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What does Asian Fit mean?

Asian Fit Glasses Explained

Finding the perfect pair of glasses to suit your needs, compliment your facial features and go with your style is essential for feeling the most comfortable and like yourself when you're wearing your glasses! The term ‘Asian fit’ in glasses has in recent years grown in popularity for addressing the facial features of individuals of Asian descent, where the ‘average’ pair of glasses may be uncomfortable and not suitable for Asian features on a person. One size fits all is definitely not a term that can be applied to glasses, however there is definitely something for everyone and no one has to go without! Here’s a rundown of what ‘Asian fit’ really means and what gasses may look like that makes them different to non ‘Asian fit’ glasses…

The Diversity of Facial Features

The term "Asian Fit" acknowledges the diversity within the Asian population and caters to the specific facial characteristics that may differ from those of other ethnicities. These differences can include a lower nose bridge, higher cheekbones, and a flatter facial profile. Traditional eyewear designs often fail to accommodate these features, leading to discomfort, slipping glasses, and impaired vision due to improper alignment.

Asian fit glasses

Key Features of Asian Fit Glasses

  • Nose Bridge Design: One of the most notable differences in Asian Fit glasses is the modified nose bridge design. These glasses feature a lower and wider nose bridge, providing a secure fit that prevents sliding down the nose.
  • Nose Pad Adjustments: Adjustable nose pads are a hallmark of Asian Fit glasses. These pads allow wearers to customize the fit to their unique nose shape and bridge height, ensuring the glasses stay in place comfortably.
  • Reduced Frame Slippage: With the combination of a modified nose bridge and adjustable nose pads, Asian Fit glasses significantly reduce frame slippage, allowing wearers to engage in various activities without constantly readjusting their eyewear.
  • Curved Temples: The temples (arms) of Asian Fit glasses are often designed with a slight curve that conforms better to the head shape, providing a secure fit without causing discomfort behind the ears.
  • Wider Lens Diameter: To accommodate the wider facial structure often found in Asian individuals, Asian Fit glasses may feature slightly larger lens diameters, allowing for better coverage and a more proportionate look.

The Comfort Factor

Asian Fit glasses prioritize comfort without sacrificing style. By acknowledging the unique facial features and making necessary adjustments, wearers can enjoy eyewear that feels like a natural extension of their face. No longer will discomfort or constant adjustments be a hindrance to everyday life.

Visual Clarity and Performance

Proper eyewear alignment is crucial for optimal visual clarity. Asian Fit glasses ensure that the lenses are positioned correctly in front of the eyes, reducing visual distortion and eyestrain. This alignment is particularly important for individuals with higher prescriptions, as even a slight misalignment can lead to discomfort and compromised vision.

Fashion and Style

Asian Fit glasses have evolved beyond mere functionality to embrace fashion and style. Eyewear designers now offer a wide range of trendy frames, materials, and colors that cater specifically to Asian Fit requirements. From classic designs to modern, bold styles, individuals can choose glasses that complement their unique facial features while staying on-trend. Both Glasses and Sunglasses need to fit you well so it really pays off to consider which ones are best suited to your face shape. 

Everyone deserves to express themselves through what they wear, style themselves how they like and easily gain access to materials in order to do this, most importantly, no one deserves to be left out of the right to good eyesight just because companies don’t have glasses that are suitable to more than one face shape and facial features! By recognising the diversity within eyesight, it allows the eyewear industry to further evolve and be suitable to everyone, leaving no one behind! Additionally, ‘Asian fit’ as a concept isn’t just the alterations of designs, it's part of celebrating differences amongst society and giving everyone an equal playing field… even when it comes to how you can accessorise!

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 18 Oct 2023, Last modified: 20 May 2024