New book tells of a world where internet is projected onto contact lenses

A book released by Michio Kaku creates a world where images and information are projected onto contact lenses.Physics of The Future, provides an insight into possible scientific advancements which could be in place by the year 2100. Other plausible predictions include a driverless car and computers... Read more

Nintendo 3DS could improve eyesight, eye specialists have revealed

Many parents may believe they are helping their children"s eyesight by not letting them play computer games, but according to US specialists, one new console can actually improve eyesight.Nintendo had been warning that children under the age of six should stay away from its 3DS console, as the... Read more

New contact lens "could measure glaucoma risk"

A contact lens with an embedded pressure sensor could help monitor and manage patients with glaucoma, one scientist has suggested.Dr Kaweh Mansouri, from Hamilton Glaucoma Center at the University of California, said monitoring of the eye condition was usually based on taking a single measurement of... Read more

Scientists closer to curing AMD

Scientists have come one step closer to transplanting adult stem cells to cure age-related macular degeneration (AMD).Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC), US, created retinal cells derived from human-induced pluripotent stem cells.These mimic the eye cells that die and cause... Read more

RNA granules "can affect eye development"

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) granules help in eye development and a lack of them can lead to juvenile cataracts, a study has suggested.This discovery was made by researchers from Jackson Laboratory in Maine, US, working in collaboration with scientists at Brigham and Women"s Hospital and Harvard Medical... Read more

Brits "have different eye movements to Chinese"

The eye movements of those living in Britain are different to those of people living in China, a study has shown.Scientists at the University of Liverpool, England, and Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, studied the eye movements of Chinese and British people.They found that a type of eye... Read more

Look more intelligent "with coloured contact lenses"

If you"re heading to a job interview any time soon, you might want to invest in some blue coloured contact lenses to boost your chances of nabbing your dream role.According to a book by Geoff Beattie, Get The Edge, which was serialised in the Daily Mail, blue lensesĀ could make people look more... Read more

New innovations "great for the contact lens industry"

The contact lens industry benefits from constant innovations which help to enhance patient care and comfort, according to one sector specialist.Arion Wong, senior optometrist at United EyeCare, made the comments after contact lens solution manufacturer Abbott unveiled its latest product, the... Read more

Insert contact lenses "before applying makeup"

Contact lenses need to be inserted before women put makeup on, in order to avoid the risk of infection, one expert has pointed out.Elise Brisco, a spokeswoman for the California Optometric Association, told the Huffington Post that a major problem when inserting contact lenses after makeup is... Read more

Omega-3 "reduces AMD risk"

The risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can be decreased by consuming oily fish rich in omega-3, according to a new study.Research carried out by experts at Brigham and Women"s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, shows that regular consumption of the substance can... Read more

Eye damage "can happen in a moment"

It only takes a brief moment for eyes to be irreversibly damaged, and so safeguarding vision is vital at all times, one expert has noted.Arizona eye doctor Stephen Cohen told MonstersandCritcis.com that there are many everyday hazards to eyes, from artificial light to the sun"s UV rays, and so it is... Read more

Vascular disease "increases stroke risk"

The risk of having a stroke is significantly higher in people suffering from a certain type of retinal vascular disease than those who do not, new research indicates.A study carried out by Dr Winifred Werther, then of Genentech Incorporated, California, and now of Vertex Pharmaceuticals,... Read more

Corneal grafts "provide long-lasting benefits"

There are long-lasting benefits to be had from undergoing a corneal graft operation to cure defective vision, one source has noted.Ophthalmic professional Dr Anthony Felipe said that people who have undergone penetrating keratoplasty (PK) for conditions such as keratoconus have both high graft... Read more

Bargain contact lenses "can be found online"

There are plenty of bargains to be found when buying contact lenses online, according to one source.Adriana Noton, writing for the Breaking Story, said that the cost of buying online contact lenses is generally far cheaper because of the discounts that are available compared with buying them in a... Read more

UV lenses "do not offer standalone protection"

UV-blocking contract lenses are an effective means of helping to limit exposure to harmful rays, but do not offer complete protection, one expert has warned.Dr Karl Citek, chair of the Commission on Ophthalmic Standards at the American Optometric Association, said that for those in need of vision... Read more

Glaucoma sight loss "becoming less common"

The number of people who are losing their sight after developing glaucoma is beginning to fall, one expert has pointed out.Consultant ophthalmologist Tim Fulcher, from Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, said that better detection methods and more effective forms of treatment mean that sight loss in... Read more

Glasses "will soon be a thing of the past"

The use of glasses will soon be consigned to history as advancements in vision correction continue to excel, one expert has predicted.According to futurist Ray Hammond, glasses will be worn by fewer and fewer people over the next two decades as they seek out more permanent means of correcting poor... Read more

Study "may lead to glaucoma prevention"

A new study in the US may enable specialists to identify glaucoma earlier and halt its progression.Researchers at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, analysed gene expression patterns in the retina and optic nerves of mice that develop age-related glaucoma.They were able to identify... Read more

Dirty contact lens cases "could cause infection"

Contact lens wearers need to remember that the cases they keep the products in need to be cleaned and sterilised just like the contacts themselves, one source has pointed out.An article in the Irish Independent noted that cases need to be cleaned regularly to minimise the risk of infection, using an... Read more

Wearing swimming goggles over contact lenses "lowers risks"

The risk of developing an eye infection when swimming can be lowered through wearing goggles over contact lenses, a new study has shown.Research published by the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) shows that those who wear contact lenses while swimming but do not wear goggles have a much higher... Read more