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Couldn't tolerate them

I've used the 1 day acuvue for years and very happy with them, I thought I'd give the moist a go but found my eyes very sore for a day or two after use, at first I thought I had just become intolerant to contact lenses so resorted to glasses then it occured to me it might be whatever was making the moist ones moist so I went back to the ordinary accuvue, no probs. Whew! what a relief!

By from London UK on 11.07.2011 17:46

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manufacturing issue?

One box of my last order had significant pieces of the lenses missing or rippled (18 of the 30 in the box) making them impossible to wear. I`ve sent pictures to the support email address and am awaiting a response.
I`ve dealt with this site for several years and have been pleased with the service and other lenses.
Customer Support Reply: Hi Anonymous. Please contact Hayley directly on 0845 060 3000. Normally we will replace the box free of charge.

By from Belfast on 07.01.2011 11:17

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not as good as others

I`ve tried these and they itch more than what I used to wear - the normal focus dallies. The best by far - for me at least - are the coopervision lenses called pro clear. Top marks to this site for service btw. Half the price of buying via an optician where I am (South Africa.)

By from Western Cape, South Africa on 17.10.2010 20:16

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Best dailies so far!

These lenses are great - can`t feel them on the eye, they don`t make my eyes red or itchy, I can wear them from early morning to late at night (although not really supposed to!) without problems, they`re just great. I have dry eyes, so notice it really quickly if the lenses are not up to scratch, but these are just perfect for me.
They are quite thin in comparison to some other dailies I`ve tried, but it just means taking a little more care when taking them out of the packet so that they don`t rip.
I`d recommend these to anyone, and in particular those suffering from dry eyes towards the end of the day.

By from London, UK on 13.09.2010 14:45

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I bought 6box lenses here nearly one month ago.
I used only 15 lenses but there were 3 lenses that were get ripped.
I worried how many defective lenses does it have..
I`m really displeased about taking like this lenses.

By from Brighton on 12.09.2010 10:37

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Very comfortable

Upgraded to the `Moist` variant a year or two ago and found they gave me better comfort later in the day. I`m -5/5.5 and have astigmatism so I wear them for shorter periods (holidays, sports, dusty DIY work with goggles, etc) rather than full time but find them very easy to use and effective.

By from Shropshire, UK on 25.07.2010 20:41

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Not overly impressed

Switched from Acuvue Oasys as was having some reliability issues and tearing (which this site still has not replied to me about, thanks! ) and these are even worse! Really dry by the end of the day, really scratchy and just overall not as good as a 2 weekly lense and over double the cost!
Editor replies - did not see your complaint - sorry! But, we have not had handling problems reported with oasys lenses and customer reviews on Oasys here indicate no problems. However, customers do complain that the 1 day acuvue moist are thinner and more difficult to handle -, which can give arise to more ripping problems

By from Kent on 27.04.2010 21:35

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Good for the first few hours, but then...

Maybe they just don`t work well for my prescription (+5.75), but I find that they are so thin and flimsy that, after a few hours, they start to crease up on my eye and become very uncomfortable. I do have relatively dry eyes, but I can wear cheap dailies for ten hours without problems.

By from London, UK on 03.06.2009 16:00

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I`ll stick to Focus Dailies thanks!

I bought these lenses and really wish I had stuck to what I know - I found these really awkward to use as they seem less rigid than other lenses and were constantly turning in on themselves when trying to put them in. I wasted quite a few as they would pop out of my eye when I closed the lid, you have to be really careful to not trap any air behind them when you apply them or off they pop. I didn`t really find my eyes coped any better wearing these than Focus Dailies - so for the frustration they caused I won`t be buying these again.

By from Peterborough on 20.05.2009 12:33

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Wonderful Moist Dailies

These are really fantastic. They last such a long time without that dry feeling. My eyes are not red after wearing them all day.
Wonderful. Worth the money.

By from Unknown location on 20.05.2009 11:28

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Best Dailies I`ve tried!!!

I love Acuvue Moist. Im not usually a fan of dailies cause Im a pain for overwearing my contacts but these really have lasting power.
My visions not great in them but thats my own fault cause I should really wear the ones for astigmatism but if you can get away with it....I find these much more comfortable. Barely notice they`re there!
I do find them more difficult to put in than other lenses however, as they tend to flatten out on your fingertip quite easily, instead of going in your eye!

By from Lancashire on 10.02.2009 01:17

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Can wear for longer than Acuvue non-`Moist`

I switched a while ago to the Moist version because I found with the normal version they would stick to my eyeball by the evening and need loosening, plus my eyes would get a little red and dry. So the Moist version allows me to wear longer into the evening. I recommend them despite the higher price over normal versions.

By from Rickmansworth, Herts on 26.11.2008 10:38

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Very Good

By from London on 17.11.2008 11:06

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