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dry and itchy

i ordered the pacific blue lenses, and despite the lovely colour change, i found these lenses to dry out very quickly and make my eyes very irritable from the word go - freshlook are much better for comfort but the colour looks more fake!! i much prefer comfort in a lens, therefore i will sticking with freshlook from now on

By from Warwickshire, UK on 28.04.2011 18:02

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reply to editors comment :)

hey i was the one that wrote that massive review on pacific blue lenses haha! didnt realise it was that long :L dont know if i can reply to the editors comment so ill just write it here lol
yeah they were fine after i soaked them thanks! :) wish i cud edit my last comment to 5/5 lol i love these lenses they look awesome! really real! i think im hooked to contact lenses now lool next time i wanna get a darker blue simular to freshlook brilliant blue but not so fake...and theres no reviews on the topaz so are they good? are they a blue or purpley colour? really like to know :) thanks xx

By from London, UK on 12.04.2011 21:41

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Pacific blue

I ordered the pacific colour lenses...they look really cool! the colour is great and there real comfortable
before i used to use freshlook colourblends in brilliant blue they were really great and i loved them! but they wernt very clear and did look quite fake at times i had a lot of people ask me if i wore contacts and i couldn`t lie! lol then i tried the freshlook in sterling grey i thought they were going to be a real pale blue but i didn`t like them there not very nice colour...then i was gonna get the blue freshlook but had a look at these and saw all the great reviews so went for these instead! and glad i did! the colour is by far the best they look really real but the only downside was the quality of them is quite poor! one of the lenses folded and wouldnt unfold so ive left them in solution hopefully they`ll go back to normal with no rips as i was kinda pulling at them for a while! as long as you don`t let them fold together overall i would definitely recommend these if you want a natural light blue look! i`ve got lightish green eyes so i don`t know if they would look the same on really dark eyes...but im sure they will the colour is quite strong :) they look far better than in the picture shown! i think ill be sticking to these for now
and btw to the people saying they`re unbearable and with the might have them in the wrong eye or inside out thats what i did when i had them in the wrong eye it stung like mad! so keep changing them til theyre comfortable :o)
Editors comment: I hope the lenses are usable after a good soak, if this happens again contact our customer support team, if you let them know they can either offer advisor or maybe despatch a replacement if the problem can`t be sorted. I`m sure you wil have no probs with your next pair.

By from London, UK on 06.04.2011 19:05

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I absolutely love these contact lenses! Unfortunately I ordered the 8.7 instead of the 8.4 so they are painful but the Amazon and Jade are absolutely gorgeous with my brown complexion!. I just re-ordered them now in 8.4 and added Emerald to my order! I am so excited. I used to wear Expressions then I noticed the colors changed. I then started wearing Solotica annuals and have been having severe eye trouble-they are 8.7 and the colors look so unnatural! I am so happy that I now have contacts that look wonderful and that are my exact rX. I can`t wait for my new size!

By from Boston, MA USA on 08.03.2011 16:12

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Well they really are the lightest coloured lenses i have ever tried. Look great on a night out, but in the day light can look abit fake. Also be carefull when your removing or handling the lense, they tend to stick together very quickly!!!! and i found them so hard to pull apart. Quality is very bad indeed. Tear very easily. Can be uncomfartable at times too. Freshlook colours grey will always be my first choice!

By from UK on 17.01.2011 21:50

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hurt my eyes! very uncomfortable :(

I ordered a pair of these in India and the colour was great, very natural and subtle. However please consider buying these because although they are easy to get in and out, they can irritate your eyes quite badly. I put them in for school and by the end of the day my eyes were so red and watery, i was literally crying! they hurt my eyes badly and were quite uncomfortable...i was disappointed when i had to throw them away because they just irritated my eyes too much.

By from London, UK on 15.11.2010 19:40

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Great colour; disappointing comfort

The product was delivered very speedily, although please note you will need to think about solution and storage pots, if you are not already a contact lens wearer. These come in my exact size and power, so I was expecting great things, although when I put them in, I am disappointed with the comfort and general fit: they feel too large and I struggle to focus in them. The emerald colour is amazing and I love it, but I couldn`t wear these for long periods or for a special occasion as they are nowhere near comfy enough! This might be different for different people.

By from Yorkshire, UK on 23.10.2010 22:15

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Pain in my eyes

I hate them. They irritated my eyes quite badly and after a couple of hours became nigh on unbearable to wear them.
Wouldn`t recommend them to anyone. Use Freshlook Colourblends instated.

