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Product NameOptrex Clear Eyes Eye Drops (Original Formulation)
Product Type/IndicationsOcular Lubricant. Multi-Dose Eye Drops. Artificial Tears. Eye Brightner. Vasoconstrictor/Decongestant for Non-Infectious Conjunctivitis (see Other Notes*). For Dry Eye
Formulation/CompositionVehicle - Aqua, Buffer - Boric Acid. Borax. Astringent - Hamamilis Virginiana (Distilled Witch Hazel). Glycerine. Preservative - Benzalkonium Chloride. Vasoconstrictor - Naphazoline Hydrochloride
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseC/I: Other Eye Disease eg; Glacoma, Hypersensitivity to any Components. Epithelial Cell/Tear Film Sensitivity to Benzalkonium Chloride possible
Opened LifeWaiting Data
Presented inWaiting Data
Min. C. Time/DoseWaiting Data
Max. C. Time/DoseWaiting Data
Other NotesP. S/P: High BP, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Anti-Depressents, Thyroid Disorder, Glaucoma, Parkinsons/ Heart Disease. *For other Optrex products see separate data entries. Suspend Contact Lens Wear? NOT FOR USE WITH SOFT CONTACT LENSES. Crookes Ltd