Cleopatra"s eye makeup boosted immunity

Eye makeup has long been criticised for its negative health effects, especially on young skin, but a recent revelation has shown that it actually had health benefits when used over 4,000 years ago.Famously used by Egyptians such as Cleopatra, ancient eye makeup had lead salts in which helped protect... Read more

Importance of eye tests highlighted

An expert has stressed the importance of detecting eye problems in children as early as possible.Optometrist at America"s Complete Family Eye Care, Dr Cody Jones, has said that when parents are told that their children can have eye tests they are often surprised they are available at such a young... Read more

Ask questions when considering laser eye surgery

People should ask plenty of questions before committing to having surgery to correct their vision, urges the Calgary Herald.Many people"s first thoughts would be regarding the cost of surgery, and this is perfectly legitimate as the procedure can cost up to $5,000 or £3,000.However, the first... Read more

History of contact lenses detailed by New York Times

Coverage of contact lenses in the media has been traced back as far as 1930 by the New York Times.The likely first man to come up with the idea was English astronomer John Herschel in 1845 and the first usable lens – made from heavy brown glass – was reported by German physiologist Adolf E Fick in... Read more

Giving up smoking "can help prevent AMD"

Giving up smoking can help improve people"s eyesight, according to a new study.Research conducted at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) found that smoking regularly, even after the age of 80, can increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).The study found that, overall,... Read more

Eyes really are the window to the soul

A person"s eyes really are the window to their soul, according to a new study.Commissioned by Ultralase, the report revealed that the physical characteristic that most people use to read a person"s inner-most thoughts are their eyes.Over half (55 per cent) of people use a person"s eyes to determine... Read more

Solar-powered eyesight a possibility

Chips implanted in the back of the eye to help people with progressive loss of photoreceptor cells – which pick up the light we use to see – could soon be solar-powered, according to a recent article on gadgets blog gizmodo.Scientists at Stanford University have discovered that near infrared light... Read more

Eye problems rise in infants

Studies show that around one-fifth of premature babies will develop some form of strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye) or serious refractive error (requiring glasses) by the time they are three-years-old, according to an expert.Natalia Uribe, an optometrist, who directs the Contact Lens... Read more

State-of-the-art lens gets boy back on football field

Teenager Kingston Fereti is a keen American football player but a freak eye accident put his ability to play the sport in jeopardy, reports khon2.com.An accident with a stick while he was at school left him with a scratched cornea and lens in his left eye and he was immediately taken to hospital... Read more

Eye makeup unsafe for children

Eye makeup such as mascara, eye shadow and foundation can be a danger to young girls, according to a recent study by the Environmental Working Group in America.The chemicals in them can cause conditions such as cancer, infertility and hormone imbalance.Conducted on 14 to 19-year-old girls, the study... Read more

Babies given contact lenses

Babies as young as one-month-old with serious eye conditions are being prescribed contact lenses.They have been prescribed at paediatric eye surgery centres in the US to help children"s eyesight develop properly.Infants are given contact lenses if they have cataract surgery, need extremely... Read more

Glasses "can help people alter their style"

Glasses can help people change their style and identity due to the large variety of styles available.According to Express Buzz, people can now choose from such a wide variety of frames there is something to suit everyone from thick frames to thin, semi-rimless, metallic or plastic styles.Speaking to... Read more

It"s official: carrots do help you see in the dark

Carrots actually do allow you to see in the dark, a study has found.Carotenoids found in leafy green vegetables and coloured fruits play an important role in eyesight and have a positive effect on the retina, according to research.The University of Georgia study, published in the Journal of Food... Read more

Eye care advice for women

Clinical and lead surgeon at Shinagawa LASIK Centre Dr Lee Sao Bing, writing for Asiaone health, says that lifestyle and hormones make women more susceptible to certain eye conditions such as allergies, irritations and eye infections, including conjunctivitis, or red eye.Particles from makeup can... Read more

Lioness gets contact lenses

A lioness at a zoo in Rome, Italy, became the first in the world to be fitted with contact lenses.Poor cataracts were to blame for 18-month-old Elsa"s poor eyesight.She inherited the condition at birth, but it became increasingly severe, so much so that it affected her to the extent that she was... Read more

Number of short-sighted Americans soars

There are 66 per cent more Americans suffering from myopia (short-sightedness) in the US today than there were in the 1970s, according to a study by the National Eye Institute.Researchers say that kids need to get out more as activities such as texting and surfing the internet are taking their toll... Read more

Americans spend billions on contact lenses and glasses

Contact lenses and glasses cost the American public billions of dollars a year, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).The comments come in response to the National Eye Institute"s finding that the number of short-sighted Americans has risen by 66 per cent since the 1970s.This... Read more

Importance of eye exams highlighted

Many children suffer from inhibited learning due to eye conditions, which can be corrected easily with a visit to the optician, say optometrists at Envision Family EyeCare.The eye specialists are encouraging parents to schedule appointments before the new school year starts in response to the... Read more

Short-sighted moles help scientists see the light

A discovery by scientists at the University of Aberdeen that moles actually have better eyes than expected has shed light on some human disorders.The researchers found that moles can see light even when their eyes are permanently shut. They also discovered that moles’ eyes play a crucial role in... Read more

False eyelashes "a top beauty trend"

False eyelashes are one of the top beauty trends for 2014, having been spotted on a number of top celebs.Lady Gaga, Agyness Deyn and X-Factor star Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, formally Cheryl Cole, have all been photographed wearing fake lashes.Girls Aloud fans can even imitate Cheryl and co"s looks by... Read more