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Amazing!! I recommend everyone who needs contact lenses to give them a try, they might work for you. I bought only one box because I have the same prescription for both of my eyes. the first pair were gorgeous. However, I noted that the second pair, one of them I can see very clearly but the other not too much, I`m not sure if this is from my eye sight or the left contact lenses, because I can still see clearly with my glasses.
I was wondering, should I replace the left lens with a new one and throw it away?
Editors comment: Please replace the lens left and see if the new fresh lens is any better. Please contact customer support for a replacement lens so that you are not short.

By from Blackburn on 18.05.2014 18:45

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Not great but what do you expect for the price...

I am a backpacker traveling around Canada right now and needed a new supply of lenses and came across these. The price grabbed me and although they had mixed reviews a lot of positive ones swayed me. Initially they are very comfortable and for the first few days i was very happy. but very soon they became dry and uncomfortable, there is nothing worse than being out and about and your eyes are feeling irritable. also they are very fragile, I have ripped 4 of them now and i assure you i have been very carful with lenses. overall i am not very impressed and will now have to find some over here in Canada :(

By from Wiltshire on 06.05.2014 04:41

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Suprisingly Brilliant

I have worn these lenses now for over a year and my partner has recently changed from her standard �20 a month lenses to these.
All I can say to everyone is to try them, I was so surprised by how comfortable they are, how long you can wear them before dryness and blurred vision occurs (easily 10-12 hours). I will never ever use any other lens as long as these lenses are around, they are a fantastic product which at the price you cant really go wrong!
The only thing I would point out is they are quite a fragile lens, I have torn quite a few cleaning and storing them, it may just be me being heavy handed though!

By from Unknown location on 27.03.2014 23:03

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I decided to try these as like everyone else my budget is taking a hit at the moment I was paying �13 p/m for lenses that were okay but after 8 hours wear had to come out. I bought these ones just to try and received 6 months supply for �14!! Not only that but they are incredible. They go in and come out easier, they let through more oxygen and if you fall asleep do not fuse to your eyeballs. I have worn these for 16 hours without eyedrops. My new lens of choice.

By from Alloa, UK on 27.03.2014 17:17

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Love them! Great Value!

I work mostly 12 & 16 hour shifts & I've had no problem with them holding up the entire time. They are very comfortable, I think they are even more comfortable than other 'name' brands. I have not had any trouble with them tearing. This is my 3rd time ordering them. Excellent value.

By from Louisiana, United States on 15.03.2014 13:34

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Great lenses!

Tried these after my current lenses became discontinued. For a budget lens they are amazing. I have dry eyes and I find them very comfortable to wear, sometimes for 14 hours a day! They last well and I've not had any issues with quality. A fantastic buy.

By from London on 23.02.2014 13:21

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Cheap price, and good , but they don`t let lots of oxygen through

I`ve been using these for a while and found they were fine. The price is truly amazing.
When I visited my optician he was concerned as he had never heard of them. A key parameter is the DK value. This is the amount of oxygen they let through to the eye. Too little oxygen and blood vessels can start growing that can eventually blind you.
Daily lenses typically have a DK value of 9. These monthly lenses have a DK value of 20. For reference, Biofinity Silicon monthly lenses have a value of 110.
So, they are cheap but don`t let lots of oxygen through, and as I have dry eyes, I`m not going to risk my eye sight, so am going back to silicon lenses.
I`d rather pay more and not risk my eyesight.
Editors Comment: Crystal Monthly have a DK of 20, in common with other brand name monthly lenses with this material i.e Biomedics 55, Soflens 59. One day lenses do NOT have a low DK of 9, but are commonly 20 DK and up i.e soflens 1 day is 20 DK.
All research shows that this level of oxygen transmission is totally safe for daily wear up to 16 hours a day.
It is mainly lenses that contain silicone that have high DK levels, and these are primarily used for overnight wear, or for those customers that have particularly high oxygen requirements - or have had previous problems with, as mentioned above blood vessel growth.
The DK level has no influence on dry eyes - in fact the higher the silicone level, the worse they can be for dry eyes, as silicone is essentially a hydrophobic material.