By from London on 14.10.2010 13:04

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First contacts - platinum

I`ve never tried colour contact lenses before these so didn`t know what to expect. For the first few times of putting them in I found them a bit blurry/uncomfortable, however I`d never worn lenses before that so think it was just a case of getting used to them which I now am and find they`re no trouble at all. Bought the platinum ones as I saw they had good reviews, and with my eyes being naturally green/blue the grey on top looks fab and really make my eyes `pop`. However I would say they`re more of a pale blue/grey colour which makes me like them even more! Also very natural looking so def will be purchasing more colours! Pacific blue in particuar :)

By from UK on 01.08.2010 22:36

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Great for dark eyes

These are great lenses that really change the colour of your eyes dramatically.
The pupil hole is much smaller than the freshlook colorblends so it doesn`t have the "zombie" look that you get with the freshlook colorblends.
I also like the fact that you can order a base curve radius of 8.4 which is great if you find that other colour lenses slide around on your eye too much.
I bought Platinum and Jade, and I`m dying to try more colours.

By from Madrid, Spain on 25.05.2010 17:41

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WOW! Amazing color, speedy service!

I have been wearing colored contacts for the past 10 years, and these are some of the best that I have tried (in terms of color). Soflens Platinum contacts are a very beautiful ice blue/gray color. The lenses themselves are a bit uncomfortable when you first start wearing them... they are stickier than normal contacts (don`t let them fold over!), and they made my eyes super dry at first. However, after wearing them for a couple of days, they became a bit more comfortable. The pros definitely outweigh the cons with these lenses... as I stated before, the color is awesome, and they look amazingly realistic in photographs. I will be ordering more of these lenses in the future!

By from USA on 23.05.2010 19:53

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the first day i wore them they were really uncomfortable and my vision was very blurry and i had to take them out after a few hours. wore them again today and they were better but still hurt a bit. these were my perfect prescription so i do not see why they should do this.

By from Dorset on 14.05.2010 14:10

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platinum are amazing

i normally get blue but thought id try platinum and there amazing had so many comments on how good they look will be buying these again top rated colour

By from Unknown location on 15.03.2010 14:11

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Another Uncomfortable Experience

My wife and I have been wearing contact lenses for around 15 years so you could say we know how to handle/clean them.
We were experiencing problems with the Freshlook type (but had around 3 years of problem free use prior) so we changed to these. Big mistake. We both found them immediately uncomfortable but persisted to give our eyes chance to adjust. This ended up with discharge coming out of our eyes and the see-through layer on the eye being damaged. So I am on here ordering the Freshlook ones again! Hopefully they will be ok now.

By from London. UK on 03.02.2010 09:18

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Works magic. Doesn`t look fake and makes a noticeable change. I`d buy them again!

By from Manchester, UK on 31.01.2010 14:27

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Pacific Blue & Platinum Review.

So I purchased two pairs of these contacts last week in the Pacific Blue color and Platinum. Before these, I was using Freshlook Colorblends in the Sapphire Blue color, and since the Base Curve is 8.6, alot of of the brown of my own eye colour showed up and it looked fake. I chose the 8.4 Base Curve with these, and I love it, as it hides my original medium brown eye colour! Anyway, lets start with the Pacific Colored Lenses. I don`t like these, because it is a very icey grey color, and it looks un-natural to me. My eyes are Medium Brown without lenses, and the Platinum color just didn`t work for me. I had also bought the Pacific Blue color, and I love these! They were able to hide all of the brown of my eyes and replace it with a beautiful, light blue color, similar to Natural Touch and Elegance Opaques (which Paris Hilton wear), which are two times expensive than these! If you want to change your eye color completly, and get a nice black ring to outside the color to make it look natural for a low price, then you should purchase these!

By from Ireland. on 16.11.2009 03:00

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subtle diffrence

I have dark brown/black eyes and orderded these lenses in the india colour. The change is very subtle, natural and slightly noticable, its made my eyes one shade lighter. I`ve had freshlook colourblends in brown and they are more noticable and vibrant then these. I suggest if you have very dark eyes and wanting a barely noticable, slightly enhanced look then these are for you.Im overaly impressed with the service, i ordered on the monday and recived the lenses today(tuesday) via the free delivery service, will be ordering from this company again.

By from Manchester,UK on 15.09.2009 14:54

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Absolutely Great!

I am absolutely happy about my choice. i wear coloured lenses since 2004 and i have tried different brands , and i must say those are the best choice i ever made. Give it a try you wont regret it

By from Harrogate ,UK on 12.09.2009 22:06

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These lenses work much better i feel than Freshlook colour blends. For one, these lenses dramatically lighten my dark brown eyes whilst looking totally natural, people always comment on how light my eyes look and how nice they are, another colour which is extra light on dark eyes is pacific, a blue-grey-these lenses are so underated and give freshlook a run for their money-they also have a beautiful dark outer ring. My fave colour is Jade Green-my eyes look like i was born green, the next shade down is amazon, and pacific are really light-these lenses remind me of the legendary now discontinued elegance lenses

By from London UK on 09.09.2009 00:31

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the most uncomfortable lenses i have ever tried

complete waste of money, the colour wasnt right and more to the fact that they were very very uncomfortable! i wore them for five minutes and had to take em out!

By from Midlands on 23.08.2009 22:49

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