Eye exercises "can help vision"

Eye exercises "can help vision"

Eye exercises can help to improve someone"s vision, according to a US professor.

Dr Janice Wensveen, clinical associate professor at the College of Optometry in the University of Houston, made the claim.

She suggested one exercise in which people bring a pencil closer to their noses, trying to focus on one letter on the pencil and keep it clearly seen all the way.

But Dr Wensveen also said that exercises should be carried out in-office and not just at home in isolation.

In its press statement, the University of Houston also cited research by the National Eye Institute which found that patients who underwent procedures to correct an eye muscle complaint in-office as well as by themselves enjoyed greater effects than those who carried it out only while at home.

Last week, Nature Neuroscience reported research from the University of Rochester in the US which found that playing action computer games could improve people"s eyesight.

Those who played such games were found to develop better contrast sensitivity, enabling them to identify changes in shades of grey even when the alterations were very slight.

by Martin Burns

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