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Everyfocal Lenses Explained

What Are Everyfocal Lenses

EVERYFOCAL is a new Free-form patent concept for multifocal lens designs. It provides a single vision viewing experience that delivers multifocal performance.

Everyfocal lenses was based on the eyes natural movement from far, distance, and close to, after extensive studies of eye-lens ergonomics, frame shapes, lens designs, and fitting height, providing seamless vision correction, with no adaption period.

Who Should Wear Everyfocal Lenses

Everyfocal lenses have been designed for people suffering from presbyopia. The chances are that as you approach or exceed the age of 40 you will begin to notice the signs of presbyopia, such as blurred vision, tired eyes, eye strain, or headaches, and you will find it harder and harder to focus on printed words in books, menus, and magazines, especially in dim light and with smaller text. This is because as we age so does our physiology, and the elasticity of the lens at the back of the eye wears out and it becomes more rigid.

Everyfocal lenses are suitable for anyone who is currently wearing multifocal or progressive lenses and anyone who has just been diagnosed with presbyopia and needs multifocal or progressive glasses.

What Are The Benefits Of Everyfocal Lenses

Everyfocal lenses provide natural comfortable vision for all activities, you can perform all your daily lifestyle activities, reading, walking, watching TV, and just enjoying life, with natural clear vision. The no adaptation period allows you to enjoy your new glasses immediately and gives you the feeling that you are wearing single vision lenses, but with the performance of multifocal glasses

Benefits Of Everyfocal Lenses Compared To Progressive Lenses

Everyfocal lenses

How Is EVERYFOCAL Different Than Regular Progressive Lenses

Regular progressive and multifocal lens designs have an hourglass shape with a wide distance field towards the top and a very narrow intermediate distance in the middle widening again to a slightly wider near portion towards the bottom (see image above).

EVERYFOCAL designs have a funnel shape that begins rim to rim in the distance and gradually decreases to the bottom of the frame. Because the intermediate and near zones are wider than a regular progressive lens the eye moves effortlessly through these zones eliminating the distorted peripheral vision that occurs with regular progressives.

EVERYFOCAL lenses are based on the eye’s natural movement from far distance, to close near, so a fitting height measurement isn’t essential, as this has been accommodated and calculated within the design of the lens algorithms, eliminating the need for an adaptation period.

Everyfocals may be the new lenses on the block but they are expected to catch on fast as they help anyone new to progressive lenses to transition without the normal 2 week adaptation period. 

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 6 Feb 2024, Last modified: 20 May 2024