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Can I lose a Contact Lens in my Eye?

Can I lose a Contact Lens in my Eye?

27 Jan 2020

Sometimes people worry that their contact lenses could permanently get lost in their eyeballs. Although a contact lens could get stuck behind the upper eyelid, it's physically impossible for a contact lens to get "lost" in a person's eye.

The reason this is impossible has to do with a thin lining known as conjunctiva. Read more about how to retrieve a contact lens under your eyelid and an answer to the question 'Can I go to Bed with a contact lens stuck under my eyelid?'

Disposable monthly contact lenses

Disposable monthly contact lenses

26 Jan 2020

Monthly disposable lenses (or 30 Day Contact Lenses) are one type of lens that you may want to try. These are designed to be worn during the day and removed at night for cleaning and storage.

After 30 days, they should be thrown away and a new pair used. This ensures that the lenses never get a build-up of dirt, debris and minerals, helping to keep your eyes healthy. Read more about the pros and cons of monthly replacement contact lenses.

Can you  Wear Contact lenses in the pool?

Can you Wear Contact lenses in the pool?

25 Jan 2020

The short answer is NO. Swimming with contact lenses on your eyes can result in health problems ranging from irritation to permanent blindness. Chemicals, organisms, microbes, bacteria and/or viruses can absorb in to or attach to the lenses and cause these problems.

Why are eye care professionals so strict on this no-water policy? Keep reading and you’ll discover why it’s so important for you to keep your contacts as far from water as possible.