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Great balance of cost and comfort

I've previously worn the regular version of Crystal lenses, but my optician had advised more permeable lens material to allow more oxygen through.
I've now worn these for a month and the comfort and reduction in eye redness/dryness was very quick.
There are better lenses out there which would help make putting them in a little easier, but I think these are overall the best value I've tried so far.

By from London, UK on 19.10.2013 10:37

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100% Happy - Very good lens

My eyes have tears which evaporate quickly and my daysoft 58% water daily disposable lens from the optician are ok for the first two hours then become itchy and leave a red ring. Having worn contact lens for over 20 years I found these to be the best I�ve tryed. After putting them on I could not feel them on the eye and they were very comfortable, no blurry vision or feel greasy on the eye and felt comfortable all day. Happy with my choice of lens and would highly recommend them. After careful considering alternative lens it seems price is not a guide to quality. Delivery was quick and was a smooth transaction from contactlenses (Thankyou).

By from Nottingham on 12.10.2013 15:18

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fantastic value

Bought these as a cheaper alternative to acuvue moist. I have been wearing lenses every day for 25 years, so i have a fair amount of experience with different brands. For the price i thought like other reviewers it was worth a gamble, but i am very pleased i did! I was sold on hydro as they are made from the same material as acuvue moist, so thought the couple of extra pounds was worth spending above the standard crystal lenses. I thought they might be thinner, and so more inclined to rip, crumple or flatten, but the quality seems very similar. There is no right way indicator (123), but you can tell from the curvature which is right. Vision seems very clear, and comfort long term is very good. I had a slight issue with one lens, which felt like there was inconsistencies in the quality, but i have this once every few hundred lens with acuvue anyway. They are less than half the price i was paying for acuvue, and as always they arrived REALLY fast! I'm so pleased i tried this :)

By from Sussex on 22.09.2013 09:41

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Fantastic lenses!

I ordered these lenses as a cheap alternative to my current lenses. They came the next day (even though I didn't pay for express post) and I am really happy with them. I have problems with dry eyes and have had issues with many lenses in the past. These ones have been fantastic. Really comfortable even at the end of the day. I would highly recommend this product.
You just need to make sure that the lens is not inside out before you put them on (you can do this by looking at the curvature of the lens when it is on your finger). They are really soft and so it is surprisingly easy to put them on inside out.

By from London, UK on 19.09.2013 16:35

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Great for the price

I have worn these all day at work for the past week with no problems at all (vision is a touch blurry but think this is just me and not reflective of the lenses). Have tried other more expensive brands as I suffer terribly from dry eyes, and this is the best I have found - and cheap too! I almost forget I'm wearing them, and I've been wearing them from 7-7pm most days. A real find!

By from Essex on 03.09.2013 14:30

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Surprisingly good

I suffer badly from dry eyes and only wear contact lenses when doing active sports, so with trepidation I took a flyer on a couple of boxes of these before we go on holiday. I've used 1-day Acuvue TruEye up to now but they are very expensive at �29.50 a box, versus �9.75/box for these. Given the difference in price, my expectations were relatively low, but given it's less than �20 for 2 boxes (versus almost �60 for the Acuvue) I thought it worth a gamble. Well, I am very pleased I took the chance. Received them this morning and wore them in front of the computer for about 5 hours. They were much floppier than the Acuvues and so took several attempts to get them into my eye. I found that letting them dry a little on my finger helped them shape up and firm up enough to get them to transfer onto my eye. Once in though, they are just as comfortable as the Acuvues and vision is great. Recommended. Will post another review once back from holiday if I remember.

By from London, UK on 22.08.2013 16:59

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