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fast, super fast and saved me �40

I ordered contact lenses Friday (yesterday) at around 11 am, expecting them to arrive on Monday. But they've arrived at 8.10 am this Saturday morning.
I have gone for cheaper contacts (don't know how good they'll be) but i have saved about �40 from other sites, i have gone for cheap lenses though.
Really happy I don't have to wear my glasses this weekend!

By from London, UK on 21.06.2014 08:24

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Lovely colour, but printed letters on the lenses?

Love the colour of these (have been using the FL colourblends & love them), but when I opened up the box there are black(?) letters printed on each lens. Not good enough on a light-coloured lens. No way I can wear them so unfortunately they are going back.

By from Glasgow on 29.01.2014 15:57

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Great colours and vision correction

Lovely colours and they look natural but striking at the same time. I have been getting the lilac ones for years (they last ages if you look after them properly) and people always comment on how nice they look. I have also tried the green and light blue ones and these look really natural but also obviously and realistically change eye colour. My natural colour is greeny-brown and these lenses both complement and alter my eye colour. If you know your prescription they correct vision just as well as ordinary contacts.

By from Manchester, UK on 20.02.2013 17:49

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Happy with the product

Ive recently purchased freshlook colors lenses in blue colour. My natural colour is darker hazelnut brown. I can see clearly with them and colourwise they look natural and colour really pop out. My eyes look almost like baby blue with them so im happy with the product. The slightest thing what could be improved is that iris could be lined with little bit darker blue colour to make eyes stand out and it would be 100%. Otherwise im very happy bunny :) il try sapphire colour next time. Also big plus for super fast delivery, thank you.

By from Nottingham on 14.04.2012 09:55

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The colours are nice..that's about the only positive thing I can say.
I could not see out of them, the pupil holes are not big enough and my vision was blurred.
They dry out after about an hour, to the point of almost screwing up in my eye!
Waste of time and money for me I am affraid.

By from West Yorkshire on 29.12.2011 15:42

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Check out the sapphire blue

I have dark brown eyes and these are the only contact lenses that completely change my eyes to a noticeable blue.
I would not say they are natural looking but I wasn't looking for a natural look.
They are brilliant!!

By from Crewe, UK on 06.10.2011 22:01

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love the violet lenses

I am having a problem with the coloured lenses I notice they seem to tear very easily compared to the clear lenses I am treating them the exact same so I am only getting a few wears out of them. Apart from this I love the Freshlook colous Violet lenses my eyes are gray they are noticable without being too obvious I got loads of compliments when I am wearing them, Also arrive very quickly after ordered Free P and P excellent Editors comment: If you would like any help or advice on handling your lenses or trying to make them last longer please have a word with one of our customer service team, they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

By from Glasgow uk on 17.09.2011 12:17

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These Don't Work, Don't Buy Them.

Two days ago I ordered a pair or blue contact lenses. It states that it covers dark brown eyes. Which it doesn't. I tried some of the exact ones on at the opticians and they worked perfectly but not these ones. VERY disappointed. I shall be asking for a refund promptly.

By from Kent, England on 26.08.2011 21:35

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I`d rate this item -5!

I am totally disappointed. They are uncomfortable to wear, have very unnatural painted look, and finally they have FL letters printed on - it`s absolute nonsense!
Editors Note: Sorry to hear you found these uncomfortable. The FL lettering is an inside out indicator and is not normally visible once the lens is in the eye.

By from London on 08.07.2011 12:38

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Misty Grey Contacts

I was slightly skeptical that the grey lenses would make a dramatic difference to my dark green eyes but they do! They looked a pale grey and I am amazed at how natural (yet striking) they look. I will definitely try other colours although I WISH they would create one that would make dark frog green coloured eyes look aqua!!!

By from UK on 15.03.2011 20:35

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Do not work on light brown eyes

Ordered blue lenses. These hardly change the colour of eyes and my eyes are light hazel! Very different than in examples.

By from Isle of Wight, UK on 26.12.2010 15:00

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Sapphire Lenses

Absolutely stunning, i have very dark brown eyes but these lenses made them perfectly blue and sparkly, would definitely recommend!

By from Essex on 29.11.2010 20:00

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Not good for brown eyes!

I usually order grey coloured lenses in the Colourblends range but thought I`d try something different. I ordered green in the Freshlook colours range after reading the reviews but was disappointed. I have medium brown eyes and they barely showed up. It made my eyes look as though they had a medical problem! Great service from this site though!

By from Kent, UK on 02.06.2010 14:39

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Excellent product for dark eyes

I have very large dark blue eyes and have tried other coloured contacts which haven`t altered the colour much, if at all. These, on the other hand, are superb for people with very dark eyes. The sapphire`s give my eyes an unnaturally blue glow which draws compliments, whilst the greens look very natural and completely change my look. Excellent product, have just ordered more!

By from London, UK on 09.02.2010 11:16

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Having done lots of research and browsing on lenses i decided to take the plunge and try some. Having dark brown eyes i was sceptical to say the least about opting for the saphire blue lenses from freshlook colours range. Believe me these are fantastic. Extremely natural looking, even close up. For darker eyes this range gets the thumbs up.

By from The Midlands on 20.01.2010 16:46

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I recommend =]

I bought the lenses because I tried Freshlook Colorblends and I discovered my eyes are too dark so I bought these Opaque lenses.
Colour - Blue
Pros: Comfortable, Surprisingly natural looking, Could not see any of my natural eye colour even around the iris
Cons: The colour is nothing like the photos on the internet infact its more of a grey colour than a blue colour and since these are for dark eyes I was hoping the colour would be right.

By from Sapporo, Japan on 08.07.2009 15:01

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Fantastic lenses :)

I`ve worn contact lenses for five years now, coloured lenses for two, and these are by far the best lenses I`ve ever used. I used to wear the Sapphire Blue lenses from a slightly different Freshlook range, and whilst they concealed my dark brown eyes very well, the glaring hue was not the most natural of colours. These lenses look lovely; they blend in with my eyes rather than try to cover them completely. I`ve had so many compliments! I`ve had green and purple so far... I think grey may be my next stop :) I cannot recommend these enough.

By from Cardiff, UK on 06.07.2009 13:11

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Does exactly what it says on the tin, turns dark eyes blue (with sapphire). Comfortable, and not blurry - the colour does not encroach on the pupil as some other brands do.

By from Cambridge on 04.06.2009 16:00

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Excellent lenses

These lenses are the best lenses I have tried. My eyes are blue already but these make them so bright and a really nice blue. I get so many compliments when I wear them. I would highly recommend them and I will definitely be buying them again.

By from Birmingham on 13.05.2009 20:23

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I was very hesitant on buying my lenses via the internet, but WOAW I am very pleased with them. They are more comfortable to wear than those from optician, and the bonus the colour is lovely. i recommend these to anyone.

By from UK on 08.05.2009 16:45

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