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Brandnames: Nova Essential Multifocal

Product NameEssential Multifocal
Wear ModeDaily Wear Multifocal
Design FeaturesBS: Aspheric. CD. Translating Design. Aspheric Optics with Continuous Gradient of Power. Boston ES. Minus Carrier Option. Designed for K Alignment and/or Superior Lid Attachment. Waiting Data
MaterialsFocon 4b
BOZR From6.9
BOZR To8.3
BOZR Steps0.10
Adds From1.5
Adds To2.75
Adds Stepsand +2.25 see Other Info.
Tot Diam From8.8
Tot Diam To10.5
Tot Diam StepsTo Rx.
Seg Size From0.99
Seg Size To0.99
Seg Size StepsAspheric
Sph Pwr From-9.99
Sph Pwr To9.99
Sph Pwr StepsTo Rx.
Locn Marks/engravingsEngraving Possible
BOZD From9.99
BOZD To9.99
FOZD From9.99
FOZD To9.99
FOZD StepsAspheric.
Tc @ -3.00999.99
Recquired Replacement999 Month
Other InfoWaiting Full Data. * Add Series: 1 +0.50 to +1.50, 2 +1.75 to +2.25, 3 +2.50 and up. Nova Contact Lenses, Tel 01442 253456. David Thomas CL Ltd Tel: 01604 646216