Lego sunglasses are created

Sunglasses which use Lego building bricks for their frames are available.Lego and Lynx Optique, a French optical firm, joined together to create the unique sunglasses, which combine tinted lenses with red arms made out of the popular building blocks.After the creation was reported by dvice.com,... Read more

Custom contact lenses made for people with eye problems

People who cannot wear ordinary contact lenses may be helped by new custom-made ones being developed in the US.The work is being done by researchers at the University of Houston"s College of Optometry.Dr Jason Marsack, a research assistant professor of optometry, said that one patient who has tried... Read more

Contact lens safety "has improved"

Developments in contact lens technology have led to advances such as better safety, an expert has said.OSN Super Site picked up an interview given to Ocular Surgery News by Dr Florence Malet.She said that recent years have seen the design and materials of contact lenses improve, explaining that five... Read more

Contact lens wearers warned not to sleep in them

A warning has been given to people who try to save time by sleeping in their contact lenses.In an article by Lorie A Parch for Prevention, which appears on msnbc.com, expert Thomas L Steinemann urged people to take out their contact lenses when they sleep.Steinemann, an associate professor of... Read more

Geckos may provide insight for contact lenses

A study of the eyes of geckos may provide insight to help develop more sophisticated contact lenses in the future.Researchers led by Dr Lina Roth of the Department of Cell and Organism Biology at Swedish institution Lund University have found that nocturnal geckos have a series of distinct... Read more

Pharmacists urged to look out for eye health issues

A call has been made to pharmacists to stay on the lookout for modern eye health complaints.Speaking to Chemist + Druggist, Association of Optometrists adviser Geoff Roberson urged pharmacists to talk to their customers about their lifestyles to try to find out what may be causing problems such as... Read more

Eye health tips given

Tips for keeping eyes healthy have been given by the American Academy of Opthalmology.The Academy urged people not to smoke, pointing out that this has been linked to age-related macular degeneration and also cataracts.Contact lenses need to be kept properly and not wetted with out-of-date solutions... Read more

Tear research "to shed light on contact lenses"

A US study is looking at tears to discover the impact of contact lenses on the general health of the eye.Volunteers are wearing silicone hydrogel contact lenses while researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham"s School of Optometry study cytokines in their tears.Cytokines are a type of... Read more

How to wear eyeshadow while swimming

Women who want to keep their eye make-up on while they swim have been urged to use new water-resistant eyeshadow.The Coventry Telegraph suggested using Yves Saint Laurent products, which it said come in a number of iridescent and metallic colours.They will be available at the end of this... Read more

Soft contact lenses "do not affect cornea measurements"

Measurements of the cornea of the eye are not altered by wearing soft contact lenses on a long-term basis, it has been found.OSN Super Site reported the findings from a study by Dr Anja Kissner, looking at contact lens wearing of periods from two to 32 years.Looking at measurements such as central... Read more

Contact lens wearers "still need sunglasses"

A US hospital has stressed to people who wear contact lenses that their eyes still need protection from the sun.In a statement from New York Presbyterian Hospital, Drs Stephen Trokel and Donald J D"Amico made the warning.As well as the necessary shielding from the sun"s UV rays, the doctors... Read more

Dispensing opticians "fit more contact lenses than optometrists"

Dispensing opticians fit twice as many new patients for contact lenses every week compared to optometrists, according to new research.Optician Online reported the results of the findings of the study, which it carried out with the Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers.The research found that... Read more

Laser eye surgery profiled

The appeal of laser surgery is obvious. Perfect eyesight without having to wear glasses or contact lenses. As well for reasons of aesthetics and convenience, it would also be pleasant to be able to see properly while showering, swimming or upon waking. However, surgery is never something to be taken... Read more

Implantable contact lenses "give new hope"

The availability of implantable contact lenses brings new hope to people who need vision correction, according to an expert.Opthalmologist Dr Daniel Wilson, who works at the Shannon Clinic and Angelo Laser Eye Centre in Texas, told gosanangelo.com that the procedure allows people to "go to the beach... Read more

Advice given on treating dry eyes

People who suffer dry eyes from wearing contact lenses have been given help for the condition.Ella Faktorovich, an eye surgeon based in San Francisco, said that as well as wearing contact lenses, dry eyes can be caused by factors such as using computers a lot or being exposed to dry wind.Women may... Read more

Demand rises for prosthetic eyes in Islamabad

There is a rising demand for ocular prosthetics in Islamabad, according to a report.Mohammed Rashid, who heads the department for contact lenses and artificial eyes at the Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, told Pakistani publication the News that more and more people are coming in for artificial eye... Read more

Child of Thalidomide has laser surgery

A "child of Thalidomide" has had his sight corrected by laser surgery.The BBC reported how John Roberts, 46, has underdeveloped ears and short arms as a result of the drug.For these reasons, he cannot wear glasses or insert contact lenses.His right eye also does not work.An enthusiastic photographer... Read more

Infra-red light "may repair eyesight damage"

People who have harmed their eyesight through exposure to bright light may be able to recover through use of infra-red rays.Dr Krisztina Valter of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Vision Science, which comprises research carried out by four universities in Australia, headed a team which has produced... Read more

How to save money on eyecare

Wearers of glasses can cut their expenses by buying them online, a finance writer has said.In a MoneyWeek article, Ruth Jackson found that glasses are cheaper when they are bought over the internet as opposed to traditional bricks-and-mortar stores.She warned, though, that consumers must be careful... Read more

New products "for people with difficulty wearing contact lenses"

A US optometrist has said that people who have had difficulty in finding or wearing contact lenses in the past can make use of new products.Speaking to Naples Daily News, Dr James R Seibold said that people with severe astigmatism or myopia, or who have dry eyes, have options available to them... Read more