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Will never buy again

They break easily in your hand when you are putting them on; I can feel the lens in my eye at all times and they get dry after a few hours (3-4). They're as cheap as their cost.

By from Unknown location on 08.02.2017 14:43

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FOCUS Daily Aquacomfort PLUS

These lenses are pretty fantastic, never had a problem with them.

By from West Midlands on 27.09.2016 17:27

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most comfortable contact lens

these are the most comfortable contact lenses that i have ever had, and i have been using contact lenses for 35 years now.

By from Unknown location on 11.07.2016 09:58

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Really good lenses. I get slightly dry eyes if I wear lenses for more than 9 hours these are ace I can wear them all day with no issues 7am-10pm

By from Manchester UK on 08.02.2016 14:34

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Comfiest by far

Have tried many lenses and bar far these have been the most comfy, especially at the end of a long day

By from Linco on 21.07.2015 18:18

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Good quality lenses, but...

...they often seem to come out of the peel-off packet inside out. So you put them on your eye and realise the problem, and then have to take them off again and turn them around. By the time you have done this they are a little irritating to the eye when you put them back on again due to lots of handling.
Maybe this is a problem with all lenses though?!

By from Loughborough, UK on 31.03.2015 11:20

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Poor quality lenses

Worst type of contact lenses I have ever tried. I wasn't able to wear them; they did not keep their shape, and were ruined. I'll ask for a refund.
The service was excellent though (I did receive them within 2 days) .

By from Edinburgh on 12.11.2014 08:37

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Highly recommended

Only ever worn monthly's an thought id give daily lenses a try. Don't regret it at all, had no problems, really comfortable, eyes stay fresh all day & they even prevent eyes from itching due to hayfever. Recommend these to anyone

By from Manchester on 26.06.2014 15:32

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Not good for dry eyes

Didn't get on with these at all - suffer from dry eyes & found these deeply uncomfortable after an hour or so. Taking them out involved practically peeling them off my eyeball, also had a nasty incident of getting one stuck under my eyelid. Back to Biofinity for me.

By from Sheffield, UK on 13.04.2014 22:13

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Focus Daily Aquacomfort Plus

I have tried a number of different lenses at various price levels, these have been by far the best, really comfortable all day long

By from Somerset on 11.01.2013 14:50

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Love these lenses

Absolutely love these lenses! No dry eyes, can wear for more than 12 hours. I travel a lot on business and these never cause issues on planes and never dry out no matter how long I am in air conditioned environments. They are the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn, I cannot tell that I'm wearing lenses. I thought I'd try cheaper brand to test other brands and I was so disappointed, wore them for 2 days and had to order these again. Will always stick with these.

By from London on 27.12.2012 17:07

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Great dailies

I have normal to dry eyes and very high preseciptions (-6.0).
Got these dailies to take on safari, and they were very comfortable. I was in windy, sandy, dry condition, and I used for 12 hours each day and they were as comfortable as my permanent lense!
Very great product, will buy again.

By from London on 10.10.2012 11:39

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Dry Climate

I have been using these lenses over a year now, living in a hot and somewhat dusty climate I have found these lenses great in staying moist even after long hours of use. I suffered from dry eyes in the past and since using these lenses haven't had any problems at all. The website is easy to use, delivery is very fast - all in all I am very impressed.

By from Algarve Portugal on 31.08.2012 14:56

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Not for me

These lenses were not for me. Was never sure if I had them in the correct way and they made my eyes very dry after a short period of time. They also split on numerous occasions (from bumping my eye, inserting and taking out!) Will be looking for something else more suitable.

By from London on 25.08.2012 00:19

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Must buy for dry eyes and varied work atmospheres!

As a committed Focus Daily buyer for the past 4 years I took the plunge and decided to buy a 3 month supply of this Aquacomfort version instead - I am 100% happy that I did - I work in media & find myself behind cameras & operating equipment or infront of screens for up to 20 hours a day also in studio environments where there is either A/C running or it gets really hot and dry under warm lights - these lenses kept my eyes moist and comfortable. I also do a lot of long distance driving and had no probs wearing these for up to 13 hours straight - they go the distance! If you like the normal dailies buy these and you'll be even happier! :-)

By from London on 25.04.2012 18:03

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Good lenses for the desert

I've found these lenses to be very comfortable and also robust ( I tend to rub my eyes when in the shower - something that would result in a lost Johnson & Johnson lens) . The main advantage for me is that these lenses fare very well in the dry dusty conditions of Abu Dhabi - where I have had no issues wearing theses lenses in the desert for long stretches at a time.

By from Abu Dhabi, UAE on 26.02.2012 08:49

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if you usually buy the normal focus dailies these are 10 times better

Ok, regular user of the normal focus dailies for 8 years now and they did work but things change i guess. Recently over the past couple of months my eyes changed and they are much dryer than normal, happens every time i wear the normal focus dailies my eyes would become red and itchy i could only wear the contacts for a couple of hours, then i had to take them out. It got so.. frustrating so i stopped wearing them and turned back to my glasses. I done a bit of research on the contacts, and made my purchase i got the Focus Daily Aquacomfort Plus they are honestly 10 times better i don't have the itchy eye syndrome when i wear them and at the end of the day they are as moist as when i first put them in. It pays to research the best lenses for you i work with air conditioning, and lots of dust particles for up to 8 hours a day. Hope this review helps.

By from Glasgow on 13.01.2012 23:01

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Used Focus dailies previously but upgraded to aquacomfort because noticed my eyes were dry. Great ones! Best part is`s speedy service. I ordered it yesterday afternoon and recieved it today! Thank yoou!

By from Scotland on 27.01.2011 15:16

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Very comfortable

Ive changed from focus dailies which irritated me and have found these lenses to be excellent.

By from Leicester on 11.06.2010 13:01

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Awesome - all day moisture

Upgraded from Specsaver Elites (proclear one day) to their new Ultimates which happen to be these!!!!
Amazingly comfortable - can wear them all day compared to the Elites which dried up after about 5 hours max.
Buy Buy Buy

By from Cambridge, UK on 28.04.2010 14:48

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