Corneal transplant "improves children"s lives"

Children who undergo corneal transplants enjoy both improved vision and more enjoyable lives, one study author has stated.A team of researchers led by Dr Keryn Williams have tracked transplant success and visual outcomes in 640 young patients who received new corneas between 1985 and 2009 and... Read more

Contact lenses "may slow myopia progression"

The progression of myopia may be slowed by wearing dual-focus soft contact lenses, particularly in children, a recent study has claimed.Dr John Phillips and Dr Nicola Anstice, researchers in the Department of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Auckland, developed a dual-focus soft... Read more

Regular screen breaks "recommended" for computer users

People who spend most of the day in front of a computer have been advised to take regular breaks from the monitor in order to safeguard their vision.Screen breaks are an important way to maintain good vision, particularly for office-based workers and students, said Tony Veverka, chief executive at... Read more

Convenience "a big advantage" for contact lens wearers

One of the major advantages of wearing contact lenses is that the vision correction products are far more convenient than glasses, one source has pointed out.According to a report by Price, anybody who has experienced vision problems and not yet tried wearing contact lenses should give them a go, as... Read more

"Unexpected" discovery may lead to new eye drugs

An unexpected discovery by experts in Germany may lead to the creation of new drugs targeted at tackling the problem of desensitisation.That is the opinion of Martha Sommer, a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Medicinal Physics and Biophysics at Charite Medical School, who has published a... Read more

Frequent contact lens change "sign of cataracts"

Frequent changes in the strength of prescription glasses or contact lenses could be a sign of cataracts, a doctor has said.Speaking to the Star, ophthalmologist Dr Aloysius Joseph Low, who works in Malaysia, said one of the things often seen in patients suffering from cataracts is regular changes to... Read more

Reading material "does not require vision"

The brain does not need the eyes to "read" material, according to a breakthrough new study by French researchers.In the report, carried out by researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and France, experts claim that brain imaging studies of blind people as they read words in Braille showed... Read more

Contact lenses "are safer during sports"

People who wear contact lenses are less likely to suffer an injury than glasses wearers when taking part in sporting activities, one source has pointed out.When playing contact and ball sports in particular, glasses can pose a danger to people due to their propensity to smash.However, with contact... Read more

Contact lenses can "easily treat" astigmatism

Contact lenses can "easily treat" irregular astigmatism which is why lenses are gaining so much popularity in recent times, according to UK News Reporter.The condition is due to an irregular curve in the cornea which can result in blurred vision and the eye can find it difficult to focus a sharp... Read more

Regular check-ups crucial for maintaining vision

Contact lens wearers should get regular eyesight check-ups as while it appears to be saving them money in the short-term it could leave them out of pocket in the long-run and perhaps with poorer vision.Opthomologist Paul Frascella told Fox59.com: "Generally speaking, pediatric age groups should be... Read more

Reading study "may affect brain research"

A recent study into how the brain processes information when people read may lead to new research into the organ"s relationship with the eyes, experts have claimed.The study conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and France, specialists showed that a certain part of the brain is used to... Read more

Brit"s eyesight restored using platinum eye implant

A British retiree has had his eyesight restored thanks to an artificial platinum and silicon retina.Eric Selby had been completely blind and reliant on a guide dog for over 20 years, but has had his sight restored after the implant was installed in his right eye.The Argus II implant was designed by... Read more

New eyecare device invented

A doctor suffering from Bells Palsy has invented a new eyecare device to help him deal with a problem associated with his illness.Dr Chuck R Courtenay experienced dry eyes as a side-effect of Bells Palsy and created the Eye POD Eye Care Kit to deal with this.He found that while putting in contact... Read more

Measures can be taken to prevent vision loss

A problem that affects many people as they get older is failing eyesight but there are a number of steps that can be taken to try to limit vision loss.Recent research from the American Optometric Association found that 46 per cent of respondents indicate eyesight is the sense they worry about losing... Read more

Sclera contact lenses "could be an option"

People with irregularly shaped eyes who have been informed that contact lenses are not an option for them may be able to wear the items after all.Allaboutvision.com revealed that people with keratoconus or who have irregular corneas as a result of an eye injury or surgery can suggest trying sclera... Read more

Blind man uses ears to complete computer game

A gamer in the US who has no eyesight has completed a computer game by using his ears.Terry Garrett, a 23-year-old engineering student, used sound to finish Oddworld: Abe"s Exodus on his Playstation.He attributed the feat to being able to listen to the intricate sound details in the 2D platformer.Mr... Read more

Breakthrough to make contact lenses safer than ever?

While contact lenses have improved the lives of millions of people around the world in recent decades, allowing them to see clearly without the need for sometimes inconvenient spectacles, there has at times been some doubt about their safety.The vast majority of eye patients experience nothing but... Read more

Man "suddenly" regains sight

An elderly man who has spent a decade registered as blind has regained his sight.George Hudspeth claims that this happened after he spoke to a picture that featured his late wife.Doctors diagnosed Mr Hudspeth, of Daventry, Northamptonshire, with dry macular degeneration ten years ago and he lost all... Read more

Advice issued on Diabetes Blurry Vision

Those who have developed Diabetes Blurry Vision have been given some useful advice on the condition.Ourmidland.com said that those who suffer from this will completely lose their eyesight if they do not take action.The news source said: "Diabetes Blurry Vision is a serious warning that something... Read more

Man gets lost in wilderness without contact lenses

A hiker who became lost on a mountain in New Zealand has revealed that events unfurled after he removed his contact lenses and fell.James Esbester, of Portsmouth, became lost for five days in forest on the island after he was left "virtually blind" when he took out his contact lenses.The 30-year-old... Read more