30 Lenses per box
30 Lenses per box
2 Lenses per box
30 Lenses per box
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Free shipping on UK orders over £30

Secure Payment 100% protected by SecurityMetrics

Secure Payment

100% protected by SecurityMetrics

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Welcome to Contactlenses.co.uk

We are an online retailer specialising in contact lenses, solutions and accessories and have been online since 1996 (much older than Google!) and selling contact lenses direct to customers since 2002. In that time we have despatched over 3 million orders and we take pride in the fact that over 90% of orders are from existing, satisfied customers.

We work hard at keeping our customers happy - it`s not just all about low prices (although that helps!).

When we ask our customers what they like about using us, they tell us that our web site is easy to use and if they need to contact customer support they are impressed with our knowledge and efficiency. It certainly helps that we have optically trained staff who have the autonomy to deal with any problems that might arise in real time, so that issues are dealt with personally and quickly - this is reflected in the many testimonials that we get praising our customer support team.

Customers like that they can order from as little as one box, to a years supply of contact lenses.

Being online means that customers can also order what they want, when they want, 24 hours a day. Our huge stock (over three million contact lenses!) results in you getting your contact lenses fast - the order is generally posted within 24 hours, in a letterbox friendly package (where possible) delivered to an address of your choosing - not just home, as is often the case with online ordering.

Customers often ask us if our contact lenses are identical to those bought from their opticians. We would like to reassure you that all contact lenses and products are from the same manufacturers and of the same high quality as those bought in your high street opticians. However, due to our vast purchasing power, compared to the local high street optician, we are able to pass on any savings to you, hence our super low pricing.

Finally, we do not pass on your details to any third party, in fact we only use them to send you details of your order or our newsletter (should you choose to receive it). Our site is completely secure and Security Metrix certified so you can relax in the knowledge that your details are secure.

If you would like further information please contact our customer support team on 0345 319 3000 who will be happy to take your call or you can help yourself by searching our user friendly Help Pages.

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What is hypermetropia (farsightedness)?

Hyperopia, also called hypermetropia, farsightedness, or long-sightedness, is a vision problem that causes blurry vision when focusing on nearby places and objects, but clear vision when focusing at a greater distance. The condition is caused by an eye that is shorter than normal, or a cornea that's not as curved as it should be. Eyes that are slightly misshapen won't be able to focus light accurately onto the retina, which results in blurred vision.

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