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Why it’s very handy to have Prescription Sunglasses

A worthy investment

Useful prescription sunglasses

Are you one of the millions of people worldwide who rely on prescription eyewear to go about your daily life? If you are, you may have wondered if it is worth buying prescription sunglasses. The short answer is a resounding yes. Not only do prescription sunglasses offer significant benefits, but they can also be a major part of keeping your eye health in check and comfort. Here's why:

Why Prescription Sunglasses Are Useful

Prescription sunglasses offer clear, corrected vision in sunny outdoor conditions, a big advantage not provided by regular prescription eyewear. They correct your vision whilst also protecting your eyes from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Exposure to UV radiation over time can lead to conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration, which significantly impact vision.

Some wearers find going in and out of darker places, like shops, restaurants etc means removing their sunglasses, if you are wearing prescription sunglasses this can cause a problem, do you want to see clearly outside or inside? With transition lenses you can do both, they will darken in the sunlight and lighten to no, or virtually no tint in darker places.
The other options are fit-overs - these are slightly oversized sunglasses that you can wear over your regular prescription glasses or flip-ups, also called clip-ons - these are sunglasses that attach to your regular prescription glasses that you can flip up if you enter a darker place, these options provide great sun protection whilst allowing you to have corrected vision both in the sun and indoors.

A recent study showed that people with cortical lens opacities had a 21% higher UV-B exposure at each year of life than people without these opacities. A doubling in lifetime UV-B exposure led to a 60% increase in the risk of cortical cataracts, and those with a high annual UV-B exposure increased their risk of cortical cataracts over threefold.

Prescription sunglasses can also help you with the discomfort you might experience when shifting from a bright outdoor environment to a dim indoor setting. This way you don’t have to be constantly juggling between glasses and non-prescription sunglasses.

Is It Worth Buying Prescription Sunglasses?

Without a shadow of a doubt, prescription sunglasses are a worthwhile investment. As described above, they offer both benefits of corrective lenses and sun protection. But these also provide improved visual comfort by reducing glare, which is very useful when doing outdoor activities or sports.

The big benefit of prescription sunglasses is that they are now more affordable and accessible than ever, thanks to advancements in lens technology and increased competition, especially among internet retailers.

What Are the Darkest Prescription Sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses come in a wide range of tints and polarisations to meet different needs and preferences. However, if you're looking for the darkest option, you might want to consider grey or brown tints, which are often available in a gradient of shades up to a darkness level of 80-90%. These tints offer maximum glare reduction and usually the highest level of UV protection.

It's worth noting that the darkness of the lens does not mean better UV protection. It's the quality of the UV coating on the lens that offers the most protection, so you need to make sure that your prescription sunglasses provide you with 100% UV protection. 

Is There a Transition Period?

While there's no real transition period when it comes to prescription sunglasses, some users might go through an adjustment phase, especially if they're first-time wearers of any prescription eyewear. You might need some time to get used to them, and even more so if there's a significant prescription strength difference between your regular glasses and your prescription sunglasses.

Where Can I Get Prescription Sunglasses?

Buying prescription sunglasses is easier than ever, with an endless amount of online and physical retailers offering a huge range of options. Among all your possible choices, we believe we stand out for our comprehensive range of eyewear and commitment to customer satisfaction.

On our website, you can find prescription sunglasses that fit your needs perfectly. Whether you're looking for a specific brand, a particular style, or the darkest tint, we provide a hassle-free shopping experience right from the comfort of your home. We are one of the best online glasses retailer in the UK and worldwide according to over 15000 customer reviews with a rating of 4.8 out of 5. 

To summarise, prescription sunglasses are not just for convenience; they are really an essential tool for keeping your optimal eye health in check and for your visual comfort. Make the investment today - your eyes will appreciate it. 

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 18 Jul 2023, Last modified: 20 May 2024