Children "benefit from wearing contact lenses"

A new poll has found that half of schoolchildren who require vision correction would benefit more from wearing contact lenses.The Contact Lenses in Pediatrics Study, carried out by experts at the Ohio State University College of Optometry, New England College of Optometry and University of Houston... Read more

Proper care "leads to contact lens bliss"

People who take good care of their contact lenses will find that the products make a great improvement to their lives, one source has stated.According to the Manila Bulletin, contact lens wearers should pay extra attention when storing and cleaning the products, as it is important not to let any... Read more

Age "need not be a factor" in contact lens wear

Age does not have to be a factor for people considering wearing contact lenses, one source has observed.Today Online reported that Rhadika Rewal began wearing contact lenses at the age of 11 after developing myopia, and has quickly adjusted to the change in vision correction.Her mother told the... Read more

Contact lenses "a good idea" for drivers

Wearing contact lenses is an excellent idea for drivers who require vision correction, one source has suggested.Contactlenses plus pointed out that, as 45 per cent of British motorists require vision correction before they are able to get behind the wheel, millions of people could potentially... Read more

New contact lens "can be worn for 22 days"

A new type of contact lens can be worn for 22 days without the wearer suffering from any incidence of microbial keratitis.The study found that patients wearing Menicon Z rigid gas-permeable contact lenses exhibited no findings of microbial keratitis during the 24-month study, while reported rates of... Read more

FDA approves Ozurdex for eye treatment

Allergan has announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its Ozurdex formula for the treatment of non-infectious ocular inflammation, or uveitis, which affects the posterior segment of the eye. Clinical trials showed that, after a single injection of Ozurdex, the percentage... Read more

New driving aid "may help blind people"

The technology behind a new type of device to assist people when they are driving could also be used to help blind pedestrians, it has been suggested.According to experts at the University of Utah, their latest creation, which helps drivers to navigate through touch-based directional devices, has... Read more

Hygienic contact lens routines "are essential"

One expert has warned that people who have a poor contact lens routine could potentially be placing their vision at risk.Speaking to ABC online, Dr Jeffrey Lanier of the Houston Eye Associates said that the number of people suffering from eye conditions as a result of poor contact lens care is akin... Read more

Choosing coloured contact lenses "an important decision"

People hoping to change the colour of their eyes by using coloured contact lenses should take their time to ensure they make the correct decision, one source has advised.Pamalan Imler, writing for Lon"s Article Dictionary, said that people with dark eyes will find it particularly difficult to find a... Read more

Contact lenses "ideal for people who play sport"

People who regularly play sport but require vision correction often struggle because they have to wear glasses, but this does not have to be the case, one source has pointed out.A post on the health section of ezinemark.com stated that contact lenses are an ideal option for people who take part in... Read more

Study to explore safety of CXL

A new study will explore the safety and effectiveness of corneal collagen crosslinking (CXL) using Riboflavin/Dextran and Hypotonic Riboflavin in patients with progressive keratoconus and corneal ectasia.The research is being carried out by the Cornea and Laser Eye Institute, with Dr Peter Hersh... Read more

Wearing glasses "makes you look older"

People who wear glasses to correct their vision are also making themselves look older, one source has claimed.A report commissioned by the London Vision Clinic polled 4,000 people about the age of individuals who wear glasses.The results show that each spectacle wearer was estimated to be 3.3 years... Read more

Good contact lens solution "is essential"

People who wear contact lenses on a daily basis have been given some tips on how to maintain the products, including using a respected solution.The Health Guide pointed out that there are several different types of contact lens solution on the market, but it is important for wearers to choose a... Read more

Could glasses and contact lenses soon be things of the past?

Scientists have discovered a gene that is thought to cause short-sightedness, potentially paving the way for curative treatments to put an end to one of the world"s most-common eye disorders. So, could this condemn glasses and contact lenses to the history books?Myopia, the condition more commonly... Read more

Bollywood star "heavily relies on contact lenses"

A major Bollywood star has revealed that she heavily relies on the use of contact lenses due to her poor eyesight.Shruti Haasan recently posted on her Twitter account that her vision is so poor that she is "almost blind" and would severely struggle to function without the use of contact lenses."I"m... Read more

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses "work well"

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are rising in popularity because they are an effective means of daily vision correction, one source has stated.A recent post on Article Places noted that contact lens wearers who previously wore other forms of the product have migrated to silicone hydrogel because... Read more

Bifocal contact lenses "can defy ageing"

People in need of vision correction but hoping to avoid glasses for fear of looking older could consider wearing contact lenses, one source has suggested.Dr Barry Freeman from hearing aid maker Starkey Laboratories Inc told the ARA that developments in the contact lens industry have enabled people... Read more

Antiviral therapy "can halt HSV"

A course of oral antiviral medication following infection with the herpes simplex virus (HSV) may help to reduce the risk of recurring eye-related manifestations of the disease, a new report claims.According to a recent study in an issue of Archives of Ophthalmology, one of the JAMA/Archives... Read more

Contact lenses "have many advantages" over glasses

Contact lenses have many advantages over glasses, with people who make the switch between the products likely to notice the improvement straight away, one source has stated.A post on EzineMark.com noted that, compared with spectacles, contact lenses are convenient to carry, more attractive and can... Read more

Children and adults "see things differently"

The way in which children and adults see the world around them can differ considerably, a new study has suggested.According to scientists at University College London (UCL) and Birkbeck, University of London, children younger than 12 years old do not combine different sensory information to make... Read more