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Brandnames: BL Liposic Eye Gel

Product NameLiposic Eye Gel (Bausch & Lomb)
Product Type/IndicationsGel. Multi-Dose Emollient. >Tear Deficiences, KCS. Ocular Lubricant. Dry Eye. Unstable Tear Film
Formulation/CompositionMedium-Chain Triglycerides, Sodium Hydroxide (for Ph adjustment), Purified Water. Viscocity Agent - Carbomer 0.2%. Sorbitol. Chelating - EDTA. Preservative - Cetrimide
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseTemporary Impairment of Vision. Rare. Burning, Redness, Sticky Eyelids, Palpebral GPC, Corneal Stipples, Episcleritis, Blurred Vision, Itching, Discomfort. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened Life4 Weeks. Store below 25C
Presented inTubes of 5 g: Packs with one or three tubes. Tubes of 10 g: Packs with one or three tubes
Min. C. Time/Dose1 Drop 3-5 x Daily and 30 Minutes before Sleep or as Directed
Max. C. Time/DoseAs Directed
Other NotesP. C/I: Pregnancy/Lactation. Suspend CL Wear? Concomitant Ocular Medication should be Administered 15 Minutes Prior to Instillation of Liposic