Suffering from headaches? Poor binocular vision could be the cause

Those affected by regular headaches could be suffering from poor binocular vision, the Eye Care Trust has claimed.Some 12 per cent of people are affected by poor binocular vision, which means that the brain does not correctly process the images that are captured by the eyes.The trust suggested that... Read more

Contact lenses "help children to avoid multiple eye surgery"

Children who wear contact lenses instead of having primary intraocular lens (IOL) correction are less likely to have to undergo more than one surgical procedure to correct their unilateral congenital cataracts, a study has shown.Research published in the Archives of Ophthalmology details a study... Read more

Eye-tracking used in lie detection

Researchers have developed a new eye-tracking technology that could be a reliable alternative to the polygraph for lie detection. The University of Utah scientists" eye-tracking technology measures a person"s cognitive reaction to lying, as opposed to their physical reaction, which is what a... Read more

Keep eyes safe during wet weather, contact lens wearers warned

Contact lenses wearers in India are being warned to take extra care of their eyes during monsoon season in the country. Ophthalmic surgeon Dr Keiki Mehta told the Times of India that, while rainwater is relatively clean, the drips that fall from trees and buildings is not as it picks up a number of... Read more

Researchers discover a cause of retinal degeneration

A cause of retinal degeneration has been discovered by scientists in Japan.It is related to cilia - the hair-like structures that jut out from the smooth surfaces of most mammal cells.Researchers at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine found that if these communication hubs do not function... Read more

Boy"s eyesight improved by playing computer games

A boy"s eyesight improved by 250 per cent in a week after he was told to play videogames for two hours a day.Six-year-old Ben Michaels had a lazy eye and specialists at Great Ormond Street Hospital told him to try the videogame therapy to see if it helped to correct the problem.After playing on his... Read more

Eye exams "should take 29 minutes"

The majority of optometrists feel that for an eye exam to be completed to an acceptable standard, it should take 29 minutes, a study has found.Research conducted by optometrist Christian Dutton and published on optometry.co.uk revealed that the industry standard of 20 minutes per eye exam was seen... Read more

Young contact lens wearers "are putting their eyes at risk"

Young people who wear contact lenses are putting their eyes at risk by not looking after their lenses with as much care as they should, an expert has claimed.A recent patient audit conducted at Southampton General Hospital"s eye unit revealed that eye infections were most common among contact lens... Read more

Healthy eating "reduces risk of eye disease"

Eating a healthy diet reduces a person"s risk of developing life-altering eye diseases, a study has suggested.Scientists at the Laboratory for Nutrition and Vision Research in Boston have found that regularly consuming a combination of particular nutrients and foods that have a low glycemic index... Read more

Eye movements reveal how drivers negotiate roads

People driving on the right hand side of the road look further ahead when negotiating a bend to the left than a bend to the right, a study has shown.When driving on winding roads, drivers tend to look at a specific point on the lane marking called the tangent point, but researchers from the... Read more

Good eye health "is very important when wearing contact lenses"

It is very important for contact lens wearers to maintain good eye health, an optical expert has stressed.Dr Varsha Rathi wrote in a piece for the Deccan Chronicle that people should keep their contact lenses clean as failing to do this can cause discomfort, irritation and infections in the... Read more

Patient hails implanted contact lens surgery

A patient who underwent surgery to have a special type of contact lens implanted into his eye has hailed the procedure a massive success.Texas man Craig Matus recently underwent an operation conducted by Dr Edward Wade, in which the surgeon slipped an implantable contact lens between the patient"s... Read more

Contact lenses "can correct most forms of defective vision"

Most people who have defective vision can enjoy perfect sight again if they opt for contact lenses, one expert has claimed.Gerald Boehme from the Professional Association of German Opticians told monstersandcritics.com that lenses can be very effective."Contact lenses can correct most forms of... Read more

Study improves understanding of corneal transplant failure

Transplanted corneas are more likely to fail in patients who have abnormal vessel growth in their eyes, which is known as corneal neovascularisation, a study has shown.Published in a recent edition of the journal Ophthalmology, the findings also suggest a new treatment approach that could improve... Read more

Most contact lens wearers "willing to pay more for UV protection"

Most contact lens wearers value protecting their eyes from the sun"s harmful UV rays, a survey has suggested.The study, conducted by Johnson & Johnson, that found that 75 per cent of Contact lens wearers would be willing to pay more for lenses with built-in UV protection, opticianonline.net... Read more

Coloured contact lenses "are worth getting for the compliments received"

Coloured Contact lenses are worth investing in for the compliments that they generate, one user has claimed.Natasha Hughes, in her blog for the Sydney Morning Herald, said that coloured contact lenses have become a mainstream fashion accessory but expressed that she previously knew little about them... Read more

Two therapies "could slow diabetic retinopathy progression"

A combination of two therapies could slow the progression of diabetic retinopathy in high-risk adults with type 2 diabetes, a recent study has suggested.This eye disease is the leading cause of vision loss in working-age Americans, so such a development could have a huge impact on the lives of a... Read more

Keep spare contact lens fluid in hand luggage, travellers advised

Those heading off on holiday have been advised to keep some Contact lens solution in their hand luggage, in case they face long delays at the airport.Rudy Maxa, contributing editor to National Geographic Traveler, and Brett Snyder, president of CrankyConcierge.com, told the Detroit News that... Read more

Sea buckthorn - The answer to dry eye syndrome?

Sea buckthorn oil could ease the symptoms of the common condition dry eye syndrome, a recent study has suggested.Researchers from Finland conducted a double-blind, randomised, parallel trial using oral sea buckthorn oil, containing (n-3) and (n-6) fatty acids and antioxidants.Participants in the... Read more

Red wine "may prevent blindness"

People who drink red wine may be helping to reduce their risk of blindness thanks to a naturally-occurring ingredient in the drink, a new study has suggested.Research carried out by experts at the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis shows that resveratrol, which is found in red... Read more