Reading glasses invention patented

Reading glasses invention patented

By Martin Burns

People who use glasses for reading may be able to make use of a new optical invention created in America.

InventHelp announced that one of its clients has designed the product, called Inspired Lens, which has also been patented.

Inspired Lens is a bookmark with lenses built into it, enabling the user to lift the lenses to their eyes to look at the book and then return it, keeping their place in the volume.

According to InventHelp, the benefits of the product include not having to search for reading glasses and having lenses easily to hand to read quickly.

Another recent invention to help people who need vision correction is the creation of Dr Celia Sanchez Ramos in Spain.

Website thinkspain.com reported how she created a yellow filter for contact lenses which shields the eyes from dangerous rays of both artificial and natural light.

It is claimed that the wearer still sees colours properly and that the filter is not visible when worn.

by Alexa Kaczka

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