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dark eyes

Bought hazel colour and was not very impressed, as the colour looks un-natural on very dark eyes. Several people mentioned that it was wierd and you can see immediately that these are coloured lenses. Pure hazel from Freshlook Colorblends was a better alternative for dark eyes, as the colour is not so intense on the lens itself, so when you put it in it looks more natural blending with you your darker shade.

By from London, UK on 05.05.2009 13:43

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I absolutely love this product.I tried another type of colored contacts before these and was disapointed.But these exceded my expectations.I tried the Light Blue but they didn`t look as natural but the Green worked perfectly.They looked great!
I`m going to buy more colors from Expressions Colors.

By from Ohio,Usa on 04.05.2009 15:51

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Very Good!

I naturally have dark brown eyes, and got a pair of the dark blue lenses. They are really cool. So I`m just about to get green ones and maybe in the future grey ones.
I found they look the best in low light where your pupils will go large and look very natural (since you cannot see any natural brown). During the day light they are more intense looking. I have gotten many complements with them in.

By from Glasgow, UK on 01.04.2009 15:53

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Do not reccomend

Having previously purchased a different brand of lenses from this website and having no problems I only wish I could say the same regarding this purchase. I tried the lenses (light blue) to check how they looked and felt. Once inserted they did not sit centre in my eye and did not make a huge difference in colour which surprised me as I have green eyes. But upon removal one of the lenses split on my finger which obviously should not happen. I have used coloured contacts on numerous occasions before, so I know how to treat them, but this has never happened. I will not be using this brand of contacts again and would not reccomend them either.

By from Scotland on 25.03.2009 18:45

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HELP! I think I am becoming a contact lenses wearaholic!!!!!! Can`t stop buying them...Grey, Green and now Blue...and I am on the website because I am about to buy the forth pair!!!!!
These contacts are lovely, amazing colour, easy to put in, comfy to wear. A+! Love them!

By from London on 24.03.2009 15:12

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The reason why they slip when you blink

I was told that with colour lenses you will have tunnel vision becuase of the colour around the outside of your iris ... So I thought ok, and I didnt really take any noticed. When i put them in I found that they are a lot harder to put in than clear lenses. The slip when my eye and it dosent stick onto your eye as easily. my vision was bad... but after 2 days I didnt notice it. The main problem is when I do a hard blink (close my eys from about 10 seconds) and my lenses slip out of place and then back into place... TAHT IS A BUMMER :). it still does it now. I dont know why. But i didnt notice it with my clear ones but they do slip.. its just you cant tell because the clear. And also i wear colours for about 16 hours a day (this long with clear ones is confortable) and the start to feel slightly sticky. This may be because there colour. and last thing before you get stressed becuase i wrote too mcuh... the colour brown is to niticable and too dark. Its almost black from a mertre away but the colour is good when u look closly in a mirror in the day time.

By from Southampton, UK on 05.03.2009 13:37

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i have very dark brown eyes and they look black unless youy look very closely, so i ordered a pair of brown ones, i was amazed at how beautiful the change was even my friends told me they look extremely natural! the only thing is they gave me a very slightly blurred vision and they were uncomfortable for the first three hours each time i wore them, they often felt so dry that it was difficult to stop blinking..some advice on what to do in these situtations might be of help.

By from Unknown location on 18.02.2009 02:26

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Dark Blue Expressions!

I have really dark eyes and middle eastern skin colour, and had already ordered a pair of green which i was really happy with (ive written a huge review about them)...
ANYWAY, i wasnt too sure before ordering them if blue would suit my colouring, but i finally decided to order dark blue, and they look great on my eyes and suit me :D
they do work.

By from Unknown location on 12.02.2009 18:39

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Quite good

I have bought the grey contact lenses before but found this site more cheaper, but the only difference was that these ones seem a little bit more darker then my previous buy. I guess i should try a different types of companys. Very fast delivery, only took 2 days. Am soo happy as i needed them in a major emergency!! Fantastic packaging, didn`t have to g through the hassle of contacting the cutomer service! I would recommend this to everyone.

