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8 Spring Eyewear Trends You'll Love

What Eyewear Trends Are Coming In Spring?

As the beautiful blossoms of spring begin to unfold, so do the latest eyewear trends. This season, eyewear designers have unveiled an array of options that cater to both fashion enthusiasts and practical wearers… so you can see the world around you, and see how cool you look, whilst keeping up with the latest trends! Don’t let your style get left behind! From bold shapes to vibrant colours, the 2024 spring eyewear trends are all about making a statement whilst allowing you to see in style!

1. Oversized Elegance

Offering a blend of sophistication, make a statement with your glasses, and to make the look even bolder… opt for a pop of colour, if you're going big or going home with the size of your glasses, you may as well go bigger with the colour too! These attention-grabbing frames radiate glamour… you can choose from a range of shapes, from square to round or even abstract options… whatever your heart desires!

Glasses trends Spring 2024

2. Playful Tinted Lenses

Inject a burst of colour into your spring ensemble with fun tinted lenses. From soft pinks and lavender to bold blues and yellows, tinted lenses add a playful twist to your eyewear collection… add a touch of mystery to your look! You are sure to turn heads and infuse your look with a sense of playfulness… maybe this isn’t the lens you'd want to opt for to just be in the house or a darker room but is most certainly great for being in the bright outdoors!

3. Geometric Frames

Geometric frames offer a modern and innovative aesthetic. Shapes like hexagons and octagons add an edgy touch to your outfit, while circular frames provide a more retro-inspired look… who’s to say you can only have one pair? If your style isn’t consistent… why should your glasses have to be too?! Combine these unique shapes with metallic touches for a futuristic look that perfectly captures the vibes of the season. Match your glasses of the day to your outfit of the day!

4. Transparent Delight

Translucent frames are a winner, embracing minimalism with a hint of quirkiness. Whether in pale neutrals or bold jewel tones, these frames allow your eyes to take the spotlight, while making your overall appearance captivating! They compliment any outfit, making them a versatile addition to your eyewear collection… if buying more than one pair of glasses isn’t in your budget, this would be a great option as you just can't go wrong!

5. Sustainable Choices

Eco-conscious gurus will be delighted to know that sustainable eyewear options are gaining popularity this spring… after all, sustainability is IN, so doing what you can and where you can, is a great way to make a difference to the environment even if it is something as small as making eco-friendly spec choices! From frames made of recycled materials to biodegradable acetate, ethical eyewear choices both look great and are environmentally friendly. You'll not only look great but also contribute to a greener planet.

6. Cat-Eye Renaissance

The timeless cat-eye silhouette is experiencing its comeback this spring, offering a blend of vintage charm with a modern twist. Whether you opt for a more subtle design or a dramatic shape, cat-eye frames complement a variety of face shapes and enhance your natural features. This trend is perfect for those seeking a touch of retro elegance in their spring wardrobe… this isn’t a style for everyone, but if you can pull this one off… take it and run with it!

7. Sporty Aviators

Aviator specs are offering bolder and more angular designs perfect for this season. These classic frames are perfect for people who appreciate a mix of functionality and style. Aviators effortlessly suit casual outings to outdoor adventures or just everyday wear, making them a must-have for your spring eyewear collection… these seem to be a style that isn’t going anywhere any time soon, it's always a great option that suits most people!

8. Sculptural Statement Pieces

Sculptural statement eyewear is a trend to get on board with. These avant-garde frames push the boundaries of traditional eyewear design, perfect if you're looking to have something that strays from the average, featuring bold shapes, unconventional angles, and unexpected materials. Embrace this trend if you're looking to make a fashion statement that showcases your unique personality… you might absolutely fall in love with a pair that you didn’t even know could exist!

Spruce up your spring style with the perfect pair of specs to uplift your looks! There's a trend to suit every taste and preference… upgrade your specs to upgrade your style today! There's nothing boring about this season’s trends and there should be nothing boring about your wardrobe too! Express yourself and liven up that wardrobe of yours today! So, step into spring with confidence, knowing that your eyewear not only protects your eyes but also reflects your personality and style! 

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 17 Oct 2023, Last modified: 20 May 2024