Experts make major AMD discovery

Experts in the US have made a major discovery regarding the condition age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which they say could lead to two new therapies being developed.According to specialists at the University of Kentucky led by ophthalmologist Dr Jayakrishna Ambati, an accumulation of a toxic... Read more

Good contact lens practice "essential to eye health"

Having a regular and hygienic contact lens routine is vital if people are to avoid potential eye infections, according to one expert on the subject.Chicago-based optometrist Dr Michael Slusky said that it is important for contact lens wearers to follow any manufacturers" instructions on the... Read more

Contact lenses "more popular with women"

Contact lenses are more popular with women than men, according to one industry expert.Speaking to the Ahmedabad Mirror, vision expert Dr Tejas Shah said that a major reason why more women wear contact lens for vision correction is that they tend to be more careful with the products.He suggested that... Read more

People "not aware of eye risks"

Millions of people around the world are putting their vision at risk by failing to notice signs of eyesight deterioration, it has been claimed.According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the warning signs of major eye disease can be spotted fairly early on and prevented if people take... Read more

Expert: More teenagers using contact lenses

There has been a global rise in the number of teenagers using contact lenses for vision correction instead of glasses, one industry expert has observed.Dr Hitesh Ramanuj, an eye surgeon, told the Ahmedabad Mirror that contact lens wearers benefit from not having to carry glasses around and this is... Read more

New reading test "may detect concussion"

A new reading test may be an effective means of detecting whether athletes are suffering from concussion immediately after a sporting injury, it has been claimed.Experts at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have developed a simple reading test which can be conducted by athletes on... Read more

Reminder tool "helps majority of contact lens wearers"

A tool used by contact lens wearers to remind them to put in or take out the products is effective in the vast majority of cases, it has been claimed.Vistakon, a division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, claims that its Acuminder tool is rated as helpful by 95 pr cent of those who use it as part of... Read more

Contact lenses "are safe if cared for correctly"

Contact lenses are completely safe to use so long as wearers insert them correctly and look after them properly.This is according to consultant ophthalmologist Mr Peter McDonnell, honorary treasurer at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists."The use of contact lenses to correct problems relating to... Read more

SAD treatment "poses eyesight risk"

Some treatments for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may pose a risk to people"s eyesight if they are not supervised, according to one source.When the nights are longer and much of the day being spent in gloom, many people in the UK suffer from SAD, although one treatment for the condition is the... Read more

Regular eye tests "are vital"

By Alexa Kaczkahelp stave off damaging eye conditions, a specialist has warned.Dr Aaron Weingeist, an ophthalmologist in Seattle and a clinical correspondent, said that older people in particular need to ensure that they undergo frequent eye tests so that changes in their vision can be monitored and... Read more

Cosmetic contact lenses "can change lives"

Cosmetic and coloured contact lenses have helped to change the lives of many patients at one facility in Arizona, US, it has been claimed.According to Jack Carter, owner of Green Valley firm Crystal Reflections, his store focuses solely on making contact lenses for cosmetic, theatrical and medical... Read more

New discovery into Fuchs dystrophy "may save corneas"

A new investigation into one of the major eye diseases, may help to reduce the need for patients to undergo corneal implants.Experts at the Schepens Eye Research Institute have discovered that free radicals, which are unstable molecules that cause the death of cells as the body ages, may also cause... Read more

Patient complains after only one cataract is removed

A grandmother who had a cataract removed at a hospital in Nottinghamshire has complained after her other eye was left untreated due to NHS cutbacks.According to 78-year-old Joyce Bland, she can see clearly out of her right eye following the operation but was told by doctors that she could not have... Read more

Poor eyesight "makes medicine management important"

People with poor eyesight need to pay particular attention to their daily medicine, according to one expert who has warned of the dangers of not handling the products carefully.In a recent issue of MedicinesTalk, published by NPS and seen by Medical News Today, NPS chief executive Lynn Weekes said... Read more

Irregular corneas "a major problem"

People who have irregular corneas may find that the condition makes it very difficult to find suitable vision correction products, it has been noted.J Keith Lomas, group president and chief executive officer of UltraVision CLPL, pointed out that irregular corneas can be caused by a number of... Read more

Regular eye tests "are essential"

Undergoing regular eye tests can help to save lives in the long term, according to one expert.Phil Moss, commercial vehicle manager at the insurance company Swinton, made the comments after a poll by his organisation found that many operators of commercial vehicles may have defective eyesight after... Read more

DIY glaucoma test "a possibility"

Glaucoma tests which can be done at home may soon become a reality, according to a group of researchers in the US.Experts at Duke University in North Carolina led by Dr Sanjay Asrani claim that a new device may enable glaucoma sufferers to find out in minutes whether the condition, which affects... Read more

New eye technology monitors corneal distortions

A new type of technology is improving the way in which professionals diagnose eye conditions and prescribe patients, it has been claimed.David Davis, of Vision Source in East Las Vegas, made the comments about iZon technology, which measures the corneal distortions of a patient"s eye and enables the... Read more

New treatment "kills contact lens bacteria"

A relatively new technique may be able to improve the way in which bacteria on contact lenses is killed, according to a team of experts in the US.Research carried out by specialist at National Jewish Health and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center claims that it may also be used in... Read more

Contact lens wearers given makeup tips

A number of tips have been issued to contact lens users who also wear false eyelashes to help them maintain eye safety.Chiu Pin-chi, head of the department of dermatology at National Taiwan University Hospital"s Yunlin branch, told the Taipei Times that it is important for those wearing false... Read more