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Why contact lenses are better than glasses

Are Contact Lenses Better Than Glasses?

We certainly like to think so. Don’t get us wrong, contact lenses may not be the perfect answer for everyone but they definitely have some great plus points that make make far better than glasses in many circumstances. Here are our 10 reasons why we would choose contact lenses over glasses.

1. Great vision

Not only is your vision corrected with contact lenses, but as the lens is placed directly on your eye there is no frame to impede your vision you get great unobstructed vision all around all the time.
If you are fed up with always seeing a part of your frame when looking at the world then contact lenses would be a great option for you.

great vision

2. No one knows you are wearing them

With contact lenses nothing gives away the fact you are short or long sighted and for older wearers no bifocal or varifocal glasses to give away your age, in fact to the world around you you appear to have perfect vision.

3. Clear Vision

Contact lenses offer clear vision all the time so you can say goodbye to smudges. Once in your eye your clarity of vision is not compromised due to fingerprints, smudges or generally dirty glasses, there is no hunting for a tissue to clean the lenses, or scrunching the bottom of your shirt.

clear vision

4. No pressure points

With contact lenses you can say goodbye to heavy glasses that cause pressure points behind your ears and those unsightly red pressure patches on your nose. 

no pressure points

5. They match everything

Contact lenses match any clothes you have in your wardrobe, there is no longer the dilemma as to whether your glasses match or clash with your outfit. Many glasses-wearers have more than one pair so that they can choose the correct frame to compliment their outfit, many people have a work pair and a going out pair.

6. No risk with sports

Contact lenses are far better for sportsmen or women as they won’t slip down your nose, fall off, or pose a risk of breaking whilst participating in sports, making them much safer and more user-friendly. With inexpensive daily disposable contact lenses you can wear contact lenses just for sport and revert to your glasses off the pitch, court or field.

No risk with sports

7. No misting

Everyone hates glasses misting or fogging up when the temperature changes, either entering a warm room from the cold, opening the oven door or cooling off just after an intensive work out, all glasses wearers will have experienced that sensation of temporary blindness where their glasses completely mist up
Contact lenses offer great vision all the time.
It's worth noting that if you wear glasses and find yourself wearing face masks more often due to a new job or Covid 19 you may notice that your glasses steam up quickly and regularly, it's worth speaking to your Optometrist about contact lenses. 

No misting

8. The option of great Sunglasses

With contact lenses the whole range of sunglasses is open to you, simply pick the ones you love instead of being limited to the few pairs designed to go over your glasses - whoever found a pair of them they actually wanted to wear.

great sunglasses

9. Change your eye colour

Whether you wear daily or monthly contact lenses you can choose to change your eye colour completely or just enhance the beautiful peepers you already have, of course you can buy plano (no power) coloured contact lenses, but if you are a glasses wearer and want to change your eye colour why chose to wear both? you can change your eye colour and ditch your glasses.

change eye colour

10. Treat medical conditions

OK not for everyone but contact lenses can be used to deliver medication to Glaucoma sufferers and are also increasingly being used to reshape the cornea while you sleep. Overnight orthokeratology (Ortho-k) temporarily corrects myopia, so you can see clearly the next day without your glasses or contact lenses.

There could have been a point 11 as who knows the future of contact lenses, with augmented reality getting closer by the day we are sure contact lenses will be an important part of everyone's life, whether they need to correct their vision or not. 

Treat medical conditions

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 3 Nov 2018, Last modified: 20 May 2024