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Are Daily Lenses more Expensive than other Lenses?

17 Jul 2019

Thanks to technological advances daily disposable lenses have become increasingly common and very affordable for the average contact lens wearer.

Are Contact Lenses more Expensive than Glasses?

Are Contact Lenses more Expensive than Glasses?

14 Jan 2020

One question that often comes up when trying to decide between contact lenses and eyeglasses is the cost. Many people wonder if contacts cost less over time than conventional prescription glasses. The answer is somewhat complex and depends on your specific circumstances. On average, however, contacts tend to be a little more expensive than traditional eyeglasses (over time).

Can I nap with my contact lenses in?

17 Jul 2019

Can I have a nap with my contacts in? Never wear contacts to bed.

Can you Wear Contact lenses in the pool?

17 Jul 2019

Can I swim in a Swimming Pool with Contacts in?The short answer is NO.

Can Contact Lenses Fall Out?

17 Jul 2019

Can Contact Lenses Fall Out? Contact lenses are designed to fit perfectly in your eyes.

What happens if you cry with contacts in?

5 Jan 2020

The Cons Of Crying With Contact Lenses & What You Could Do About It So if you’re a contact lens wearer that loves weepy Hallmark films, then we’ve got good news: there’s nothing wrong with having a good cry while wearing your lenses.

Can I lose a Contact Lens in my Eye?

17 Jul 2019

Sometimes people worry that their contact lenses could permanently get lost in their eyeballs.

Can barbecues melt contact lenses?

17 Jul 2019

Watching charcoal burn in a barbecue grill will not melt your contact lenses.