By from Edinburgh on 14.02.2014 13:20

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Like many others, I wanted to try these lenses because of the low price combined with the many good reviews.
Unfortunately that was an error. These lenses were, for me, bad in every possible way.
They are very flimsy and hard to put on.
They are very ``scratchy`` to the eyes.
My eyes get tired after a few hours of wearing them.
But most importantly, the gave me the worst `red eye` ever. On at least two occasions my eyes started bothering me during the day, but I couldn`t remove the lenses because I was at work. By the end of the day, my eyes were incredibly bloodshot and strained and I couldn`t stand bright lights. On both occasions the redness was so bad that it took two days to subside. I have been wearing lenses for 8 years and my eyes are not sensitive, but I have never had as big problems as all that.
I would strongly urge against using these lenses.
Editors Comment - We are sorry to hear you couldn`t get on with these lenses. I have asked our customer support team to contact you with an offer of a refund. They should be in contact shortly.

By from London on 03.02.2014 12:44

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pleasantly surprised!

I was sceptical because of my sensitive eyes and the price of these, but fingers crossed,so far, they're great. A little dry after 8 hours of screen work under air con but thats something I've never been able to get away from. Great paired with Bauch & Lomb multi purpose solution, give em a go!

By from Brighton on 29.01.2014 08:39

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Great value, great product

Very comfortable to wear. Great value.
Made in China, I was abit hesitant to try at the start. So I purchased just a few. 12 months on and I'm still using this brand. I regularly do check ups with optometrist, and my eyes are healthy.
Items are legit and sterile.
I highly recommend.

By from Australia on 21.01.2014 13:05

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Awful lenses

I tried these because of the reviews. But I find after wearing them for only an hour my eyes are stinging and I have blurred vision. I am now going back to my old lenses.

By from Northumberland, UK on 15.01.2014 13:17

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blurred vision , headaches , sore eyes and general poor performance. couldn't ware them for more than 2 hrs.

By from East on 13.01.2014 18:56

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best value of money

I wear contact lenses 20 years the crystal monthly none difference from all the big brands.
and you pay just 8.00 pounds if you have the same Power (Sph) on both eyes.
and the best part they don't even charge the delivery..

By from Unknown location on 13.01.2014 14:29

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I did not expect it

I use those lenses for a year now and I can recommend them, as I think there's no difference between those and other brands I have used before. I would only recommend wearing them for 6-10 hours a day, because after few months of using this lenses quite often (I was wearing them for more than 12 hours somethimes!) you may have redness or dry eyes, but I think it's quite common with other brands of lenses as well. I will order more of them.

By from Coventry, UK on 09.01.2014 19:19

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Get more for your money!!!

I have been using Acuvue 2 and Advance for 7 years now, and purchased a year supply of these chancing it a couple weeks ago. I have always been one to have problems with my eyes getting dry during normal use or after overnight use. I received these in the mail and put a pair in as soon as I could get my other ones out to see what I had bought! They are very comfortable, stay moist better, and seem to be as well as any other brand I have bought! So 2 or 3 times the contacts for the same price! Makes money makes sense!

By from Fairmont, WV USA on 04.01.2014 10:25

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Good value

Didn't expect much for that price... How wrong I was: very pleased with them! Use to wear Acuvue Oasys and Crystal Monthly are better and cheaper. Definetely will order again.

By from Scotland on 01.01.2014 19:49

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I used to get my lenses from Specsavers for roughly �20 a month but they irritated my eyes so I decided to shop about, these are by far better than the ones I used to wear. My eyes are happier and my purse is too! Would definately recommend.

By from Leeds, UK on 23.12.2013 13:01

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Good value

On a daily basis these lenses are pretty good and I have just ordered another batch. My only real problem with these lenses was when I was on holiday in Florida! They dried out so quickly due to the humidity and I just had to make sure I had eye drops with me and I wore glasses in the evening. I will order my previous brand for going to Florida next year so I don't face this problem again.

By from Scotland on 20.12.2013 14:26

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Fell to pieces on my finger!

No reflection on contact, as the service was excellent, but 3 out of 6 of these lenses split on the end of my finger as soon as I took them out of the pack - and that was within 5 minutes of receiving them! I haven't even bothered to open the other 3. Don't waste your time or money - avoid!!!!

By from Yorkshire on 13.11.2013 15:29

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Well worth the money

Fantastic bargain, just as good as any expensive lens. Really comfortable. Definitely recommend these. Thank you :)

By from County Durham on 24.09.2013 00:23

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