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Brandnames: Ultravision Durawave T

Product NameDurawave T (Ultravision)
Wear ModeDaily Wear Toric
MaterialsGM3 58
Design FeaturesBS: Toric Tricurve FS: Aspheric. Wavefront Optimised to Give Maximum Aberration Control For Each Power. Material is Terpolymer Based On Glycerol Methacrylate. Filco II 1. Supplied In Single Vial
Water Content58
Tc @ -3.000.07
Replacement Interval0
BOZR From7.8
BOZR To9.8
BOZR Steps0.20
Tot Diam From13
Tot Diam To15.5
Tot Diam Steps0.50
Cyl Power From-11
Cyl Power To-0.5
Cyl Power Steps0.25
Axis From1
Axis To180
Axis Steps1 Degree
Location Marks5 Lines, 10Degrees Apart. R Centre Solid L Broken
Other InfoUltravision CLPL