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Brandnames: Specsavers Triple Enzyme Tablets, Sauflon Trizyme Protein Removing Tablets, Specsavers Easyvision Protein Removing Tablets, Easyvision Protein Removing Tablets (Specsavers)

Product NameTrizyme Protein Removing Tablets (Sauflon)
Product Type/IndicationsUnit-Dose Soft and RGP Protein Removing Enzyme Tablets
Formulation/CompositionEnzymes of Protease to Remove Protein, Lipase to remove Lipids, Pronase to Remove Mucins. Chelation by EDTA to Remove Calcium
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseA Small Minority of Patients may be Sensitive to Low Levels of Residual Enzymes. Clean and Rinse after use. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened LifeUse Once Only. Store between 4-35 c
Presented inFoil Packs: 4, 12 x Tablets
Min. C. Time/Dose4 Hours
Max. C. Time/Dose7 Days
Other NotesCan be used with most MPS and H2O2 - Disinfecting, Proteolytic, Lipolytic Activity may be Enhanced. Contains no Papain or Animal Derived Enzymes. Sauflon Pharmaceuticals, Tel 0208 322 4300