Cancer drug saves baby"s eyesight

Cancer drug saves baby"s eyesight

A premature baby was saved from blindness by being injected with a cancer drug.

Ethan and Ava, who are twins, were born 15 weeks prematurely, reports the Daily Mirror.

Both were suffering from retinopathy of prematurity, which would have robbed them of their vision.

Ava received laser treatment while Ethan was given Avastin, a cancer drug, at the Liverpool Women"s Hospital.

Their mother expressed her gratitude, stating: "First they saved our babies" lives and then they saved Ethan"s sight."

According to avastin.com, cancer patients receiving Avastin have it at the same time as they undertake chemotherapy, though it is not part of this form of treatment.

Patients need to begin taking Avastin along with chemotherapy, but the drug can be continued on its own if chemotherapy has to be ended.

It is used to treat metastatic colorectal cancer and can produce certain side effects such as nosebleeds and high blood pressure.

by Emily Tait

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