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Do change colour but could be better

I have dark brown eyes so I bought the brown ones to create a very subtle 'lift' in colour. They were a bit lighter than I expected but they are indeed brown. They didn't look great - something about the large size of the pupil makes you look almost psychotic! Also they seemed to move around easily making you look slightly cross-eyed at times. I didn't feel that they looked particularly natural compared to other coloured lenses I've tried.
To give credit where it's due, the customer service from the site has been excellent, so I'll definitely try some other ones.

By from London on 10.10.2011 14:31

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Very disapointed with the grey lenses. Although comfortable in they are difficult to see out giving you the illusion of tunnel vision. You can see your own eye and pupil behind the lens which makes me look like a Zombie. Weird looking and would not be buying this colour again ... money in the bin !!

By from Dundee on 20.04.2011 21:56

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Absolutely amazing

I`ve been trying lots and lots of different prescription color contact lenses and, finally, I couldn`t believe it when I`ve got those ones, it`s absolutely amazing the way they look, so real, so natural. I have dark brown eyes (as I am Spanish) and I took the hazel contacts just to give a little touch of colour to my real eyes and the results were spectacular. Nobody could say I wear contacts... and even on my prescirption!!! Highly recomended!!!!

By from Mallorca, Spain on 21.03.2011 14:41

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By from LONDON UK on 08.02.2011 22:27

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Good Colour, not as comfortable as normal lenses

The Dark Brown covered my blue eyes easily, however my sight is not as clear but still wearable. Not as comftable as my prescribed lenses either but similarly still wearable. Would not buy if you have small eyes as the lenses are quite large.
Would buy them again.

By from London, Uk on 28.01.2011 15:49

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Exceptional lense quality, very good colour

I`ve got these in "Blue" for my brown eyes - the colour change is excellent and the colour is nice. It`s not a stunning colour but it is a nice colour.
What sets these lenses apart is the lense quality. The lenses pop in literally instantly, they are quite firm in the hand so it`s no struggle to get them in. Out is a little bit harder but that`s because they fit so well.
The fit is perfect, i normally use Biomedics 1 Day Toric, these lense are better and more comfortable. I can wear them all day and not feel the effects.
Compared to the Freshlook Colorblends, these lenses are infinitely better. The colour on the Colorblends Brilliant Blue is better but they are unwearable.

By from London, UK on 15.01.2011 16:58

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....for that alien look

Hats off to for a first class service with no hassles.
Unfortunately can`t reccomend these at all. I got the blue ones ,as i fancied a change from my own existing green . First of all they stung like i`d just sprayed window cleaner into my eyes. So i tried them in again ,and even after cleaning them with my own solution, made no difference . Secondly the prescription (although correct on the box)was totally useless and was nowhere near to my original one.
Lastly, i looked in the mirror for the very short time i had them in, and saw two lifeless, and alien looking eyes staring back. These lenses are in no way subtle, to the extent that i think their only use might be as part of an extreme halloween outfit.

By from SCOTLAND on 05.12.2010 20:45

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These contacts are amazing.
I have dark brown eyes and the green lenses i got really stand out and look great especially nights out.
They dont look scary or to fake as some others do and i love them
the price is excellent compared to other sites and delivery is so quick.

By from London on 06.11.2010 15:58

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I can`t see

I feel like I just threw away �14. I was really excited to try out these lenses and my sizing details etc were all correct but when I put the lenses in I couldn`t see! There was a fog around my sight from the colour on the lenses and they sat oddly on my eye making my pupils stick out. The colour was alright but I actually think I prefer my natural eye colour to these!

By from London on 28.10.2010 12:48

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Terrible! I initially tried the Expression Accents range which I loved but given their limited choice I bought a pair of these. Never again!!
Vision: Like looking through a cloud as you can see the coloured pattern
Look: Unnatural
Comfort: Poor, moved around alot making them noticeably fake.

By from Plymouth, UK on 19.08.2010 19:29

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Request for new colours!

Hi! I am thinking about buying some hazel coloured contacts from this website, but I have an idea for NEW colours. What about Brown Topaz, like from TWILIGHT? If you had those I bet EVERYONE would buy them... especially me! So please, bear this in mind, it would be fab to have those ones and I would DEFINATELY buy a new pair of monthly disposable ones every month!! :D
Yours Faithfully,
Abigail x

By from Swansea, UK on 03.08.2010 10:57

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I found the reviews really helpful and decided to order the light blue coloured lenses, having very dark brown eyes I was unsure the colour would cover my eye colour effectively, and the reviews I read were right, they were comfortable and the blue covered my eye colour perfectly. I`ve even tried the aqua an green. Brilliant!!

By from West Sussex, UK on 28.07.2010 18:17

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Very Impressed with my first coloured lenses!!!

I ordered the Grey opaque lenses, my first pair of coloured ones but a regular user of lenses. Initially it took a little while for them to get comfortable but once I`d worn them a while they looked absolutely great and very natural !!! So impressed I want to now try the blue, green and hazel pairs !!! Some reviews did say they made you look `bug eyed`, although they do stick out slightly they look totally natural when looking through them normally and not wide eyed.

By from Warwickshire on 01.07.2010 20:16

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hmm... not too pleased about these...

I have very dark brown eyes and used the GREY coloured ones thinking it would be a natural colour change without seeming too obviously fake. They look awful in my opinion and made me look like an android. On top of that, when my pupil expands, you can actually see the coloured contacts around which makes vision very blurry. I don`t particularly recommend these and I am going to give the freshlooks a try next. On a positive note, if you want a drastic change to make a statement I would definitely give these a try. They are economical too for �14 for a months supply.

By from Northants on 17.05.2010 15:41

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By from UK on 03.05.2010 18:35

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Contacte lenses color hazel

hazel color that was bought which was beautiful in the eye, my eyes are brown and the color of honey was super natural.Fora that you deliver within 3 days max.

By from London Uk on 21.02.2010 06:25

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Best product ever

First time using this product and i love it would recommend to a friend

By from Ireland on 18.02.2010 20:37

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Colour Ok, Vision Not Ok.

I ordered these in Blue, the colour was okayish, (I have dark green eyes) but my vision was awful in them. I threw them away after a couple of days as all I could see was `cloudy`.
For a noticeable colour change, clear vision and comfort - go for the Freashlook Colourblends. Nothing beats them.

By from UK on 18.02.2010 18:12

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Great for me

They are by far the best lense for asian skin, i have dark brown eyes, green one looked great. They are soft & once there in u will not feel it.

By from London on 15.02.2010 17:16

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I ordered the grey contacts. I have dark brown eyes and they made such a difference. Very natural and no-one would notice I had dark eyes normally. 10/10.

By from Midlands on 18.12.2009 10:58

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