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Brandnames: MetrO2 (CN)

Product NameCN MetrO2
Wear ModeDaily Wear Spherical
Design FeaturesIncremental Design. Computer Design Aspheric Periphery to give CAEL. Automatic Material Selection based on Lens Dimensions. DK of 60, 90, 151 may be selected
MaterialsFocon 4b
BOZR From7
BOZR To8.7
BOZR Steps0.10 Linked to TD See*.
Tot Diam From8.8
Tot Diam To10.5
Tot Diam Steps0.10 Steps. Linked to BOZR See*.
Sph Pwr From-30
Sph Pwr To30
Sph Pwr Steps0.25
Locn Marks/engravingsEngraving possible
BOZD From9.99
BOZD To9.99
BOZD StepsAspheric Periphery.
FOZD From9.99
FOZD To9.99
Tc @ -3.00999.99
Recquired Replacement999 Month
Other Info*Each 0.10 increase in BOZR carries an 0.10 increase in TD starting from BOZR 7.00/TD 8.80 = code M70. Eg: 7.90/9.70 = code M79, 8.70/10.50 = code M87. Cantor & Nissel Ltd, Tel 01280 702002