How to protect children"s eyes this summer

How to protect children"s eyes this summer

Ways to make sure children"s eyes are protected during the summer has been given by an American vision clinic.

The advice was given by the Vision Centre at the Children"s Hospital in Los Angeles.

As well as making sure children wear sunglasses, they should also make sure their eyes are protected if they play ball games.

Goggles should be worn if children play games such as tennis or baseball, according to the American Academy of Opthalmology.

In addition, goggles might be worn while swimming and the chlorine level should be checked.

It ought to be high enough to kill bacteria but not so strong as to irritate eyes.

Furthermore, if sand enters a child"s eyes, it should be washed out immediately with clean running water and the more tears produced, the better.

The child should not rub his or her eyes if this happens.

by Emily Tait

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