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Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

Can People with Dark Eyes Wear Contact Lenses? If you have dark or brown eyes you can definitely use coloured contact lenses to change your eye colour. Coloured contact lenses are very popular with people with dark eyes, you can choose to change your eye colour completely or simply enhance your natural colour.

Although coloured contact lenses often appear sharper on people with light-coloured eyes, with the increased rage and availability of coloured contact lenses, it’s never been a better time to experiment with your eye colour.

There are coloured contacts that will suit almost any eye colour so whatever your original eye colour go ahead, experiment and have fun.

In this post, we’ll explore everything brown-eyed people should know when shopping for coloured contacts.

Brown Eyes

How To Choose Coloured Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

Not all coloured contact lenses are the same, some are definitely more suitable for dark eyes than others. Coloured contact lenses are often split into groups

1. Opaque Coloured Lenses

Freshlook Colors opaque contact lenses

Opaque contacts offer the most complete eye colour change, as the name implies they are non transparent so if you have dark eyes and want to wear coloured lenses, then you should look for the word “opaque” in the lenses’ description. Freshlook colors are a great example of opaque coloured contacts and are specifically designed to cover darker coloured eyes so if you want to change your brown eyes to blue, these are the ones to go for.

One potential drawback of using opaque contacts, however, is that they can make your eyes stand out more than usual. If this is the case, then you might consider trying enhancer lenses or a different opaque lens brand until you find the style you want.

2. Enhancement Tinted Contact Lenses

Freshlook Colorblends enhancement contact lenses

Enhancement tints are great at enhancing the dark eyes, as the name suggests they do not completely block out your natural eye colour but can offer dramatic transformation or subtle enhancement. Freshlook Colorblends are a great example of enhancement contact lenses and can offer complete eye colour change for lighter coloured eyes and beautifully enhance darker eye shades.

The Best Coloured Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

We are proud to offer a wide variety of coloured and special effects contact lenses sure to add some spice to your daily routine. To accommodate all eye brown eyes and blue eyes and every shade in between, we have both opaque and enhancer lenses in a wide range of colours, available for daily wear, monthly wear and even extended wear.

If you want coloured contact lenses solely for cosmetic purposes, however, you will still need a prescription and contact lens fitting, to make sure your eyes are healthy and to determine the correct fit of a contact lens, your contact lens fitting will also include a handling session so once you get your lenses in your eye you will also be able to get them out.

Coloured contact lenses need the same care and attention as regular contact lenses This means throwing lenses away once they pass their expiration date, only washing lenses in pre-approved solution, and taking out your contact lenses before showering, swimming, and sleeping. The NHS has a great quick guide to contact lens care, if you want more information about the insertion or removal of contact lenses or contact lenses in general then check out our contact lens related article.

If you want to change your eye colour completely the best coloured contact lenses for brown eyes are Freshlook Colors, these a monthly wear lens that needs removing, cleaning and storing every evening and is thrown away after 1 month, they are opaque lenses offering 6 beautiful colour choices.

Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes     Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes     Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes     Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes     Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes     Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

Freshlook Colors Colour Range

If you want to enhance your natural eye colour then you can't go far wrong with Freshlook Colorblends, they too are monthly wear contact lenses that come in an amazing 12 colours, which one will you choose?

If you don't like the idea of removing, storing and cleaning your lenses every night then check out the Freshlook One Day contact lenses, they are an enhancer lens designed to be worn daily, so although you must remove them every evening, you do not have to store or clean them but simply throw them out.

They are not opaque but can enhance dark eyes, they are a little more expensive than monthly lenses but so convenient and healthier for your eyes, and come in four colours.

If you are looking for a silicone hydrogel coloured contact lens then check out  Air Optix Colors they are available in 9 beautiful colours and allow a high flow of oxygen through the contact lenses. AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses are comfortable on the eye and enhance light or dark eyes, with a completely natural look.

Special effect contact lenses work great on brown eyes as they are opaque so cover all original eye colour, they offer a dramatic eye change and are available in crazy designs or a coloured contact lens with a wow factor.

Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes    Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes    Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes    Best Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

A Sample Of Crazy Fx Coloured Contact Lens Range

Brown Eyes Are Beautiful and Amazing

Did you know that everyone technically has brown eyes? It’s true! 

The only thing that differentiates people’s eye colours is the amount of melanin that’s in the irises. As you may already know, melanin is a brown pigment that can also be found in the skin and hair. So, technically what you’re seeing when you see different “eye colours” is really a different amount of light refracted out of the eyes. 

Our genes heavily determine the amount of melanin in our eyes. Amazingly, close to 80 percent of the global population has brown eyes, and close to 100 percent of people with African and, or, Asian genes develop this eye colour. For some odd reason, only people of European descent tend to develop rare eye colours such as blue, green, or grey.  

One benefit of having brown eyes is that they can block out more UV rays compared with light coloured eyes. Even more strangely, people with blue eyes seem to have a genetic predisposition to alcohol dependency. 

This doesn’t mean, however, brown-eyed people can leave their sunglasses at home and drink all night. Believe it or not, recent research suggests brown-eyed people have a higher chance of developing cataracts compared to people with blue eyes.   

Interested in learning even more fun facts about eye colour? If so, check out this fascinating post on our Education portal. 

Here is the official link to our coloured lenses catalogue. For those who want special effects contact lenses for the Halloween season, we have cosplay and halloween for you.

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 26 Jun 2017, Last modified: 20 May 2024