By from Watford, Hertfordshire on 16.01.2009 09:24

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Doesnt cover dark eyes as advertised

I was directed to these lenses from your web site, which states "opaque lenses to cover darker eyes" These are the lenses I was shown. I bought these blue lenses to cover my dark eyes, but they hardly look any different. I contacted customer service who promtly told me i could not return these lenses as the description is from the manufaturers and not their own?? (why sell something you have no idea about?) These contact lenses DO NOT work on dark eyes.

By from Somerset, UK on 12.12.2008 15:39

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great for dark eyes

ordered my Expressions Colours last week and thats them just arrived...ordered the green and i must say i am very pleased with them :) i have dark brown eyes and thought that they wouldnt make much of a difference but they really do! and my prescription is spot on too.i am going to try these in different coulours.

By from Glasgow uk on 04.12.2008 18:53

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Most Natural Looking I`ve ever tried

I`ve ordered a variety of the colors in the past and people are always shocked to find out that they are contacts.
Beautiful colors.
Great customer service.
Fast shipping to US.
Love them!

By from USA on 20.11.2008 18:01

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Ive got a mixture on brown and green eyes naturally and fancied a change so I ordered DARK BLUE.. as a first time contact lense user they took more than a few attempts to put in!
When I finally managed to get them in they looked stunning! they look very natural on me unless your standing 2cm away from my face.. you might just be able to tell!
I think i`m going to buy them in every colour.
I would deff recommend Coopervision Expressions and to buy them from.

By from Unknown location on 15.11.2008 22:23

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I have bronze skin (im originally persian), and have really dark brown eyes. I already wore normal contact lenses to see, and so decided to go for a change and get green ones with power. I ordered on saturday, they were dispatched on monday and i got them on tuesday. 100% perfect for service, i was quite suprised to find them so soon when i got home! So i tried them on, and at first my vision went sliightly blurry...but after having them on for an hour and keeping on looking at myself in the mirror AMAZED at the sudden change, my vision was almost back to what it was like with normal lenses. After the 3rd time i had put them on they were perfect. My friends all complimented me and really liked them, with one even saying i looked like Ash (from bride and prejudice)! They even loved it so much that two of them are going to order coloured contacts too! The only sliight thing is that when u look REALLY up close in the mirror u look a bit weird..BUT no1 but urself looks that close up into ur eyes. I`m going to order the other colours after this pair finishes...

By from Unknown location on 10.11.2008 20:28

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well worth purchasing a pair

I have dark green eyes and bought blue lenses and they looked really good and are they easy to apply gonna buy a different colour today x

By from Unknown location on 04.11.2008 00:06

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I have purchased a pair of dark blue lenses,to which my eyes are dark brown. I love them they look so natural i had a lady at work who commented on what lovely eyes i had to which i replied i had coloured contacts in. Im very impressed in fact im ordering another pair.

By from Stoke on 17.10.2008 12:41

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They really do work on dark eyes.

By from Scotland on 11.09.2008 19:55

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Lovely colour but looked very fake

I bought a green pair and although the colour was fabulous they made my eyes look a distorted shape from the side. I can only describe it as `boogle-eyed`, the curve of the lense made my eyeballs look like they were bulging out of my eye lids. Not the most comfortable either.

By from Essex on 11.09.2008 11:50

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I have naturally deep brown eyes and fancied a change so I ordered a pair of green opaque lenses and was so impressed (I did not really believe my dark brown eye colour could be changed) I ordered an aqua pair, I was even more impressed so I ordered a dark blue pair! My friends keep wondering what is different about me and even asked if I had changed hair colour! Not telling! Thank you. Ps I would love a pair of Elizabeth Taylor violet lenses . . .. perhaps you could arrange it?!

By from Manchester UK on 01.09.2008 20:34

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By from Unknown location on 20.08.2008 16:31

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