Expert: Contact lens wearers "must take care"

People who wear contact lenses must ensure that they follow the instructions rigidly, one expert has warned.Dr Vanessa Ewing, an optometrist with the Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, said that the majority of people who wear Contact lenses follow the instructions properly and suffer no ill... Read more

Training eye movement "may limit driver distraction"

The number of people being injured in car accidents may be reduced through training eye movement, a recent study has suggested.Research carried out at Vanderbilt University and published in the Journal of Vision found that the correct application of motion information and appropriate eye movements... Read more

Sleep restores colour perception, study suggests

A recent study has suggested that colour perception may be restored during sleep after gradually becoming less neutral throughout the day.According to a research presented at an annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC, colour perception drifts away from neutrality during... Read more

Eye test "can measure MS pain"

A simple new eye test may be able to effectively measure the pain caused by multiple sclerosis (MS), it has been claimed.In a new study, experts from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center claim that quick, painless eye measurement shows promise as a way to diagnose MS in its very early... Read more

Protecting the eyes "an everyday requirement"

Protecting the eyes from everyday dangers sounds obvious but is something that many people fail to do, according to one expert.Dr Asim Piracha, medical director of the John-Kenyon American Eye Institute, said that it is surprising how many people he sees taking part in activities which pose a risk... Read more

Exposure to bright light "improves alertness"

Exposure to very brief, millisecond flashes of bright light improves alertness at night, according to the results of a new study.Research published at an annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC, shows that subjective sleepiness decreased and objective nighttime alertness... Read more

Smoking "can damage your eyesight"

People who smoke are putting their eye health at risk in the long term, according to one expert.Vision specialist Darla Carter said that people who smoke are not only placing their overall health at risk, but also increasing the likelihood that they will develop conditions which make their eyesight... Read more

Protective eyewear "essential" when playing sport

People who play sports which put their eyes in danger should ensure that they take steps to protect their vision at all costs, one expert has warned.Asim Piracha, medical director of the John-Kenyon American Eye Institute, said that there are plenty of ball sports which put people at risk of an eye... Read more

People with risk of vision loss "should be regularly checked"

People who have an increased risk of vision loss should ensure that they regularly have their eyes tested, one expert has stated.Dr. Emily Chew, deputy director of the National Eye Institute"s Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications, said that people with conditions such as diabetes have... Read more

Healthy diet "can protect sight"

People should ensure they are eating a diet that safeguards their eye health, it has been suggested.An article on courier-journal.com noted that wearing contact lenses is not the only way to boost vision and suggested a range of foods which can be effective in staving off sight-related problems.Dr... Read more

Study links antidepressants to cataract risk

A new study has linked antidepressant drugs to an increased risk of developing cataracts.The investigation, published in Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, established a link between the eye disease and two widely-prescribed drugs.Specialists claim that selective... Read more

Lasik eye surgery patients "can abandon contact lenses"

Lasik eye surgery offers people who wear reading glasses the chance to abandon them forever and feel the benefits of enhanced vision, one source has pointed out.Lon"s Article Directory extolled the virtues of Lasik eye surgery when stating that it can help people to ditch reading glasses forever,... Read more

Researchers create retina from embryonic cells

Researchers in the US have successfully created a retina from human embryonic stem cells, which offers hope to millions with degenerative eye disorders.Experts at the University of California Irvine created an eight-layer, early stage retina from human embryonic stem cells, which is the first ever... Read more

Scientists develop synthetic eye prosthesis

An implant made of plastic could soon offer patients the chance to see again without having to wait for cornea transplants.German research centre Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft claims that, each year, 40,000 people in Europe await these transplants but many do not receive them as donor corneas are... Read more

Regular eye exams "essential" to prevent vision loss

Although vision loss cannot be completely prevented, people who regularly attend eye exams may help to slow the process considerably, one source has suggested.Food consumer warned that not having vision frequently assessed by an expert may place people at risk of conditions such as cataracts and... Read more

An alternative to laser eye surgery for myopia treatment?

While laser eye surgery is one of the main treatments for people with sight problems, many people find the process a scary prospect.They may therefore welcome the news that a new type of procedure involving phakic intraocular lenses (IOLs) for correcting short-sightedness could be safer than laser... Read more

Wearing contact lenses "a cost-effective option"

People who need vision correction are more likely to find that contact lenses are a cost-effective option compared with laser eye surgery, according to one expert.Lou Carlozo, writing for the Savings Experiment, said that a study he conducted into the monthly outgoings which people who wear contact... Read more

Daily contact lenses "must be removed"

People who wear daily contact lenses have been advised to follow the manufacturer"s instructions and ensure they take the lenses out at the end of the day.Dr Arun Mishra, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon, told Doctor.NDTV.com that a key thing which people who wear daily contacts must remember is that... Read more

People "should wear contact lenses" to eye exams

People who wear contact lenses should ensure they keep them in when going for an eye exam, according to one source.The resident health expert for the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune said that wearing contact lenses to an exam can save time, as the expert assessing the individual will not have to ask... Read more

Experts make Down"s syndrome and Alzheimer"s eye link

Healthcare experts have established a link between Down"s syndrome and Alzheimer"s disease, claiming that the two conditions are connected through proteins found in the eyes. According to specialists at Boston University School of Medicine and the Boston University Alzheimer"s Disease Center, the... Read more