products "a top priority for most women"

Researchers in the US have found that most women would rather go without coffee, chocolate and even sex in order to hang onto their favourite beauty products.The survey, commissioned by L"Bel USA, found that some ladies would give up everything, from handbags and contact lenses to favourite shoes... Read more

Regular contact lens appointments "advisable" for wearers

It is advisable for people who wear contact lenses to have appointments with an eyecare professional at least every six months, according to one expert on the subject. Keith Tempany, an independent contact lens specialist, said that twice-yearly appointments can help to identify any changes in... Read more

Employee eye tests "boost morale and relieve stress"

Firms can help to increase morale and reduce stress among their staff by providing employee eye tests, according to one sector expert. Daska Barnett, founder of Specs of Kensington, said that such tests not only help to identify whether staff need contact lenses or other forms of vision correction,... Read more

Eye tests "not regarded highly enough"

Not enough people view eye tests as an essential part of their healthcare routine and these individuals may be placing their vision at risk as a result, one source has claimed. Paul Surridge, chief executive at Sight Care, said that things such as eye tests are often placed at the bottom of... Read more

Teens will be prescribed contact lenses on merit

Parents need to think hard and talk to their optician about whether contact lenses are appropriate for their children.Cherokee Middle School counsellor Jeanene Gerhardt told News-leader.com that children and teens can demand contact lenses, among other things, as a way to fit in.However, she... Read more

ZoomReader iPhone app "the ultimate in visual assistance"

Smartphone users who wear glasses or contact lenses may be among those to benefit from a piece of software designed to make certain aspects of day-to-day life easier for the visually impaired.Ai Squares, a world leader in screen magnification software, has launched an iPhone application, ZoomReader,... Read more

Parents urged to reduce children"s screen time

An eye health expert has urged parents to restrict their children"s access to television, computers and video games, to help prevent harm that may result from too much time spent staring at screens.Speaking to the Seattle Times, Patricia Smith, of North Carolina"s Triangle Eye Physicians, explained... Read more

Future contact lenses to have built-in internet?

A scientist has suggested that in years to come, contact lenses will be so advanced that wearers will be able to surf the internet without the need for a computer or mobile device.In an interview with Democracy Now, Dr Michio Kaku, a Japanese-American theoretical physicist and bestselling author,... Read more

Cutting-edge technology brings eyesight to the blind

Innovative eye surgery has left a man from the US state of Connecticut able to see without glasses or contact lenses, after a mysterious infection robbed him of his eyesight 60 years ago.Richard Galla has struggled with extremely restricted vision for more than five decades, but in recent years his... Read more

Regular eyesight tests "can improve driving standards"

More regular vision tests for commercial drivers to determine whether they require contact lenses or glasses could help to significantly improve the safety of the nation"s roads, it has been claimed.An article on FleetDirectory.co.uk by Alisdair Suttie suggested that many drivers are not tested... Read more

Regular eye exams are essential for children

An eye care specialist has provided advice to parents about how to deal with children and eye exams.In an interview with ABC15.com, Dr Dave Thomas from Thomas Eye Care in Paradise Valley urged parents to take children for their first sight test and eye exam before the age of three, with a follow up... Read more