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Brandnames: Focus MPS (Ciba), Ciba Vision Focus MPS, Ciba Vision Solo Care Soft MPS, Solocare Singles (Ciba) (Discontinued), , , , Ciba Solo Care Soft, , FreshLook all-in-one solution (Ciba),

Product NameSolocare Soft (MPS) (Ciba)
Product Type/IndicationsMulti/Unit-Dose Soft Lens MFS. >Cleaning, Rinsing, Disinfecting, Protein Removing Activity
Formulation/CompositionSurfactant - Poloxamer 407, TRI-KLENS. Disinfecting - Polyhexanide (PHMB) 0.0001%. Protein Removing - Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate, Chelating - Disodium Edetate 0.025%. Buffer - Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate. pH 7.3. Sodium Chloride
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseUncommon. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened LifeMulti-Dose - 3 Months, Unit-Dose - Use Once only. Store below 30C
Presented inPoly' Bottles: 120ml S/P (not for retail), 240ml, 3 Month Pack 3 x 240ml, 6 Month Pack 6 x 240ml. Poly' Vials: Solocare Singles 5 x Unit-Dose with case, Travel Pack 10 x Unit-Dose
Min. C. Time/Dose10 Mins
Max. C. Time/Dose4 weeks
Other NotesDiscontinued in Favour of Focus Plus. Labelled as Focus MPS for Focus PRS Lenses. Solocare Singles Discontinued. Presentation in 3, 6 Month Packs. Ciba Vision Ltd, Tel 01489 785300